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SEMA News Product & Catalog Showcase

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Aldan American

AldanBolt-on and GO! Aldan American celebrates 40 years of coilover, shock absorber and suspension innovation based out of Southern California.

In our latest catalog, you’ll find all of our newest coilover options and part numbers, including custom and vehicle-specific applications.

We’ve also included a guide for selecting the correct shock and coil springs to give you the best ride possible.

Aldan American

American Racing Headers & Exhaust

American Racing HeadersARH is proud to offer you our Pure Thunder R/T catback system for the C8 Corvette. This kit is a direct bolt-in, made entirely in the U.S.A. using 304 S/S throughout.

Paired with our header kit, C8s have picked up +17 hp and +33 rw torque at peak and 37 hp and 37 torque across the midrange.

Enjoy the increased performance and bad-ass sound our systems offer. Visit us at


Aldan American

American Racing Headers’99–’06 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Front Coilover Conversion Kits are now available from Aldan American.

Made in the U.S.A., Aldan NBS coilover kits include high-quality laser-cut, fixture-welded brackets and hardware to fully convert your front, factory suspension to adjustable coilover shocks and springs.

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 coilover conversions from Aldan include single adjustable shocks and allow 0.0–2.0-in. of lowering. Improve your truck’s stance and handling performance today. PN 300190 shown.


Auto Magic Professional Car Care by ITW Evercoat

Auto MagicAuto Magic TruAdvantage System

Auto Magic’s TruAdvantage System is an efficient all-in-one dilution system offering seven ultra-concentrated products at the push of a button.

TruAdvantage eliminates guesswork, lowers the detailing cost per car, provides consistent showroom results, and reduces chemical handling waste and cost.



SteecraftSteelcraft’s UTV Front Bumper Replacements are engineered for strength and durability without sacrificing form or function. Constructed of 3mm sheetmetal with stout brackets that bolt directly to your frame. Since options are always important, we provide multiple bumper styles that allow you to personalize your UTV and suit all your needs.

For further protection, our UTV products are e-coated and powdercoated with a matte black finish to thrive in all of nature’s elements. Visit our website at for more info.


American Racing Headers & Exhaust

American Racing HeadersAmerican Racing Headers is a leading manufacturer of performance header and exhaust systems. With decades of passion and experience in the automotive racing industry, ARH is proud to continue offering you 100%-American-made exhaust products built with quality, performance and reliability you can depend on.

To learn more about our American-made exhaust systems, check out our website and be sure to follow us on social media for the latest from American Racing Headers.


Badass Workbench/The BIG Rack Shack

Key ShackKey Cabinet: 24-in. wide x 36-in. tall x 14-in. deep; one adjustable shelf; lockable slam latch; holds 50 keys; 110 lbs.

This Badass Key Cabinet is an absolute must in your shop or garage! Coming in at 110 lbs., 24-in. wide by 36-in. tall, this is a perfect solution to organize up to 50 of your keys in one location. This cabinet sits at 14-in. deep, allowing for more storage for your keys. This unit also comes with one adjustable shelf and a lockable slam latch for your convenience.

AutoMeter Products Inc.

AutoMeterThe new InVision Digital Dash System allows drivers to monitor the speedometer, tachometer, fuel level, oil pressure, water temperature and volts all in one place.

This LCD dash can update worn or outdated equipment with direct-fit make- and model-specific car and truck solutions, as well as a universal all-in-one dash for most vehicles. The InVision Digital Dash was even awarded the Best New Interior Accessory Product at the SEMA Show New Product Awards.

Badass Workbench/The BIG Rack Shack

Badass Workbench3bay Double Wide SD with casters and leg levelers; ½-in. plate steel top 4-ft.x8-ft.; heavy-duty 450-lb. drawers on both sides; shown with 4 EZ seats that are rated for 350 lbs.

Our 3-Bay Double Wide Workbench will be the talking piece of your shop space. This workbench is equipped with casters as well as leg levelers to make sure your 1/2-in. steel plate top is level with the ground!

Utilize the heavy-duty drawers on each side of the bench for maximum storage potential. At the end of the day, enjoy a cold beverage on one of our famous EZ chairs!


Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison

Extreme Protection. Ultimate Performance.

Avery Dennison Supreme Defense Gloss is a next-generation gloss clear paint-protection film that provides protection from weathering conditions like stones, stains, dings, scrapes and insects—all while enhancing the vehicle’s finish and helping to maintain its resale value.

