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Advanced Drivers Assistance Systems (ADAS) are active and passive safety performance technologies that assist drivers and automate vehicle systems. Consumer demand for safety-performance systems, products, and technologies is growing rapidly. Automakers are integrating active and passive ADAS technologies into new cars, and these systems are bringing significant real-world benefits by reducing automotive injuries and accidents. ADAS is a necessary and life-saving technology that brings significant opportunity for aftermarket retrofitting and vehicle upgrades with advanced technology. 

It is essential that ADAS technology maintains full functionality after vehicles are modified. The SEMA Garage Detroit, a state-of-the-art facility, features an ADAS research and development center. The center helps manufacturers obtain static calibration of on-board vehicle ADAS systems (radars and cameras) to troubleshoot software/hardware obstacles easily.

SEMA members are committed to making products that modify vehicles with ADAS equipment, ensuring they are interoperable with OE driver assistance technology. While SEMA supports advancements that make vehicles safer, ADAS should not be used as a mechanism to prevent aftermarket businesses from producing and installing products that modify vehicles. Congress and state lawmakers must consider the aftermarket when pursuing ADAS legislation to ensure the safety of all car enthusiasts who want to modify their vehicles. 


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