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Cartoon Courtesy Pete Millar Family Archives


Racing and Performance: The Past, Present and Future

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The racing and performance segment of the specialty-equipment industry—rich in history and tradition—is also predictive, often foreshadowing trends that ripple through other markets.

Those SEMA News readers who have been around the block once or twice may recall the early days of the hot-rod scene and how it progressed from the street to the strip, spawning countless businesses and institutions.

One relic of those days is the work of Pete Millar, who celebrated and satirized the lifestyle, the people and the institutions of the day in magazines such as Rod & Custom, Hot Rod, Car Craft, CARtoons and his own magazine, Drag Cartoons. By the time this strip was originally published in June of 1963, Millar was making the point that street racing was out and safety was important for all enthusiasts. It’s a message that resonates to this day.

Nostalgia for simpler days remains strong within the racing and performance segment, underlined by new products intended for earlier engines and vintage platforms. Along with those, as you’ll see in the coming pages, are new products reflecting the future of the segment. (For a digital version of each entry, point your Internet browser to and simply search for a product by company name, part description or application.)

SEMA is an institution that the racing and performance industry helped create, so it’s no surprise that for many who attended the 2010 SEMA Show, racing and performance parts are the main attraction.

This year, 479 Racing & Performance exhibitors filled Central Hall, and buyers swarmed over the area. Half of all active buyers at the Show (52%) spent at least part of their week in this section of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Measured in scans of attendee badges, buyers opened up dialogue on the Show floor with racing and performance exhibitors a total of 60,805 times.

Four out of five buyers (74%), also made a visit to the New Products Showcase, where predictably, racing and performance manufacturers made a strong showing in terms of new-product launches. Their entries were scanned 8,835 times by attending media and buyers using handheld remote scanners.

Along with the products shown here, we’ve interviewed industry executives to get their thoughts about the trends they perceive and, perhaps, some words of advice about what might lie ahead. You’ll see their comments and predictions as you page through the story.


Adaptronic Engine Management
Select Mazda RX8 Plug-In ECU
PN: Select RX8

Plug-in piggyback ECU for Mazda RX8 Series 1. Full control over ignition, fuel and intake. Works on a MAP sensor or standard airflow sensor.


Adaptronic Engine Management Select Nissan S15 Plug-In ECU
PN: Select S15

Standalone plug-in ECU for Nissan S15 SR20DET (240SX/Silvia/200SX). Full
control of fuel, ignition, idle, boost, aircon, thermofan and VVT.


ADDCO Manufacturing Inc. Maintenance-Free Urethane Midsection Sway Bar Bushings 800/621-8916
PN: 614W

Maintenance-free urethane sway bar
midsection bushing.


ADDCO Manufacturing Inc.
Rossi Pin Point Braking System
PN: R-001-S

Rossi advanced pinpoint brake caliper and rotor. Superior stopping power.


2011 Honda CRZ Cold-Air System
PN: 21-700C; 21-700P

A true cold-air intake for the Honda CRZ Sport Hybrid. Tuned for maximum horsepower and coolest IAT, this system delivers for the CRZ.


2010 Chevrolet Camaro Cold-Air System
PN: 21-8029C; 21-8029P

Cold-air intake that delivers power and response to the Camaro SS. It features the AEM DryFlow filter for excellent filtration and ease of maintenance.


’09–’10 Dodge Challenger/Charger
Cold-Air Intake
PN: 21-8223C; 21-8223P

A true cold-air intake system that delivers power and response to the Dodge Challenger/Charger equipped with the 5.7L or 6.1L engine.

  AccuAir Suspension
Stainless e-Level Controller

New e-Level Electronic Leveling Systems bring improved handling, ride quality and reliability to air suspension. All-new stainless-steel housings, three programmable heights, ride-monitor-mode adjusts while driving or parked. Industry first using TruPosition height sensors to provide accurate leveling regardless of load.

  Aeromotive Inc.
Universal Stealth Fuel System
PN: 18668

Turn your tank or fuel cell into a stealth tank by dropping in this assembly, providing a high-horsepower in-tank solution for your fuel system.

Adaptronic Engine Management e1280s Super ECU
PN: e1280s

Universal ECU with 12 injector, eight ignition, eight aux and 16 analog in.; 4xVSS, 5xCAS, 2xKnock. Closed-loop everything. Add in any control functions you need.


Best New Tools & Equipment Product Runner-Up
Auto Meter
PN: BVA-260

Hand-held electrical system analyzer. Patented fully electrical system analyzer, providing battery, starter and alternator diagnostics in 82 seconds. AGM and conventional battery optimized.


