SEMA Member News—November/December 2015

MRN at the SEMA Show

MRN SDC Meeting
The Manufacturers’ Representative Network will once again host a collection of business-critical discussions moderated by industry experts exclusively for manufacturers’ representatives on Sunday, November 1. The Rep Roundtable provides attendees with the opportunity to learn practical solutions to real-world manufacturers’ rep opportunities.

The SEMA Manufacturers’ Representative Network (MRN) will host a collection of business-critical discussions moderated by industry experts exclusively for manufacturers’ representatives on Sunday, November 1, 3:30 p.m.–6:00 p.m., Las Vegas Convention Center, Upper North Hall, N256. The Rep Roundtable, powered by the MRN, will provide attendees with the opportunity to ask questions and receive practical solutions to real-world manufacturer rep opportunities and issues. The cost is $25 for SEMA members and $35 for non-members. The topics and speakers will include the following:

How to Handle Private-Equity Acquisitions and Management

Speaker: Mitch Williams
Synopsis: What actions should a rep take when a private-equity firm is acquiring one of his manufacturers? What should he do if he is terminated after a private-equity acquisition? How can he protect himself in the future?

Three Biggest Challenges Facing Reps Today and Tomorrow

Speaker: Clay Taylor, ESQ
Synopsis: What are the challenges facing reps today and in the future? How a rep can strategically plan to face these challenges?

How to Be a Great Rep in the E-Commerce Market

Speaker: Bernard Bolisig
Synopsis: Five things a rep can do to increase his value to the e-commerce customer. How a rep can help non-e-commerce customers enter e-commerce. Future trends in the e-commerce market that a rep should know to increase sales.

Wealth Management for Reps

Speaker: Andrew D. Horowitz
Synopsis: How should a rep without access to company investment plans prepare financially for the future? Discover investment tools a rep can use and how to find a wealth-management professional.

Tools and Trends for a Mobile Workforce

Speaker: Tyler Tanaka
Synopsis: Learn about mobile apps for better communication and digital business trends that manufacturers’ reps should stay on top of, including mobile apps for travel and for better organization.

Improving Your Rep Team’s Communication, Training and Overall Goals

Speaker: Nikki Weiss
Synopsis: Find out how everyone in your rep organization can help improve the overall team, the importance of continuous training with your rep team and improving communication with your rep team and manufacturers.

Education Sessions Offered by the SDC for MRN Members

The Internet and electronic cataloging have changed the market structure and the way companies sell to consumers. The key is great data, and manufacturers’ reps need to be knowledgeable and helpful to their clients. The SEMA Data Co-op (SDC) has educational sessions that can aid all members of the MRN. This program is designed for real-world small-business people. Rather than focusing on information that goes over the heads of attendees, it will provide practical, feet-on-the-street information that any accessory reseller can use. The topics include:

How Great Data Improves Your Business: Introduction to PIES and ACES

Just getting started with product data? The SDC’s introductory course will explain the industry data standards in easy-to-understand terms, giving you the confidence to begin managing your product data like a pro.

How SEMA Can Help You Create Great Data to Sell More Parts

This seminar for data managers and company executives teaches more about getting the most out of your data sets. SDC staff will discuss how to improve the quality of your data with the goal of helping your customers sell more parts.

E-commerce Solved: Nineteen Things an E-Commerce Site Should Have and How to Make the SDC Work for You

E-commerce requires more than just putting up a site and dumping some products on a page. There are strategies that make e-commerce sites work and best practices you need to apply. In the accessory industry, you must have the 19 things the SDC will discuss. As a SEMA member, you have an additional powerful tool that will put your e-commerce site light years ahead of competitors: the SEMA Data Co-op. How does the SDC help you? Find out in this program what powerful tools have been put in place to make you successful.

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