The MPMC Hall of Fame, founded in 2010, permanently acknowledges those who have made a significant contribution to the motorsports manufacturing segment of the aftermarket and/or the Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council. Nominations are received from the MPMC membership, then reviewed and voted on by a task force. The task force is comprised of sitting MPMC Hall of Fame members, MPMC Chair and Chair-elect and sometimes MPMC members at large.

MPMC Hall of Fame Inductees


Dick Hill

Mr. Hill has been devoted to the performance aftermarket virtually his entire life. During his career, he served four terms on the SEMA Board of Directors, and six terms on the MPMC Select Committee. While on the select committee, he chaired or participated in virtually every council task force. He was voted PWA Person of the Year in 1998 and received the Street Performance Council President's Award in 2004.


  • Arnie Kuhns
  • Smokey Yunick
  • Jim Hairston


Dr. Dick Berggren
Motorsports media icon Dr. Dick Berggren accepts his MPMC Hall of Fame award from MPMC Chair Rich Barsamian of Advanced Clutch Technology, and Berggren's longtime friend and associate Karl Fredrickson of Speedway Illustrated.

Ron Johnson
Former MPMC Chair Ron Johnson, owner of Next Speed Shop accepts his 2015 MPMC Hall of Fame award from former SEMA Board Chairman Scooter Brothers of COMP Performance Group and MPMC Chair Rich Barsamian of Advanced Clutch Technology.


  • Steve Lewis
  • Jim McFarland
  • Joe Moriarty


  • Earl Gaerte
  • Dennis Overholser
  • Bob Ritzman


  • Jim Cozzie
  • Keith Dorton
  • Ron Funfar
  • Chris Thomson


  • Chuck Blum
  • Todd Gartshore
  • Rick Rollins
  • Nate Shelton


  • Amy Faulk
  • Scooter Brothers
  • Jeep Worthan
  • John Menzler