SEMA Member News—July/August 2015

Resources to Help Your Business Save and Grow

Members have heard a lot lately from SEMA’s membership department about some exciting new benefits. In addition to expanding services such as data management through the SEMA Data Co-op and product-development tools through the SEMA Garage, the association still collaborates with strategic partners to offer programs aimed at saving members on their business expenses. Here is a closer look at what First Data, the Specialty Equipment Insurance Alliance and UPS offer to members.

Fast, Convenient and Secure Payment Solutions

 SEMA Member News

First Data provides credit-card processing solutions at low rates to SEMA members for processing retail, mail order, wholesale and e-commerce. The program features electronic payment solutions, including all major credit/debit cards, electronic checks and gift cards. In addition, members have access to easy, 24/7 online reporting.

Ease of enrollment is part of the benefit for SEMA members. All companies need to provide is a recent statement from their current credit-card processor. From there, First Data will perform the research and analysis necessary to determine if the program can offer additional savings.

“I was referred by a representative of SEMA to Ken Keifer, senior account executive,” said Raymond Andrade of 24 Hour Recreational Storage. “Ken has been with First Data for almost two decades and is very well versed in the industry. He has been and continues to be instrumental in my understanding of MasterCard/Visa and the standards of credit-card processing. Ken made it easy for me to navigate the program and also understand my rate structure. He makes himself available for any support needs I may have, and I especially appreciate his honesty. First Data has been a valuable partner to our business, and we strongly recommend it for all merchant credit-card processing.”

Call Ken Keifer at 424-903-6877 today to get started.

Liability Insurance Coverage

Accidents happen and staffing changes occur, so it is important for companies to be equipped for the potential outcome. As SEMA’s endorsed insurance broker, Alliant Insurance Services (AIS)—doing business as the Specialty Equipment Insurance Alliance (SEIA) —delivers insurance solutions that protect your businesses.

SEIA starts by investing time to learn every aspect of the business, regardless of the size or category. Armed with years of experience and industry knowledge, SEIA agents expertly match core coverages according to members’ needs, such as property, general and products liability, workers’ compensation and employment liability.

Every SEIA customer receives a bundle of human-resource services through Strategic HR (a wholly owned division of AIS), and exclusive employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) products are available at SEMA-member discounts. EPLI policy limits start from $250,000, with the average company purchasing $1 million of limit.

Gary Chang of Top Line Products shared his experience.

“As business owners, our main focus toward achieving growth can often be sidetracked from not knowing if we have sufficient insurance coverage,” he said. “Bob Corwin and Alliant Insurance Services have provided our company with the expert knowledge of the intricacies of the insurance industry while always acting in the best interests of our company. Through delivering best-in-class insurance advice and consultation, Bob and AIS allow us the ability to refocus on growing our business, knowing that our insurance needs are covered.”

SEIA can do the same for your business. Call 800-390-9099 for more information and to begin the process.

Shipping and Business Services Discounts

 Shipping and Business Services Discount
In addition to offering payment solutions and liability coverage through partners, SEMA works with UPS to give members discounted rates.

SEMA members also enjoy discounts on UPS services and solutions, including package deliveries, export rates and freight shipping. Savings on package delivery and freight rates are considerable for companies with smaller amounts of shipping. Members save up to 34% off next-day, second-day, third-day and commercial ground services and up to 17% off residential ground service. U.S. exports qualify for a 39% discount on international export rates.

UPS can also help members manage risk and cash flow with special offers from UPS Capital and the UPS Package Design and Test Lab. Members receive a 10% discount on qualifying business services at participating UPS Store locations. For SEMA members that need assistance with business processes such as sales, shipping, tracking and billing, members can also access several UPS Ready Program providers for turnkey software solutions.

“The SEMA shipping program in place with UPS allowed us to get discounted rates that kept us competitive in the market and helped us build a solid relationship with UPS,” said Jeremy Boysen of JB Autosports Inc.

To learn more about what UPS can do for you, call 800-325-7000.

For additional information about any of these services, visit, or call SEMA’s customer service team at 909-610-2030.

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