SEMA News—November 2019


Headed to the SEMA Show? Boost THE Industry’s Political Horsepower!

By SEMA Government Affairs Staff

The ability of car enthusiasts to enhance their vehicles—regardless of the year, make or model—is constantly challenged by new laws and regulations. Allies are needed on all fronts. During the 2019 SEMA Show, you can boost your industry’s political horsepower by stopping by the Members Lounge (Room N251 in the Las Vegas Convention Center) and supporting SEMA’s Political Action Committee (PAC) and the SEMA Action Network (SAN).
Tap your business’s full political potential by getting involved at and There is no cost or obligation to stay informed on shaping public policy.
Allies in Congress help ensure that the industry’s message is heard on Capitol Hill. By law, SEMA is not allowed to use general association funds to impact the electoral process. That’s where the individually funded SEMA PAC comes in. The PAC allows SEMA members to pool their personal resources to make campaign contributions to the candidates and lawmakers who support the industry.

They say all politics is local. Often, you can wield the most influence and create meaningful change on the state level. Since 1997, the SAN has provided a unified voice for industry and enthusiasts. This combined force has influenced both state and federal proposals important to enthusiasts. In fact, bills threatening the hobby in states across the nation are opposed by SAN forces each year—some are killed in less than 24 hours. Legislative efforts that expand rights for enthusiasts are supported by the SAN at each step in the process.

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