SEMA News—March 2013

By Dan Sadowski

SEMA Political Action Committee Gears Up for Exciting 2013

New Year Offers New Opportunities to Support Pro-Industry Lawmakers


SEMA PAC Chairman Doug Evans, Source Interlink Media.
SEMA PAC Chairman Doug Evans, Source Interlink Media.

The year 2012 was an exciting and successful one for the SEMA Political Action Committee (SEMA PAC). A majority of the candidates SEMA PAC supported in the 2012 election won their contests, helping to expand SEMA’s working relationships with pro-business, pro-industry members of Congress. SEMA PAC’s support helped secure these successes. In 2013, SEMA PAC can grow stronger than ever in its 10-year history.

SEMA PAC helps elect candidates to Congress who understand the positive impact the automotive specialty-equipment industry has on the American economy.

Maintaining an active presence in Washington is vital to protecting and promoting SEMA-member companies and businesses. SEMA PAC not only helps elect supportive candidates, but it is also a means to establish and maintain relationships with key lawmakers in the U.S. Congress. It is a critical component of SEMA’s government affairs program when advocating on issues directly affecting the automotive specialty-equipment industry. One hundred percent of the contributions made to SEMA PAC are used to help elect pro-industry lawmakers.

“This year, SEMA PAC has set ambitious goals to become more effective and raise SEMA’s visibility on Capitol Hill,” said SEMA PAC Chairman Doug Evans.

“Beginning with target contribution totals that are higher than in any previous year, SEMA PAC will be reaching out to more of our members to set new records for SEMA-member participation. To help guide this process, a new staff member responsible solely for SEMA PAC will join the government affairs team. Look for new and exciting ways to make a difference on behalf of your association’s PAC this year.”

As Congress begins a new session, SEMA PAC continues to become a stronger voice for member companies. As SEMA PAC leads directly to new relationships on Capitol Hill, it can grow only with the active participation of individual SEMA members.

Decisions made by Congress affect the industry on a daily basis on issues including small-business growth, tax reform, off-highway vehicle access, health care and manufacturing, among many others. Without the participation of SEMA members at all levels, SEMA PAC would not have the resources needed to have an impact on these important matters.

Members of the SEMA PAC President’s Club are leaders among SEMA contributors. Their consistent support provides the foundation for these efforts with $1,000 personal annual contributions. SEMA would like to thank the members of the President’s Club, shown in the accompanying list, for their commitment to our legislative priorities. These SEMA members have taken the lead toward protecting our industry, our voice and our future in Washington, and their generous support is greatly appreciated.

Participating in SEMA PAC is not limited to the President’s Club.

Support from all SEMA members is welcomed and contributes to these important opportunities. SEMA, as with all trade associations, must first receive written permission from its members before it can provide important information about its efforts on Capitol Hill. This is known as becoming “SEMA PAC Approved.” Filling out the form takes only a few seconds and provides access to important updates from the government affairs office.

SEMA members are encouraged to learn more about SEMA PAC and the critical role it plays on behalf of the association.

To learn more and to fill out your “PAC Approval” form, please contact Dan Sadowski at or visit


SEMA PAC President’s Club (as of January 24, 2013)


  • Donor Company
  • Greg Adler, Transamerican Auto Parts
  • Matt Agosta, Steele Rubber Products
  • Joel Ayres, Bedslide/Tākit Inc.
  • Al Azadi, OMIX-ADA Inc.
  • Jim Bingham Winner’s Circle Speed and Custom
  • Matthew Boice, Source Interlink Media
  • Mike Bolio, Repforce
  • Dave Bowman, Bowman Television Productions
  • Tom Brooks, Truckin’ Thunder
  • Scooter Brothers, COMP Performance Group
  • Luanne Brown, eTool Developers
  • Corky Coker, Coker Tire Co.
  • Ron Coleman, COMP Performance Group
  • Jim Cozzie, RTM Productions
  • Russ Deane, Trainum, Snowdon & Deane
  • Donnie Eatherly, P&E Distributors Inc.
  • Mike Essex, Source Interlink Media
  • Doug Evans, Source Interlink Media
  • Amy Faulk, Hypertech Inc.
  • Rob Fisher, Source Interlink Media
  • Jim Foos, Source Interlink Media
  • Tim Foss, Source Interlink Media
  • Tom Furukawa, Source Interlink Media
  • John Hotchkis, Hotchkis Performance LLC
  • Chris Kersting, SEMA
  • Michael Kunzman, Michael Kunzman & Assoc.
  • Debbie Lail, Steele Rubber Products
  • Tim Martin, K&N Engineering
  • Bill Miller, SEMA
  • Alise Miner, SEMA
  • Bob Moore, J&B Service
  • Adrian Murray, Painless Performance Products
  • Tony Napoli, American Speed Center
  • Dennis Overholser, Painless Performance
  • Brian Reese, COMP Performance Group
  • Angela Schoof, Source Interlink Media
  • Chuck Schwartz, ConvExx
  • Randy Shannon, Source Interlink Media
  • Nate Shelton, B&M Performance Group
  • Ernie Silvers, Egge Machine Co.
  • Russell Stephens, MSD Performance
    Chris Thomson, Airaid Premium Filter Co.
  • Paul Van Woensel, Engine & Performance Warehouse
  • Jonathan Ward, Icon 4x4
  • Tim Watts, Superlift Suspension Systems
  • Brit White, Source Interlink Media
  • Steve Wolcott, ProMedia LLC
  • Van Woodell, Weathers Auto Supply
  • Dave Wrobleski, Jim Wrobleski & Co.

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