SBN Latest Announcements

  • Tammy Holland, New SBN Select Committee Chair
    Tammy Holland will acquire her new role as Chair of the SBN Select Council effective July 1. As the Chair-Elect, she has been directly involved with all major decisions related to the SBN in preparation for this role of leadership for the next two years. Throughout her four years of participation with the Select Committee, Tammy has demonstrated an innate ability to run a tight ship. She has excellent organizational skills, knows how to delegate and has a wealth of long-term relationships in the industry. Personable and smart, Tammy is the ideal person to fill this position. We wish her the best!
  • Sincere Thanks to Kellie S. Colf, Outgoing SBN Chair
    In July, Kellie S. Colf, our outgoing SBN Select Committee Chair, will step down as Tammy Holland moves into her position as incoming SBN Chair. The members of the Select Committee would like to extend our sincere thanks to Kellie for her dedication and her contribution of time, energy, talent, creativity and finances to the SBN. Kellie is truly an amazing, inspirational woman in this industry and it has been our great honor to work with her. Thank you, Kellie!
  • Marla Moore of Hypertech Elected as Incoming SBN Chair Elect
    Please join us in extending our sincere congratulations and good wishes to Marla Moore who was recently elected as our in-coming SBN Chair Elect. Marla Moore has served the aftermarket industry for over 26 years, and has been with Hypertech for 22 years. She currently serves on the Select Committee for MPMC and the SBN. Congratulations, Marla!
  • SBN Select Committee Nominations Are Complete
    The nominations for the upcoming SBN Select Committee Member election are complete, and the election is on schedule to be completed in June. SBN Members, please watch your mail and your email for important information about the Select Committee nominees. You will be receiving a packet of information from SEMA that will include detailed information about each nominee, their experience, and the unique perspective they bring to the SBN. Please consider this information carefully and make sure you submit your vote by the deadline noted in the information. If you have any questions, please contact our SBN liaison, Jan Desma.

  • The SBN Survey is Complete and the Results are In!
    The SBN Select Committee would like to thank the SBN Members who participated in our recent SBN Member Survey. You will be pleased to learn that almost 25% of our membership participated in this important survey, and efforts to use this information to enhance the benefits of SBN Membership are already well underway. In the coming weeks, the SBN will be sending out a series of emails to the SBN membership regarding specific survey-result areas and we will be requesting additional input from our members. Please watch for these important messages. We want to hear from you! Thank you!
  • Congratulations to our former SBN Chair, Zan Martin, for making the slate of nominees for the SEMA Board of Directors!
  • Invitation to all SBN Members –
    If you would like to share information that is happening with your job to be featured in the SBN Insider, please e-mail your information to Leslie Allen at