This ultra-high gloss, high-transparency film won’t yellow, peel or blister and is durable for up to 10 years. See how Supreme Defense Gloss provides ultimate performance at


BAF Industries

BAF Industries

BAF Industries, manufacturers of the PRO Product Line for the professional auto detail industry, with office headquarters in Tustin, California, and a major chemical manufacturing and packaging plant in Florence, Kentucky.

The company, established in 1935, has built a strong reputation for high-quality products, leading-edge innovation and personalized customer service. BAF Industries has been manufacturing and distributing PRO products to prosumers, do-it-yourself (DIY) and to professionals at dealerships, detail shops, car washes and body shops through a close-knit network of independent distributors.


Callies Performance Products Inc.

Callies PerformanceIntroducing the Callies Compstar Gen III Hemi with center counterweights. Compstar Hemi cranks are manufactured from 4340 steel. Center counterweights for added strength and stability. The post is dual keyed to securely locate supercharger drive pulleys.

For ease of assembly, rod journals are standard SB Chevy diameter and width. Counterweights have been profiled for 6.125-in. connecting rods. Strokes available are 3.800, 4.00, 4.050 and 4.080 with a 2.100 rod journal.


Billet Connection

Billet ConnectionBillet Connection’s Priming System installs on vehicle—no more dry start-ups! To prime the engine, push the Momentary switch until the oil pressure gauge starts to move up around 15 lbs., which is enough to prime oil system.

After the oil gauge shows the pressure engine is primed, push the starter button and eliminate dry start-ups! Complete kit weights less than 5 lbs. and is always on the vehicle ready for the driver to prime the engine. Contact Billet Connection at


Blair Equipment

Blair EquipmentHolemaking and Auto Body Solutions for the Professional

Blair Equipment’s products are designed for collision repair, automotive fabrication and restoration. From spotweld cutters to premium-quality made-in-the-U.S.A. hole cutters, products for mixing paint and tools for auto body repair.

Blair is best known for its Rotabroach Cutters and spotweld cutters which are precision-made tools that make clean burr-free holes in sheetmetal and thin plate materials up to three times faster while lasting 10 times longer.



DeckedThe DECKED Tool Box modernizes the common toolbox with an innovative water-proof, dent-proof, corrosion-proof and incredibly secure design, featuring an optional integrated access ladder. Constructed using high-impact polymer resins engineered with anti-corrosion-treated steel and aluminum, this is the next generation in behind-the-cab storage.

The integrated ladder telescopes with quick deployment for accessing toolbox contents without crawling into the truck bed. Made in the U.S.A.


Bully Dog/SCT

Bully DogBully Dog Thruster Throttle Enhancement Device

PNs 49001, 49001EO, 49002, 49002EO, 49003, 49003EO, 49004, 49005, 49006, 49007, 49008, 49009

When your vehicle’s throttle isn’t what you need, it’s time for a boost with the Bully Dog Thruster. This device is easy to install inline between your vehicle’s pedal position sensor and the vehicle harness.

Adjust on the fly and really feel the change as you drive. It’s ideal for off-road vehicles with its waterproof design, but it will give your vehicle just the boost it needs. The Bully Dog Thruster is emissions- and warranty-safe, covering hundreds of applications.


Design Engineering Inc. (DEI)

DEIKeep your Sprint car looking good in the pits and prevent cool-down between races with the new Sprint Car Thermal Engine Cover from Design Engineering Inc.

The Sprint Car Thermal Engine Cover allows racers to avoid cold engine damage by keeping their sprint car engines up to racing temperatures. Easy to install and built to last, the innovative cover features a triple-layer construction and can be used on hot or even running engines without damage.


Design Engineering Inc. (DEI)

Design Engineering Inc. (DEI)DEI’s New Products brochure gives you a first-hand look at our new innovative heat and sound-control products.

This year we have introduced Black & Stainless Steel Floor & Tunnel Shield, Oil Rug, GEN 3 Titanium Turbo Shields, Jeep JL and Gladiator Headliners, in addition to new pre-cut hood liners. Find everything you need to keep you cool and comfortable in your vehicle.


Equalizer Systems

Equalizer SystemsHydraulic Bumper Pull TJ

This jack is available for bumper pull and towable trailers and is an easy-to-install replacement for your manual or electric tongue jack.

