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By Clint Simone

The Tech Transfer Portal

Expanded CAD File Library Is Now Live

Tech Transfer partners with OEMs that include Ford, Lincoln, General Motors/Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, Jeep, Fiat and Scion, providing members with the opportunity to access manufacturer vehicle data within those networks. Participating members must be manufacturers, and downloads of OEM data must be approved by the OEM.

The SEMA Garage has seen Tech Transfer grow as CAD data becomes even more of a staple among manufacturers in the automotive aftermarket. The program has now expanded to more than 400 members. Not only has the number of members increased each year, but so has the amount of data requested. On an average day, there are roughly 25 requests for CAD data via the Tech Transfer portal, according to SEMA Garage Vehicle Product Data Manager Gary Pis.

While the program has grown substantially since its launch, rapid interaction with Tech Transfer users remains a top priority for Pis and the team.

“Although we receive a steady amount of daily data requests, the turnaround time is still very quick,” Pis said. “Depending on what information is desired, most requests take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to complete. That makes it quick and convenient for the participating member.”

Until recently, the database of Tech Transfer CAD files came solely from OEM sources. However, the SEMA Garage now provides supplemental scan data gained via its in-house FaroArm/coordinate measuring machine in addition to the OEM-provided CAD files. Because the SEMA Garage sees a diverse range of vehicles on a regular basis, the Garage’s engineers have been able to add a significant number of custom-scanned files to the library. Those files are now accessible via Tech Transfer.

“We added this feature because of the wide range of needs and applications that our members have,” Pis said. “The scan module—referred to on the website as the 3D Scan Repository—gives users full access to our growing library of scanned vehicles, including those that are not within the participating OEMs.”

cordatotech transfertech transfer
SEMA Vehicle Product Data Specialist Matt Cordato scans a vehicle with the FaroArm in order to produce a scan file.Scanned data can be refined and customized to a member’s project by targeting the specific area of the vehicle that is needed for product development.Data from vehicles such as the Polaris RZR are also available in the newly added 3D Scan Repository feature.

The 3D Scan Repository module recently went live on the Tech Transfer website and is the latest development in the SEMA Garage’s effort to enhance the Tech Transfer program’s overall productivity. To date, there are 31 different vehicles available in the scan module CAD library, with more to be added as the program continues. Pis was quick to highlight the custom scans held within the 3D Scan Repository module, which gives Tech Transfer members bespoke scan files, depending on their needs.

“Within the new 3D Scan Repository, we have the ‘base scans’ of every vehicle listed, which is essentially a nonspecific scan covering all or the majority of a vehicle,” Pis said. “But if a member needs data for a targeted area of the vehicle—the front fascia, for example—we can work to provide a customized scan to the member. This gives them access to the scan data they need and also allows for manipulation of the file to the member’s liking.”

Pis and the other Garage engineers can refine and isolate the scan data to the exact degree that the member needs, all with the intention of speeding up the product-development process.

Another added benefit of the recent Tech Transfer update is the expansion into supplemental automotive niche markets—especially the UTV niche. This segment has shown growth in the last few years, and racing at major off-road events, such as the King of the Hammers, has expanded.

Research from Power Products Marketing noted more than 400,000 UTV units sold in 2015, suggesting that consumers are becoming more aware of UTVs, and prompting growing interest in enhanced suspension components, engine tuning and wheel/tire upgrades. The SEMA Garage is meeting this trend by including UTV scan data within the new 3D Scan Repository. Data is currently available for the Polaris RZR and Can Am Maverick to develop UTV-specific products through the same request process as the OEM vehicle data.

In short, the SEMA Garage Tech Transfer program now has more scan data and improved functionality and is adding more scans every week. For more information on the program, visit, or give the Tech Transfer team a call at 909-978-6728.

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