What’s the ARMO Hot Products Showcase?

The ARMO Hot Products Showcase provides ARMO member companies free product exposure in front of 100,000+ restoration and classic car enthusiasts each year at the Spring Carlisle Swap Meet and Classic Car auction. An ARMO company need only deliver product to the Spring Carlisle event, either shipped or hand delivered, and ARMO does the rest. Product is unpacked, set up for display with descriptive signage inside the Hot Products Showcase tent. When the event concludes, ARMO repacks the product and prepares it for return shipping via information supplied during registration. Placing a product in front of that many consumers in person couldn’t be any easier. “New” products ready for sale by the start of the Showcase are eligible for New Product Awards, but companies may display any products that they wish to put in front of the crowds at Spring Carlisle.

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ARMO Hot Products Showcase Through the Years