The TJ has a lifting capacity of 6,000 lbs. and 16-in. of stroke. The hydraulic pump is equipped with a manual override and has simple rocker-style switch control and built-in key for safe lockout of the jack. TJ is the only hydraulic bumper pull tongue jack equipped with these features.



Eagle Specialty Products Inc.

Eagle Specialty Products Inc.Forged 4140 Steel Chevrolet LS crankshafts

Eagle now offers the quality and strength of forged chromoly steel crankshafts for Chevrolet LS without the high price tag. 4140 steel has 88% the strength of 4340 steel, but is significantly less expensive.

Nitrided surface, micropolished journals, chamfered oil holes are standard. Available in stock (3.622 in.) and 4.000-in. stroke for 24-tooth and 58-tooth reluctor applications. Recommended for use in naturally-aspirated competition engines up to 1,000 hp.


Erson Cams/PBM Performance Products

Erson Cams/PBM Performance ProductsErson Valves

Erson stainless steel valves are manufactured from premium forged alloys to exacting tolerances. Incorporating features like a precision-machined face for consistent volume, precision-ground keeper grooves to eliminate stress risers, and an undercut stem Powerflow design, Erson valves ensure dependable, long-lasting performance. Designed for compatibility with most popular engine applications with styles for street performance to professional-level racing, they are ideal for upgrading your old worn or fouled valves or fitting in brand-new heads.

For more information, contact Erson Cams at 800-641-7920 or


Eagle Specialty Products Inc.Eagle Specialty Products Inc.

Forged 4340 Steel Mopar Modern Hemi Stroker Crankshafts

Increase the displacement of your modern Hemi. 5.7L engines increase to 6.5L. 6.1L and 6.4L engines can increase up to 7.0L. More power and ground-pounding torque to get you to the finish line first. Forged from 4340 chromoly steel, nitrided, micropolished and with chamfered oil holes.

Available in 4.050-in. and 4.080-in. strokes for 32-tooth and 58-tooth reluctor applications. Recommended for use in all competition engines up to 1,500 hp.


Evercoat ITW

Evercoat ITWAuto Magic Single Headlight Restoration Kit

Auto Magic’s Headlight Restoration System quickly restores yellowed and hazy headlights to original OEM specifications without any special tools. Years of scratches and discoloration magically wipe away in a few easy steps, restoring clarity up to five times faster, saving time and money.

Thirty percent less sanding versus other kits. Ultra-fast 3–4 min. cure in UV light or sunlight. Each kit includes all materials and supplies needed. Leaves a long-lasting protective coating backed by a three-year guarantee.



FiTechForce Fuel Mini

Save the hassle of installing an in-tank pump and feed line with the Force Fuel Mini Sump System. Fuel is supplied to the Mini’s reservoir through the stock mechanical pump. Then the internal 255-LPH pump boosts it to a regulated 58-psi for the EFI system—enough to support 600 hp. Four different mounting locations make the Mini easy to mount even in tight engine compartments. A gauge, AN-fittings and high-pressure line are supplied with the kit.

PN 50006


Fluidampr-Vibratech TVD

Fluidampr-Vibratech TVDFluidampr helps motorsports teams and performance enthusiasts achieve greater engine durability and performance. An industry leader in viscous harmonic dampers since 1985. Catalog fitments for popular domestic, import and performance diesel crankshaft applications.

Turnkey development and manufacturing insights for production engine builders, accessory kit manufacturers and OEMs. Made in the U.S.A. ISO 9001:20015.



FiTechGo-Fuel In-Tank Pump Modules

FiTech makes it easy to install a high-pressure fuel pump in your fuel cell with their new Go-Fuel Pump Modules. Each assembly is based on a billet “hat” that mounts squarely atop the fuel cell and secures the new 340-lph fuel pump in the cell.

A 2-in. filler and can cap is part of the CNC-machined assembly which is offered in a single (800 hp) or dual pump (1,600 hp) for return or returnless fuel systems.



Fuel Safe Systems

Fuel Safe SystemsFuel Safe Systems delivers improved safety and performance with the FIA-FT3-certified Spare Tire Fuel Cell. Available in 10- and 12-gal. options, this fuel cell is designed with an improved rear-set plate location, allowing for simplified fuel pump installation, and serviceability access.

