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New Membership Program Open to Enthusiasts

By Carr Winn

If you or your business is interested in joining PRI, visit to read a full discussion on the
PRI website and show your support for Performance Racing

Performance Racing Industry (PRI) recently announced a new membership program that allows all members of the racing community—from businesses to enthusiasts—to unite and show their passion for and support of motorsports. SEMA News spoke with PRI President Dr. Jamie Meyer about the motivation behind the launch of this new program.

“Now more than ever, it is critical that the racing community unite to protect our businesses and our racing rights,” Meyer said. “PRI’s membership program now allows individuals to join the movement to push back against the challenges facing our industry and continue to support motorsports.”

As of press time, more than 300 businesses had voiced their commitment to the industry by joining PRI. In fact, there are a variety of contribution levels, each with its own exclusive benefits package. While some members have selected a maximum contribution at the Founding Member level of support ($2,500 per year times 10 years), individuals can join at the Pro Member level for just $40 a year. All membership tiers include the following slate of features:

  • Entrance to the PRI Trade Show for qualified attendees.
  • Save Our Race Cars Advocacy: Contribute to the fight to protect the racing community and ensure that racing continues and grows in the United States and internationally.
  • Inclusion in the Performance Racing Political Action Committee.
  • A 10% discount on PRI merchandise.
  • 12 issues of PRI Magazine’s digital edition.
  • Subscription to the PRI eNewsletter.
  • Posting access on the PRI jobs board.
  • A membership card and welcome packet.
  • PRI stickers.

Dr. Meyer explained that the program allows enthusiasts to be part of PRI, and their support comes at a critical time.

“The racing industry is joining forces like never before, and we invite everyone—racers, enthusiasts, builders, track operators, sanctioning bodies and businesses—to be a part of this movement,” Meyer said. “This is the time to come together and unite.”

SEMA Chairman of the Board James Lawrence has been in love with cars since his youth. He got the Mustang he’d always wanted when he was 16. For the next 30 years his life, his family and his kids have been intertwined with cars—from racing to motorsports to go-karts. When he met his wife Melissa 16 years ago, she drove a twin-turbo Mustang to work. In fact they won two drag-racing championships together. With that history, Lawrence knows just how critical having support from enthusiasts can be when it comes to preserving the motorsports legacy.

“We are in the midst of some absolutely horrendous overreach when it comes to regulating our members’ ability to manufacture racing parts and to create emissions-legal components,” Lawrence said. “The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has the position that essentially 75% of race cars are illegal. Their argument is that no vehicle originally produced as a production vehicle can ever be converted into a race car.”

Lawrence has been lobbying the government for years and has seen the power of tremendous public pressure to effect policy changes in Washington. However, he admits that there’s more work to be done despite all the effort.

Individuals can join PRI at the Pro Member level
for just $40 a year. To learn about all
membership levels and benefits visit

To help in the campaign, PRI has also created a political action committee called the Performance Racing PAC. The formation of the PAC creates a direct line between the motorsports community and lawmakers in our nation’s capital. As noted in the benefits section, members of PRI will also be included in the PAC and will receive exclusive updates on all its activities. Dr. Meyer explained that there’s work to be done at every level of government and why it’s truly an all-hands-on deck situation.

“We’re continuously identifying ways to support the interests of the racing community,” he said. “The membership program enables us to continue our advocacy efforts at the local, state and federal levels, and it provides the industry with legal support, education, research and world-class events and programs.”

Bre Fredritz with Callies Performance Products supported the PRI Membership Program immediately with a Founding Member contribution, and he’s hopeful that the industry will follow his company’s lead.

“If you want to be an industry leader in motorsports, you have to be fully involved with PRI,” Fredritz said. “Becoming a PRI Founding Member was a no-brainer for us. As a proud, independently owned American manufacturer, we support racing, the racing community, and the continual efforts to grow the motorsports industry.”

For Fredritz the motivation was crystal clear.

“We want to see our industry thrive for decades to come,” he said.

If you or your business is interested in joining, please take the time to read a full discussion on the PRI website. Visit and show your support for Performance Racing Industry.

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