’79–’04 Mustang Tubular K Member
PN: 20022

Lightweight Mustang tubular K member. Available for Fox body Mustangs (’79–’93) and SN95 (’94–’04) models. A finite element stress analysis shows best weight-to-strength ratio on the market.



Brian Reese, Vice President Product & Business Development, Comp Performance Group Establishing valuable competitive advantages—whether from better products, better service or exclusive offerings—is becoming more important as our customers are exposed to more options for pursuing their interests. It is not enough these days to simply state claims. Customers will test and prove or disprove your products, and only those with proven performance will succeed. Forced induction delivers a very high value, with substantial performance gains, for a reasonably low total investment. The packaged performance approach is also gaining momentum. Retailers should embrace new ways to connect with customers and guard against relying on what worked 10 years ago. The market and the customer have evolved, and so have the mechanisms customers use to find, research and purchase parts. It is imperative to stay on the front end of this technology, but use discretion when evaluating new business.

Wasting precious efforts and marketing dollars on risky or low-probability ventures does not lead to sustained success. Focus on what you do best, and work to be the leader in your niche. Weak competitors will not make it through the next few years. You must plan for long-term, sustainable success and invest in what it takes to secure
that vision.

—Brian Reese, Vice President Product & Business Development, Comp Performance Group


’05–Up Mustang Strut
PN: 30023

Performance-bred design in
a stock-looking strut. AFCO’s S197 Mustang (’05–up) strut will replace the factory unit and provide many benefits.


’10 Camaro Strut
PN: 30024

High-performance strut targeted at the Camaro market. Enhance the handling of your Camaro with AFCO’s road-gripping coil-over-ready strut.

’11 Mustang Long-Tube Header System
PN: 722-74310

Stainless-steel long-tube headers and exhaust for V8-based engines. Mandrel-bent 17/8 primaries; CNC laser-machined flanges; four-bolt ball-and-socket collectors with 3.00 X-pipe. Hardware and gaskets included.


ATI Performance Products
Super Damper for Mitsubishi EVO 10
PN: 918253

ATI Super Damper for the Mitsubishi EVO 10.


Tri-Y Dragster Header
PN: 750-98510

Tri-Y headers for BBC dragsters. The
21/4 stepped to 2–3/8x4.50 collector design improves torque, resulting in faster acceleration and quicker e.t.’s.


aFe-Advanced Flow Engineering Inc. Takeda Intake for Lexus IS-F

This intake mounts to the factory bottom intake box. This intake produced 16 hp and 15 lb.-ft. torque and outflows the factory intake by 20%.


Air Flow Research
TXR Modular Composite Intake
PN: 4801

Patented composite two-piece manifold runs 30º cooler, is 10 lbs. lighter and adds 15 hp over aluminum. Rubber gaskets for leak-proof sealing


Air Lift Co.
Mustang Air Suspension
PN: 77779

Bolt-on air suspension designed for ’05–’11 Ford Mustang. Dramatically improves ride and handling and delivers superior performance on either the street or the track.

6-in. UBI (U-Build-It) Intake Tube
PN: 100-600

Brings out the fabricator in you. Check out this massive 6-in. intake tube. Comes with multiple straight sections in various lengths (4 in., 8 in. and 12 in.) and 30-, 45-, 60- and 90-degree bends. Cut and build your own custom intake for whatever project you are working on.


MXP Cold-Air Intake System
PN: 300-269

MXP series cold-air intake system for the ’94–’02 Cummins 5.9L diesel. Features a one-piece CAD-designed air box with an aluminum heat shield to keep intake air temperature charge cool. Full 6-in. venturi air intake tube with 4.5-in. coupler to use with the factory turbo, or an optional 5-in. coupler is available for oversized aftermarket turbos.


Concept II Air Cleaner Assembly
PN: 800-455

Concept II custom air cleaner assembly with 3-, 4- and 5-in. heights. Features SynthaMax oil-free 100% synthetic washable and re-usable media. Includes a standard 51/8-in. base plate and features our unique customizable lid that can be finished as you desire. Lid includes billet hold down and key fob billet wrench for easy installation and removal.

Powersports Cold-Air Intake for the Polaris RZR UTV
PN: 883-875

Features a fully sealed cold air box with drain. Re-located cold-air inlet scoop, eliminating the concern of dirt/dust ingestion. Optional snorkel tube for extreme conditions available. Airaid’s new SynthaMax dry-flowing air filter and foam pre-filter included.

  Akrapovic D.D.
Porsche GT3/RS Evolution Exhaust System

Akrapovic Titanium Porsche GT3/RS FL Evolution exhaust; 38 lbs. lighter than stock; 12hp increase. Sport Mode exhaust valve compatible.