Rear-set plate options are available on all fuel safe cells and enhance the effectiveness of Aeromotive, Radium, Nuke, and Fueled By AI surge tank units. Check out the Spare Tire Cell at



FiTechNemesis EFI System

The Nemesis EFI System from FiTech features 12 high-flowing injectors and will support up to 1,800 hp! The throttle-body EFI system features dual IAC solenoids and throttle-position sensors for optimum idle adjustments. Advanced tuning options include the angular discharge spray pattern for maximum precise adjustments. The system also accepts boost and nitrous oxide with separate fueling maps through FiTech’s easy-to-use software.
PN 30070


Griots Garage

Griots GarageThe World’s Best Spray Detailer Now With SiO2 Protection

Ceramic Speed Shine is a super-effective detail spray that can be used for light-duty cleaning of dust, smudges and light road grime while leaving behind a super-slick ceramic finish.

The unique, lubricant-based formula contains advanced silane polymer technology combined with SiO2 to create a fast-flashing, easy-to-use protective detail spray. Its safe on all exterior surfaces and paint-protection film.


Herkules Equipment Corp.

Herkules Equipment Corp.Oil Filter Crusher OFC6

Leveraging the company’s patented air-bag technology, the new Herkules OFC6 Crusher provides 4 tons of crushing power in a streamlined, compact unit. This crusher, available in both a bench and standalone version, extracts oil remnants for recycling while reducing the used oil filter’s size up to 80%.

Measuring only 17-in. in diameter, this air-powered crusher is the latest addition to Herkules robust crushing line.

Metra Electronics

Metra ElectronicsThe AXPIO-JL1 radio replacement and integration package from Axxess allows an installer to upgrade ’18–up Jeep Wrangler JL models to Pioneer’s DMH-W4600NEX/W4660NEX receivers, without losing important vehicle features. It retains HVAC functions previously shown and controlled on the factory screen, retains audio controls on the steering wheel, and more.

It includes a dash kit, interface with plug-n-play harnessing, antenna adaptor, USB/AUX/HDMI replacement panel, direct OE backup camera replacement, and STOP/START engine override interface. Available now.


MAHLE Motorsport Inc.

MAHLE Motorsport Inc.Acura K24 2.4L PowerPak

MAHLE Motorsport’s PowerPak and PowerPak Plus piston kits offer superior reliability and performance, letting you take your Acura engine build to the next level.

MAHLE Motorsport offers forged Acura pistons for the K24 2.4L available in both 2018 and 4032 alloy. Each kit includes a 1.2-, 1.2-, 2.8mm file fit performance ring set.



Morimoto’16–’18 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 XB LED Headlights

The ’16–’18 Silverado 1500 Morimoto XB LED headlights feature three Kuria Bi-LED optics for the low and high beams, sequential- or standard-style turn-signal functions that are powered by Osram LED chips, sequential start-up sequence, and come in black or chrome trim options for different vehicle trim levels.

OEM fit and finish with aftermarket performance and style.

PN LF542


MAHLE Motorsport Inc.

2021 Application Guide

The new MAHLE Motorsport 2021 Racing Components Application Guide offers a complete listing of all PowerPak and PowerPak Plus Piston Kits offered for domestic and import applications and features more than 35 pages of tech information for quick and easy ordering that includes motorsport ring sets, rails and expanders per bore.

Included are 15 new domestic and import PowerPak and PowerPak Plus Kits that are being introduced this year and are available for purchase.



Morimoto’18–’21 Ford Mustang Morimoto XB LED Headlights

The ’18–’21 Ford Mustang Morimoto XB LED headlights feature a ground-breaking Bi-LED projector with a hybrid parabolic X rectangular projector lens for the low and high beams, sequential- or standard-style turn-signal functions that are powered by Osram LED chips and have a Momentive UVHC3000 UV coating on the OEM-grade polycarbonate lenses. These headlights meet or exceed all SAE, DOT and FMVSS108 regulations when aimed properly.

PN LF414



MorimotoNissan 370z Morimoto XB LED Headlights

The Nissan 370z Morimoto XB LED headlights feature three Kuria Bi-LED optics for the low and high beams, sequential- or standard-style turn-signal functions that are powered by Osram LED chips, sequential start-up sequence, and have a Momentive UVHC3000 UV coating on the OEM-grade polycarbonate lenses. These headlights meet or exceed all SAE, DOT and FMVSS108 regulations when aimed properly.




OpenThrottlePowder-IFS Coatings

OpenThrottle powder coatings deliver the perfect combination of style, power and performance for hot rods, kit cars, bikes, wheels, ATVs, your weekend restoration project and more.

