SBN Chair Tammy Holland

SEMA Member News—May/June 2011

A Journey in Service to the Industry

    Tammy Holland has been involved in the automotive specialty-equipment industry for more than 14 years with Comp Performance Group
Tammy Holland will complete her two-year term as SBN chairman in July. She has been active in the specialty-equipment industry since 1999.
Tammy Holland has been involved in the automotive specialty-equipment industry for more than 14 years with Comp Performance Group in sales communications, and she has been active in the industry since 1999. She is the mother of two children, 20-year-old Brittany and 15-year-old Draven, and she currently serves as the chairman of the SEMA Businesswomen’s Network (SBN). SEMA Member News took a few minutes recently to talk with her about her commitment to the industry and her journey within it.

SEMA Member News: How did you become involved in the industry and the SBN?

Tammy Holland: Even before I became involved, my company was an SBN Speed Networking Breakfast sponsor. Both Scooter Brothers and Ron Coleman have encouraged women to participate more in the industry and knew that SBN is a great venue for women to get involved. Comp Performance Group received the 2009 SBN Athena Award. Both Scooter, current SEMA Board of Directors chair-elect, and Ron Coleman, our company president and past SEMA Board chair, have always supported my involvement.

SMN: What made you decide to join the SBN?

TH: What woman wouldn’t want to join the SBN? The networking and mentoring programs were my main reasons. I would hear Ron, Scooter and men in upper management talk about certain ladies and thought I would love to have the chance to meet them one day. Joining the SBN in 2005, being elected to the Select Committee and becoming projects sub-committee chair in 2006 gave me the chance to meet all of those great women and many more.

SMN: What were your visions when taking your post as SBN chair in 2009?

TH: My visions were to expand SBN membership and industry involvement and for SBN members to become more involved and be recognized with SEMA and its member companies. I wanted to grow the SBN Mentoring Program to include participation with other committees and councils and to also bring SBN to its members by providing ways for non-traveling members to actively participate. Many women in our industry are apprehensive and aren’t sure how or where to get involved with SEMA, and it is my role to make sure that the SBN listens to ideas and encourages women to take action.

SMN: Were most of those visions accomplished?

TH: Through the dedicated women I’ve had the honor of serving with, my goals were met and new doors have opened. For the second straight year, our Speed Networking Breakfast sold out weeks before the SEMA Show. Our Mentoring Program has momentum and includes chairmen and chairs-elect from other councils as mentors. We have implemented a Member Resource Pool where members are able to volunteer by assisting with a variety of projects. We ask new SBN members if they would like to become involved as a way to gather members for the Member Resource Pool. With just one click of a button onto, our Member Resource Pool grew by 90%.

SMN: Which SBN programs are dear to your heart?

    SBN’s hugely popular Speed Networking Breakfast
Tammy Holland’s first experience with SBN was working for a company that helped sponsor the SBN’s hugely popular Speed Networking Breakfast. 
TH: The SEMA Mentoring Program—Powered by SBN is dear to me, as I have been a participant in the program and it has helped me throughout my career in the industry. If you are in need of advice, we have an “Ask a Mentor” program, and all you need to do is sign up.

SMN: As you leave your post as chair in July, what recollections come to mind?

TH: Having someone come up and say, “I hear the SBN is doing…and I want to become involved. How can I help?” When you have members wanting to reach out and share their time on a project, you feel a certain bond that you have a common passion and are connected.

SMN: Your closing thoughts?

TH: I feel very blessed to have been the SBN chair for the past two years. I followed two great ladies, Luanne Brown and S. Kellie Colf, who were always there for guidance. I can’t tell you how many calls I’ve made asking for their thoughts. Through their wisdom, I am able to bounce ideas and learn from their experiences within the industry
to ensure that the SBN is growing in the right direction.

But if it weren’t for all of the volunteers on the Select Committee, both present and past, nothing could have been accomplished. It is because of you, our members, that the SBN has grown in great strides. Marla Moore will become chair in July, and nothing can stop her determination, which means there are more outstanding projects in the future.

Thank you to everyone for giving me the opportunity to guide the SBN and for the astonishing memories. It’s been a grand experience!