MXP Cold-Air Intake System
PN: 450-264

For the ’11 Mustang 5.0L. Features a one-piece CAD-designed and roto-molded cold-air box and tube. Incorporates the factory cold-air scoop and features an Airaid premium filter.

  Alliant Insurance Services Inc.
SEIA Insurance Program

Exclusive SEMA-member insurance
program for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, including property, liability, garagekeepers, auto and workers’ compensation insurance coverage.

  Aniceto Gomez S.A.
Lowering Kit

AGKIT 320 Ford Fiesta ’11. Improves MPG, handling, braking, steering response. Reduces aerodynamic drag, body roll. Lowers center of gravity, stance.


’79–’04 Mustang Strut
PN: 30022

Race-inspired valving in a durable package targeted at street and strip Mustangs. This strut will improve traction and consistency. This strut can be used as a coil-over.

  Best New Interior Accessory Product Runner-Up
B&M Racing and Performance Products
Hurst HardDrive Stick
PN: 538 8650 or 538 85655

Stylish new interpretation of
a classic Hurst handle, the new HardDrive pistol grips will surely add a modern flare to the interior of your vehicle.

  ATI Performance Products
Super Damper for ’11 Ford Mustang GT 5.0L Engine
PN: 918047

ATI Super Damper for the ’11 Ford Mustang GT 5.0L engine.

ARC-Applied Racing Components Nitrous Bottle Warmer/Heater 386/760-5201

Daytona Beach, Florida, introduces the ultimate nitrous bottle heater for 10-, 15- and 20-lb. bottles. Bring your bottle(s) up to desired pressure using your generator (about 5 minutes), then simply maintain bottle pressure from your car’s DC circuit. No significant battery draw.

  ATS Diesel Performance
Synergy Engine Control System

Synergy provides fully customizable control of engine functions and replaces the factory engine computer with a tunable module to optimize performance and drivability for diesels.

  ARP Inc.
PN: 100-9910

ARP Ultra-Torque reduces preload scatter and eliminates the need to cycle high-performance fasteners. ARP Ultra-Torque delivers more consistent, repeatable fastener tension pre-loads than any other lubricant available today.

ATI Performance Products
Super Damper for Ford GT 500 Supercharged 5.4L Engine
PN: 918046

ATI Super Damper for the Ford GT 500 supercharged 5.4L engine.

Dual Four-Wire Flat Adapter
PN: 851009

Impact and corrosion resistant. Flexible wire provides for more installation options, ability to run more than one four-wire flat connection, simple plug-and-play. Plugs into any vehicle side four-wire flat; color-coded wiring to match most trailer applications.


ATI Performance Products
Super Damper for ’10 Camaro V6
PN: 918637

ATI Super Damper for the ’10 Camaro V6; 10% underdrive accessory pulley; accepts six-bolt supercharger pulley made by LPE; aluminum shell, pulley with steel hub.

ATS Diesel Performance
Co-Pilot 68-RFE

The Co-pilot for the 68-RFE transmission in the late-model Dodge Ram provides precise control of internal pressure for improved torque handling and shift quality.

  ATS Diesel Performance
Atomizer Fuel Rail Controller

Atomizer module gives on-dash control of fuel rail pressure in late-model diesel vehicles, providing increased power and fuel economy with built-in safety features.


Auto Meter Products
Prestige Beige
PN: 2000

Award-winning traditional street-rod
styling featuring full dial, LED illumination, an antique pointer and one-step, push-button speedometer calibration.

Auto Meter Products
Prestige Black
PN: 2001

Award-winning style, unmatched performance, hybrid spun-metal dial featuring high-definition visibility and the first-ever antique-styled, fully illuminated pointer.

  Auto Meter Products
Ford Factory Match
PN: 8404-8496

Match your truck’s dash with our through-the-dial LED instruments designed specifically for Ford trucks, featuring transmission temp, boost, EGT gauges and HPOP.

  BBK Performance Inc.
70mm Power Plus Series ’11 Mustang V6 Throttle Body

Direct bolt-on. Complete with all electronics, etc. No tune required, no adjustments needed. Adds 8–10 hp.

Auto Meter Products

Maximize your performance with our track-tested, ruggedized digital video recorder featuring three camera inputs, variable recording rates and synchronized data logging.

  Auto Meter Products
Mustang Direct-Fit Cluster and A-Pillar

Trick out your late-model Mustang with our Direct Fit three-gauge cluster or three-gauge A-pillar mounting solution.