Stocked, competitively priced and available in 5-lb. quantities, OpenThrottle powders let you customize your ride with awesome colors, including the industry-favorite auto black, extreme chrome, bright candy shades, metallics and neons.

Call 940-665-8892 today or email and talk to our friendly team. Check us out!



Morimoto’14–’19 Corvette Morimoto XB LED Headlights

The ’14–’19 Corvette Morimoto XB LED headlights feature a Kuria Bi-LED optic for the low and high beams, sequential- or standard-style turn-signal functions that are powered by Osram LED chips, and have a Momentive UVHC3000 UV coating on the OEM-grade polycarbonate lenses. These headlights meet or exceed all SAE, DOT and FMVSS108 regulations when aimed properly.

PN LF463



PolyvanceNitro-Fuzer Nitrogen Plastic Welder

Repair virtually any automotive thermoplastic with the Nitro-Fuzer plastic welder from Polyvance. Features digital temperature control and precise flow control with analog flow gauge. Includes 23 varieties of plastic welding rod in three organizer cases and an airless welder for repairing thermoset polyurethane. Made in the U.S.A.

PN 8203


Network 1 Solutions LLC

Network 1 Solutions LLCThe Lift King Light Duty package contains everything necessary to operate your Lift King, including the Main Component, Box Attachment and Bushing Kit. Safely and efficiently remove and install Pickup Boxes with only one operator in a matter of minutes!

Our lift will make taking any OEM pickup bed off safely and quickly and allows other techs to stay focused on their job as no help is needed using the Lift King!



PolyvanceShim Jim Tab Separator Tool Kit

This handy tool from Polyvance helps easily disassemble the aggravating snap-in tabs that hold trim to the bumper cover.

Separate the tabs with a twist of the wrist using the pry tool, and hold the tabs apart with the included shims. Made in the U.S.A.

PN 6142



PPFMagPPFMag is designed to cater to those in the film industry who currently install paint protection film and those looking to add it with the goal of increasing their company’s bottom line.

PPFMag provides unparalleled information by industry experts on topics ranging from how to tackle market opportunities, professional installation tips and new trends in the industry.

Get your free print or digital subscription today at or email to learn more.



RedarcTow-Pro Elite Electric Brake Controller

The Tow-Pro Elite offers two types of braking modes at the turn of a dial. “Proportional Mode” (inertia sensing) for highway conditions and “User Controlled Mode” for all-terrain and all-weather.

You can choose what braking type best suits the road conditions, vehicle type or driver preference, and the Tow-Pro Elite is suitable for 12- and 24-volt systems.

Easy install, perfect factory look and no more knee knocking.


Pro Spot International

Pro Spot InternationalPR-220MV

The PR-220 MV (Multi Voltage) is Pro Spot’s latest all-purpose, multi-process synergic welder. The PR-220 MV operates on either 230-volt or 115-volt single-phase input and produces 200 amps @ 35% duty cycle. It is so easy to use with its automatic synergic settings—one dial does it all.

This is the ideal welder for all fabrication jobs, from autobody to steel fabricators and all jobs in between. Optional applications include DC TIG and DC stick welding.


Redline Detection LLC

Redline Detection LLCImprove vehicle performance and speed up diagnostics with SpeedSmoke, the high- and low-pressure diagnostic leak detector from Redline Detection. This professional-grade, made-in-the-U.S.A. machine allows technicians to locate all types of leaks in both naturally aspirated and turbo, diesel, boosted engines.

Plus, Redline Detection’s new EasyConnect quick-connector kit gives technicians an easy way to hook up any smoke machine to most late-model vehicles with no EVAP port connectivity.


Roadrunner Performance

Roadrunner PerformanceQuick Disconnect Couplers–Male and Female

Our two-piece couplings allow hose lines to be separated without loss of fluid or requirement of bleeding. Commonly used on brake systems when changing front or rear axle assembly for off-road and race applications, allowing less time loss in the pits or on the course; also hydraulic clutch systems; or when servicing transmissions between races. Can be used for fuel cells as well as chiller systems.

Available in male to male or male to female. Sizes AN03 through AN12.

Your #1 fluid transfer systems by Roadrunner Performance!




RedarcBCDC1212T 12A Trailer Battery Charger

The REDARC BCDC1212T on-trailer battery charger keeps the auxiliary battery charged while driving, ensuring your secondary battery is charged to a proven 100%. Compatible with 7-pin round RV plugs and sockets, allowing use with existing 12V auxiliary power available on the trailer plug.

