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The latest news from SEMA councils and committees:

Automotive Restoration Market Organization (ARMO)

  • ARMO has elected Steve Moskowitz of Antique Automobile Club of America, and Mark Vogt of Classic Industries onto its Select Committee. “I’m looking forward to working with Steve and Mark on the ARMO Select Committee,” said ARMO Chairman Ernie Silvers. “They are joining what has proven to be one of the most enthusiastic and hard-working groups that have ever existed. With the group that we have in place, we will definitely make great progress.”

    Re-elected onto the ARMO Select Committee are Todd Bidwell of Parts Unlimited, Inc., Roger Niehaus of Auto Custom Carpets, Inc., Sandy Patterson of Primedia, and Jim Vinarski of Carlisle Events. Continuing in service on the ARMO Select Committee are Jim Barber of CARS, Laura Bergan of American Collectors Insurance, Jeff Broadus of Car Collector magazine, Marshall Giorgi of Rare Parts, Kim Mitchell of Eaton Detroit Springs, Sheila Perkins of Bradley David Productions, Alex Tainsh of Trim Parts, and Walter Vaughn of Steele Rubber Products.

To learn more about ARMO, visit or contact Jan Desma at

Hot Rod Industry Alliance (HRIA)

  • HRIA Open General Membership Meeting

    Wednesday, August 1, 2007
    3 p.m. – 4 p.m.
    Kentucky Exposition Center
    C Wing, Room 104
    Louisville, Kentucky

  • HRIA Mixer/Reception Sponsored by Hot Hues Custom Finishes by DuPont

    Wednesday, August 1, 2007
    4:00 p.m. – 6 p.m. 
    Kentucky Exposition Center
    C Wing, Room 104

  • The HRIA welcomes the newest Select Committee members Eric Saltrick of Steele Rubber Products and Mike Kinney of Las Vegas Rod & Custom.  These gentlemen join the re-elected select committee members: Del Austin – Street Thunder magazine, Tommy Daniels – Yearwood Speed & Custom, Rick Love – Vintage Air, and Ross Ortman – Dakota Digital Inc. 

To learn more about the HRIA, visit or contact Jan Desma at

Light-Truck Accessory Alliance (TORA)

The following are the results of the TORA Select Committee election:

Manufacturers Category

  • Re-Elected (1) -  Bryan Baker – A.R.E.
  • New Select Committee Members (2):  Jason Bruce, Street Scene Equipment; Eric Kwasnicka, DuPont Performance Coatings

Retailer/Dealer Category

  • Re-Elected (1) - Casey Miser – All American Truck & SUV Accessory Centers
  • New Select Committee Members (3):  Charlie Card, Vehicle Accessories; Russ Fletcher, Fletcher’s Truck Caps; Ronald Towry, Truck Gear SuperCenter

Manufacturers' Reps/Media/WD Category

  • Re-Elected (1) - George Lathouris, Keystone Automotive

TORA Open Long-Range Planning Meeting

  • TORA's Open Long-Range Planning Meetings is set for Wednesday, August 22, at the Embassy Suites Chicago Downtown Lakefront Hotel, Chicago, Illinois. For flight and hotel arrangements, contact Manya Petropaki at Travel Store USA, 949/930-9268 or e-mail

  • Kelly Kneifl, Division Manager of Automotive Accessories at Shur-Co, has been elected by the TORA Select Committee to serve as council chair-elect. Kelly, a member of the select committee, will serve starting July 1 as chair-elect for two years prior to assuming the role of chairman. He will serve alongside incoming Chairman Ron DiVincenzo of Cap World. Former Chairman Todd Yeoman will remain on the select committee in an advisory capacity as chairman emeritus.

  • The DVD “Why Paint Colors Vary?” This valuable resource is now available. TORA members now have a valuable new tool that will help educate consumers about the challenges of the paint-color-matching process. Available for dealers and installers to play in their waiting areas, the video is presented in a professional format and brings a consistent message on why paint colors vary. The TORA “Why Paint Colors Vary?” DVD is available to TORA council members free of charge (or $49.95 for non-TORA members). Other tools available from TORA are the CHMSL and altered-height CDs. For details or to place an order, contact Staci Bostock at 909/396-0289, ext. 104, or e-mail

To learn more about the TORA, visit or contact Jim Skelly at

Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council (MPMC)

MPMC would like to welcome and congratulate the following new and incumbent select committee members:

  • Rich Barsamian, Grant Products International Inc. (Incumbent)
  • Ed Burgy, CORSA Performance  (Incumbent)
  • Billy Carroll, Wilson Manifolds
  • Kyle Fickler,  Aeromotive Inc.
  • Ryan Hunter, SCE Gaskets Inc. (Incumbent)
  • Marla Moore, Hypertech Inc. (Incumbent)
  • Bob Ritzman, B&M Racing & Performance Products Inc. (Incumbent)
  • Todd Ryden, MSD Ignition (Incumbent)

  • The 11th annual MPMC Media Trade Conference is set for Tuesday, January 22–Thursday, January 24, 2008, at the Embassy Suites Hotel LAX South in Los Angeles. For more information on the MPMC Media Trade Conference, contact Jim Skelly at

To learn more about the MPMC, visit

Manufacturers' Representatives Council (MRC)

  • MRC has appointed Mike Bolio of Scafidi-Bolio & Associates, Wade Cobb of Hapco LLP, Irv Cohen of SS Sales & Marketing Group, Chris Fairless of R&R Marketing Consultants, Tony Gee of Foster-Babcock & Associates and Scott Majors of MBA Marketing Group onto its Select Committee. “We’re excited about the new faces joining the MRC Select Committee,” said MRC Chairman John Iannotte. “The MRC is an active group with a lot going on, so it is great to have such a talented and enthusiastic group joining us.”

    Appointed onto the MRC Select Committee for a third term are Jim Kerr of Kerr & Associates Inc., Jim Klassen of JK Sales and Bill Perry of Bill Perry & Associates. The MRC Select Committee also includes seven members who are continuing to serve. They are Joel Rosenthal of Gantt Thomas, Mark Adin of PSKB, Bob Bader of Hapco LLP, Bill Chamberlain of JS Chamberlain & Associates Inc., Evan Mecham of Evan Mecham & Associates, Zane Shaffer of Wes-Coast Marketing and Alex Walker of Bob Cook Sales.
  • MRC members should mark their calendars for the following upcoming council activity:

    2007 MRC Rep Conference
    September 26–27, 2007
    Phoenix, Arizona

To learn more about the MRC, visit or contact Jan Desma at

Professional Restylers Organization (PRO)

  • The votes have been tabulated, and PRO welcomes four incumbents and four newcomers to the council's select committee. Incumbents include Bill North, Webasto Product N.A.; Ray Ott, Auto Trim Design of Cleveland East; Karl Stearns, Auto Trim International; and Bob West, Westin Automotive Products. The newly elected members are Jeff Fink, Advantage Truck Accessories; Doug Jacobs, Restyler's Choice; Joey Johnston, Tops & Trends; and Scott Wolin, AC Wolin Group.

  • The PRO Select Committee has chosen Karl Stearns, vice president of sales and marketing for Auto Trim International, to serve as council chair-elect. A member of the select committee, Stearns will serve as chair-elect for two years prior to assuming the role of chairman. He will serve alongside incoming Chairman Chuck Blum of Chuck Blum Consulting. Former Chairman B.J. Leanse will remain on board in an advisory capacity as chairman emeritus.

To learn more about PRO, visit or contact Ellen McKoy at

Sport-Compact Council (SCC)

SCC would like to welcome and congratulate the following new and incumbent select committee members:

  • Ed Burgy, CORSA Performance (Incumbent)
  • Jim Liaw, Formula Drift
  • Kirk Miller, AEM (Incumbent)
  • Ahad Mirza, Auto Meter Products
  • Oliver Rathlein, Eibach Springs Inc.
  • Brian Reese, Competition Cams Inc.
  • Malen Reger, Motovicity Distribution (Incumbent)
  • Richard Schroeder, Eagle Vista Productions (Incumbent)
  • Tyler Tanaka, Turbonetics Inc. (Incumbent)
  • James Yim, K&N Engineering Inc.

  • Tracie Nuñez, Advanced Clutch Technology, was elected chairman-elect of the SCC. Nuñez began her role on July 1, when current chairman-elect, Eric Breslow, Power Slot/Power Performance Group, took over as SCC chairman.

