SEMA News—August 2011

Quicker, Easier, Better

A Guide to the New Tools & Equipment Products Introduced at the SEMA Show

Every business involved in the automotive specialty-equipment market has at least one thing in common: They all want to develop the most efficient way to provide customers with top-quality parts, assemblies or services. Finding the right tool for the right job can go a long way toward fulfilling that goal.

The 125 exhibitors in the Tool & Equipment section of the 2010 SEMA Show provided displays that covered more than 28,000 sq. ft. in the Las Vegas Convention Center, and they introduced nearly 130 items in the New Products Showcase. These offerings included applications for virtually every business in the industry. Ranging from test equipment to power tools and from cabinets to creepers, the Showcase was brimming with gear that could shave time and cost from any technician’s workload.

The accompanying guide to new Tools & Equipment products just might harbor the perfect hand or power tools and diagnostic or test equipment to make your company more effective. And even if you’re not in the market for a rotator ratchet or a new hex key set, what gearhead doesn’t enjoy browsing through the latest in tool technology?


Automotive Test Solutions Inc.
PN: COP1000

The only ignition pickup that covers all types of ignition systems. Attaches to the coil housing or the ignition wire, capturing a clear waveform.


Better Tools & Fasteners
Grip-Tite Super Wrenches SAE Six-Piece Set
PN: 143

Grip-Tite Super Wrench sets are the ultimate wrenches for tightening good bolts and nuts and removing rounded, rusted and damaged bolts and nuts.


Baldhead Cabinets
Custom Series Modular Seven-Drawer Unit With Pullout
Fastener Organizer

Custom series: Modular seven-drawer unit with pullout fastener organizer. Available in multiple layouts, sizes and colors.


Bluestone Lighting
InCharge Rechargeable Inspection Light for Auto Technicians
PN: AT70C1N001

Bluestone’s new InCharge induction-recharging inspection light provides auto technicians with a long-lasting, super-bright beam in a compact, affordable package.


Bossco International Corp.
Wrist Lite
PN: 310

The Wrist Lite is perfect for all activities where you need extra light. Whether you're working in the garage or in a tight, dark place you will now have bright illumination directly on your project so you no longer have to fumble with a flashlight or lantern.


Engine Treatment
PN: 206225

Works with all motor oils, including GF-5. Designed to prevent zinc and phosphorus damage to catalytic converters. Reduces white sludge caused by ethanol-blended fuels.


Energy Safe Technologies Inc.
PowerSafe Computerized Jumper Cables
PN: PSJC-400-325

PowerSafe computerized jumper cables plug into tow and roadside service vehicles. PowerSafe technology guides proper hookup, eliminates sparks, regulates power spikes and records jump-start data.


C-Aire Inc.
Commercial Air Compressor
PN: WC510822-95V3

This unit features a three-cylinder pump running at a low 670 rpm, 7.5 hp, two stage. A great choice for a small autobody/repair shops.


Indexing Double Box Ratcheting Wrench
PN: 85490

Combines the benefits of a specialty obstruction wrench with the length and versatility of a GearBox ratcheting wrench.


Bossco InternationalCorp.
Luma Lite
PN: 214

The all-in-one light that replaces the wall light, flashlight, lantern and headlamp. With a built-in magnetic base and optional Velcro and hat clip attachments you can work with direct light on any project near or far with this small, portable light.


Eight-Piece Locking Hex Key Set
PN: 97-551

This eight-piece folding hex key set locks in three different positions (90-degree, 135-degree and 180-degree), making it ideal for most applications. By offering up to 630 in.-lb. of torque, no job is too big for this set. Product comes in SAE, mm and star.


Chicago Brand
Chicago Brand
Open-End Ratchet Wrench
PN: 56038/56039

Our Open-End Ratchet Wrench is the only stainless steel wrench on the market with an innovative ratcheting feature on the open end. With its strong grip and small head, it makes accessing tight work spots possible.

Drum Pump/Liquid Transfer Pump
PN: 9-02-000-WFP

ChemChamp’s C-Pump: The market’s best automatic, light-viscosity pump. Ideal drum pump for transferring flammable chemicals in a controlled fashion. Explosion proof. Chemical resistant. Inexpensive.



The only creeper with built-in frame protection. Patented, it provides the ultimate body protection while allowing unrestricted arm movements. Engineered to withstand a 30,000-lb. load.


Dale Adams Enterprises Inc.
The Tail Bone Mechanic’s Seat
PN: 5031

Stable, comfortable, huge-wheeled mechanic’s seat. The 100%-American Tail Bone rolls over the competition.


The Filler Detective
PN: FDA-01

The Filler Detective is a handheld meter with sound and lights. It finds accident repairs, rust-out cover-up and other hidden body damage.


Ingersoll Rand
PN: 2015MAX

The Hammerhead low-profile impact tool offers the power of an impact with the reach of a ratchet, and it’s going to change the way you work.


Granite Digital/Save A Battery
Smart Cable Low Battery Warning Monitor
PN: 2087-S

Smart cables monitor the vehicle’s battery condition and alert user via a low-voltage sensing LED when it’s time to recharge.


Winner Best New Toolsand Equipment Product

Bossco International Corp.
Cuff Lite
PN: 212

The HI:BEAM Cuff Lite is perfect for all activities where you need extra light. Whether you're working in the garage or in a tight, dark place you will now have bright illumination directly on your project so you no longer have to fumble with a flashlight or lantern.

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