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VW, BMW Top the List of 2008 Best Sellers in Germany—Get the Full List Here

 Germany Best Selling Vehicles

The best-selling passenger vehicles in Germany in 2008 included the Ford Focus (the European version coming to the United States starting with the 2011 edition) as well as two Opel makes—the GM owned German subsidiary—with the Opel Astra (available in the United States as the German-built, Saturn-labeled Astra) and the Opel Corsa (this super-mini is sold under a number of brands, including Vauxhall, Chevrolet and Holden).

The market leader, by a long shot, is the VW Golf with more than 173,000 sold, nearly double the next best-selling passenger vehicle—the Audi A4.

German brands also captured the lion’s share of the SUV market in Germany in 2008 with the six slots taken by the following German brands: VW with the Tiguan and the Touareg, BMWs X3 and X5 with Mercedes and Audi rounding out the most popular makes with the M class and Q7, respectively.

Asian makes captured the remaining four top slots with the Japanese makes Toyota, Honda and Suzuki each grabbing a slot and Hyundai’s Tucson rounding out the top 10.

Best Selling SUVs in Germany

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