To learn more about the SCC, visit or contact Paul Moritz at

Wheel & Tire Council (WTC)

WTC would like to welcome and congratulate the following new and incumbent select committee members:

  • Keith Alinder, Wheel Pros Inc.
  • Ron Escue, Enkei International (Incumbent)
  • Doug Frymer, Law Office of Douglas A. Frymer
  • Fenton Liffick, Prestige Auto Tech
  • Dean Pellegrino, Tru Align LLC
  • Paul Spartos, WheelTech International Corp. (Incumbent)
  • Michael Webster, Discount Tire Direct (Incumbent)
  • Brock Weld, BMF Wheels (Incumbent)

  • George Gillespie, Safety Compliance Engineer responsible for OVSCs tire-related standards, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), delivered a presentation at the 2006 SEMA Show regarding NHTSA's enforcement activity relative to tires for passenger vehicles and trucks. Gillespie provided overview and status of the agency's recent initiatives to increase tire safety, including compliance and enforcement actions for Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (FMVSS No. 138) and passenger and light-truck tires (FMVSS No. 139). He also discussed the current increased enforcement to address concerns related to imported tires. SEMA members can now get a copy of Gillespie's PowerPoint presentation by contacting Paul Moritz at 909/396-0289, ext. 112 or

To learn more about the WTC, visit or contact Paul Moritz at

 SEMA Businesswomen's Network (SBN)

  • Get expert advice on a business-related problem. The SEMA Mentoring program, powered by the SBN, is available to all employees of SEMA-member companies. Ask a one-time question or be matched with an established leader. Visit for details.
  • SBN has sponsorship opportunities available for its annual breakfast held in conjunction with the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. For information, visit
  • The SBN would like to congratulate the following newly elected SBN Select Committee members:  

Newly Elected SBN Select Committee Members

  • Emily Bailey, Racemark International
  • Melissa Lawrence, Power TV Media
  • Nancy Loetfering, TD3 Products
  • Marla Moore, Hypertech Inc. (Incumbent)
  • Kristy Neukam, Meyer Distributing
  • Linn Remling-Mills, Street Thunder magazine
  • Kathryn Wakeford, TEN magazine
  • Trina Wilson, Direct Communications

To learn more about the SBN, visit

Young Executives Network (YEN)

YEN would like to welcome and congratulate the following new and incumbent select committee members:

  • Mike Bolio, Scafidi-Bolio & Associates
  • Ashley Chalk, Daytona International Speedway (Incumbent)
  • Casey Coker, Coker Tire Company
  • S. Kellie Colf, Eaton Detroit Spring (Incumbent)
  • Bob Engel, Auto Meter Products Inc.
  • Nick Gramelspacher, Meyer Distributing (Incumbent)
  • Bianca Hennings, Window Canvas (Incumbent)
  • Brett Kinsfather, K&N Engineering Inc. (Incumbent)
  • Greg Parker, P&E Distributors Inc. (Incumbent)
  • Robert Wityczak, Grant Products International Inc.
  • Mandi Woodell, Weather Auto Supply (Incumbent)

  • The annual SEMA Show Silent Auction, hosted by the YEN, raised more than $70,000 for the SEMA Scholarship Fund in 2006. If you are interested in donating an item or becoming involved in the 2007 Silent Auction, visit the YEN website at

  • YEN has more than 500 members networking in the industry and is the largest SEMA committee. If you are employed by a SEMA-member company and are under the age of 39, then you can join the YEN for free. If you are interested in becoming part of the team, visit the YEN website at

  • Bianca Hennings, Window Canvas, was selected for the YEN Silent Auction Task Force Chairman. Hennings will assume the position when the current chairman, Dave Williams, Rampage Products, finishes his term with the YEN Select Committee in July. The SEMA Silent Auction, that is managed by the YEN, has raised more than $100,000 for the SEMA Scholarship Fund in the past three years. If you are interested in participating in the SEMA Silent Auction on any level, visit for additional information.

  • Did you know that YEN sponsors networking events and mixers at most of the major trade shows and conferences? If you are interested in becoming a member of the SEMA Young Executive’s Network, please visit our website at

  • Lance Packard, Painless Performance, was elected YEN chairman-elect. Packard will assume the position when current chair-elect, Laurel Dasher, Uni-Marketing LLC, takes over as YEN chairman on July 1.

  • Did you know that the YEN has a Member of the Month Spotlight on the SEMA website and that anyone can be nominated? To view previous selections or to make a nomination, visit our website at

To learn more about the YEN, visit or contact Paul Moritz at