It works in both 12V and 24V vehicles and is ideal for trailers that have hydraulic pumps and winches, such as dump trailers, boat trailers, car trailers, liftgate trucks and camper vans.


Roadster Shop

Roadster Shop

Roadster Shop adds to their popular SPEC line of chassis with the brand-new ’70–’81 F-body (Camaro and Firebird) application. This new chassis conforms around factory rear subrails with zero cutting necessary and without sacrificing suspension geometry. All factory mounting points are retained with additional bolt-on chassis mounting provisions in key areas.

Other features include full routing for 3-in. exhaust up and over rear axle with generous-sized oval mufflers, and ability to run up to a 345 rear tire when mini tubbed.


SCT Performance LLC

SCT Performance LLCSCT Burst Throttle Enhancement Device

Give your vehicle the kick that it needs with the SCT Burst Throttle Enhancement Device. The installation is simple and the results will be felt right in your seat. Plug it inline between your vehicle’s pedal position sensor and the vehicle harness. Then you can use the control knob to adjust your throttle on the fly. Perfect for that extra burst when you need it. The SCT Burst is emissions-safe, warranty-safe, and there is a CARB EO for many applications.
PNs 49000 and 49000 EO


Roadster Shop

Roadster ShopRoadster Shop RS4 chassis now available for ’69–’91 K5s

  • Fox 2.5 Factory Series Coilovers with 10-in. stroke front and rear
  • RS “Fast Link” 1.75-in. front and rear 4-bars with X-axis sealed bearing assemblies
  • Bolt-on engine stands for LS and LT engines
  • 10-in. front travel and 12-in. rear travel
  • Splined front and rear sway bars
  • Utilizes all stock body, bumper and core support mounts


Specialty Products Co.

Specialty Products Co.Specialty Products 2020–2021 Sourcebook combines all of Specialty Products’ lines. Along with our complete line of parts, tools, accessories and information for aligning passenger cars and light trucks, this catalog incorporates our off-road, racing and musclecar products.

Setting up a classic ’69 Firebird for Pro Touring to fine tuning alignment angles on a lifted Tacoma for off-road fun—it is now all in one easy-to-use catalog.


Ross Racing Pistons

Ross Racing Pistons3-D Dome Piston Profiling

Great for someone looking for max compression ratio! Using CMM technology to digitize molds and cylinder head, along with ultra-accurate CNC machining centers, allows us to produce a perfect piston-to-head fit. Couple that with our 3-D profile milling and you have the optimum strength to weight ratio. If you are looking for max compression or simply a no-touch, drop-in piston set, Ross Racing Pistons can help you get into the winning circle!



Specialty Products Co.

Specialty Products Co.Improve droop travel, drivability, wheelwell clearance and tire wear with SPC’s Ford Ranger Adjustable Front Upper Control Arms (PN 25670). Featuring a greaseable ball joint and rubber isolated xAxis bushings, this arm is designed to correct alignment angles on standard-height as well as lifted and lowered vehicles while maintaining factory ride quality.

Made in our Colorado facility, this tube and plate arm provides the strength and durability needed for the most demanding environments. Sold in pairs.


Speed Seat Factory

Speed Seat FactoryAir-Cooled Driver System

    Total weight only 3.5 lbs.
    Fits in any race seat.
    Reduces core body temperatures.
    Cooler core temperature helps control mental and physical fatigue.
    System is complete with mesh insert, hoses and a blower.
    Three-port adapter is optional to add helmet to this system.
    Patented technology.


Trailer Arms

Trailer Arms4-in. Fire Ball

  • Revolutionary self-activating device designed to extinguish fire
  • Lightweight shell made from rigid plastic foam with an abrasion-resistant finish
  • Extinguishing powder mixture weight 1.1 lbs. (+ or -)
  • Activation time with flame 3–5 sec.
  • Total Weight 1.5 lbs. (+ or -)
  • 19 sq. ft. coverage (+ or -)
  • 4-in. diameter
  • 3-year warranty (blue)



SteelcraftSteelcraft’s UTV Front Bumper Replacements are engineered for strength and durability without sacrificing form or function. Constructed of 3mm sheetmetal with stout brackets that bolt directly to your frame. Since options are always important, we provide multiple bumper styles that allow you to personalize your UTV and suit all your needs.

For further protection, our UTV products are e-coated and powdercoated with a matte black finish to thrive in all of nature’s elements. Visit our website at for more info.


TriboDyn Inc.

TriboDyn Inc.Engineered to:

  • Form a ceramic coating during extreme conditions
  • Enhance motor performance and horsepower
  • Perform under extreme pressure and heat
  • Reduce operating temperature
  • Improve fuel mileage
  • Patented ceramic lubricant


TornadorTornador has completely changed the detailing industry with the new Tornador Max! All the benefits of the Tornador Black with newly engineered and upgraded features. Rotate set is now equipped with patented spring technology increasing torque and intensifying cleaning power. Newly designed ergonomic handle and trigger provide more control and comfort. Allows for customization through easily replaceable color handle and trigger grip. Built-in air regulator allows for precise control of air pressure along with a swivel air inlet for flexibility. Anti-slip mat on the jar allows gun to stand flat when connected to air hose, reducing spills and falls. Features LED tactical light to illuminate dark areas.


Trick Flow Specialties

Trick Flow SpecialtiesTrick Flow Specialties doesn’t just manufacture high performance—Trick Flow engineers design it from scratch. The parts are fully engineered, tested and dyno proven to deliver phenomenal out-of-the-box power on Chevrolet, Ford and Mopar engines.

Increase your sales today by stocking these premium-quality and affordably priced high-performance engine components. Go online to or call Trick Flow Specialties at 888-841-6556 to see for yourself the difference Trick Flow’s advanced engineering and manufacturing makes.

330-630-1555; toll free: 888-841-6556
Fax: 330-633-2504


Trick Flow Specialties

Trick Flow SpecialtiesDHC 200 Cylinder Heads for Small-Block Chevrolets

Yesterday’s Looks, Today’s Power.

Trick Flow’s DHC 200 cylinder heads for small Chevy are similar on the outside to the legendary double hump heads, but are chock full of today’s performance technology on the inside.

Cast in A356-T61 aluminum, these lightweight heads feature CNC-ported runners and chambers to let more air and fuel in. Bronze guides, ductile iron seats, a multi-angle valve job, extra-thick decks and walls, and PAC Racing valve springs round out the features. Available soon.

330-630-1555; toll free: 888-841-6556
Fax: 330-633-2504


Window Film Magazine

Window Film MagazineWindow Film magazine is designed to access all those who work in the film industry—bringing buyers and sellers in this special market together from all over the world.

Window Film continues to provide hard-hitting features and thoughtful discussion about the entire film industry—for dealers, distributors, manufacturers and others involved in the industry. Free subscriptions are available for print or digital issues.

E-newsletters, video, app, events and magazines all at


Trick-Tools/Van Sant Enterprises Inc.

Trick-Tools/Van Sant Enterprises Inc.Icengineworks Header Modeling System at Trick-Tools

Icengineworks makes complete exhaust fabrication systems to take you from concept to completion of custom headers, turbo manifolds and full exhaust systems. Their modeling blocks, tube cutting jigs and welding clamps replicate the common practice of cutting and welding pre-bent tubing or pipe elbows. With the Icengineworks system you can mock-up, preview and test fit your difficult exhaust component without wasting expensive materials and then easily transfer the design to metal.

For more information, visit us online at or give us a call at 877-826-7268.


World Products/PBM Performance Products

World Products/PBM Performance ProductsWorld Products’ all-new catalog for 2021 contains detailed information about new products and updated features in the company’s line of engine blocks, cylinder heads, intake manifolds and accessories. The new catalog includes product descriptions and photos along with important technical specifications and application information for all of World’s offerings. Notable new products include the Merlin IV big-block and the 8.1L Vortec-style replacement block.

World Products blocks and heads are 100% American made and are subject to stringent quality assurance procedures to ensure superior quality and performance.



United Covers Inc.

United Covers Inc.6-in. Square-Body Full Line Step Pads

  • OE-style boards
  • Constructed aircraft aluminum
  • 6-in. non-slip full-length step pad
  • Non-drill install
  • Non-rust–corrosion

United Covers Inc. of Arlington, Texas, is one of the industry’s leader in aftermarket OE-style boards. A new style of boards for the fullsize and midsize truck. The 6-in. Boards offer a wide step area, non-slip pads that run the full length of the boards that will ensure all passengers safely get in and out of the vehicle. Available in matte black or bright aluminum. Offered in the two most popular sizes 80 in. and 87 in. Brackets are sold separately.


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