  Auto Meter Products

Battery-less tire-pressure monitoring system for harsh environments. Detects slow punctures before the driver feels them. Measures
temperature as well as pressure. Includes in-vehicle real-time driver display.


—Karl Fredrickson, Publisher Dick Berggren’s Speedway Illustrated Magazine Our industry should avoid turning itself upside down in a vain attempt to appease those who may be aggressive toward our activities with green-based initiatives. Motorsports actually has a miniscule carbon footprint compared to many other forms of recreation. For instance, consider the emissions created by the cars that carry all the kids being individually driven to soccer on Saturday morning. Further, racing has motivated many people to pursue careers in the automobile industry. They’re now at Ford, General Motors and Chrysler making lighter, faster, safer and more efficient vehicles. In addition, the quality and durability of engine components continues to improve while their end-use costs drop. Mandated crate engines are fading in popularity, and the LS-based engine is on the verge of finding a home in stock car racing. We also need to be cautious about depending on the Internet as a sole means of information just because it is free. There are thousands of websites—many run by amateurs who are unwilling, untrained or simply too under-compensated to provide fact-based, researched content. Banner ads on these sites from established manufacturers lend them unearned and unjustified credibility.

Karl Fredrickson, Publisher Dick Berggren’s Speedway Illustrated Magazine


B&M Racing and Performance Products
Hurst Comp Stick Kit ’10+ Mustang
PN: 5388620

New Hurst chromed stick designed specifically with the proper bend to clear hot rods with bench seats and Hurst Competition/Plus
shifters installed.
















BBK Performance Inc.
85mm Power Plus Series
’11 Mustang GT Throttle Body

Direct bolt-on. Requires no tune. Complete with electronics. Adds 8–10 hp.


BBK Performance Inc.
CNC Series Tuned-Length Shorty Headers for the ’11 Mustang GT

Direct bolt-on. No tune required; 13/4-in. CNC mandrel-bent tubing; 3/8-in.-thick flanges available in chrome and ceramic coatings.


BBK Performance Inc.
Cold-Air Induction System for the
’11 Mustang GT

Direct bolt-on. No tune required. Show-chromed finish. CNC-machined aluminum mass-air/filter housing, washable high-flow filter. Adds 10–12 hp.


BD Diesel Performance
7.3L Turbo Thruster II

PN: 1047510 BD’s Turbo Thruster II for the Ford ’99.5–’03 7.3L Power Stroke provides a 40% increase in air flow with no compressor surging or choked-off turbine flow.

  BD Diesel Performance
Killer B Turbo
PN: 1045160

Designed for ’03–’07 Dodge 5.9L CR-diesels, the Killer B Turbo is a Borg Warner/BD-engineered match for engines developing from stock up to a 200hp increase.

  BBK Performance Inc.
Cold-Air Induction System for the
’11 Mustang V6

Show-chromed finish, high-flow washable filter. Direct bolt-on adds 8–10 hp.


BD Diesel Performance
6.0L Turbo Thruster II/Diverter Valve
PN: 1047070

Replaces stock Ford ’03–’07 6.0L Power Stroke variable-geometry turbochargers that are prone to sticking, causing poor response and low performance when adding electronic modules.

Dual-Caliper Brake Kit
714/693-1313, Ext. 236

Dual-caliper five-lug, two-piston rear disc brake conversion kit. Jamar’s billet five-lug rear disc brake.

  BGF Industries

Barracuda aluminized fiberglass fabric is moldable, strong, durable and lightweight like traditional high-performance fiberglass but has the flashy looks of woven steel. When transformed into an automotive composite part, Barracuda’s unique beauty and strength will make your product stand out from all the rest.

Billy Boat Performance Exhaust Porsche 997.2 Exhaust
PN: FPOR-0878 & FPOR-2535

Precision crafted from 100% T304 stainless steel, this bolt-on exhaust system not only gives a distinctive exhaust note, but it also provides increases in horsepower and torque.

  Best New Performance-Racing Runner-Up
BD Diesel Performance
Big Daddy Race Turbo/Diverter Valve
PN: 1404100

BD’s exclusive design turbine diverter valve provides racers with good low-engine rpm turbo response right through to peak operating rpm when using large single-race turbos.

  Bilstein Shock Absorbers
60MM Monotube HD Shock Absorber–Freightliner Trucks

A 60mm large-bore, heavy-duty monotube shock absorber for commercial class 1 through class 8 trucks and race car haulers.


Billy Boat Performance Exhaust Volkswagen MK6 GTi Exhaust 888/228-7435
PN: FPIM-0350/0351

Incorporating B&B’s proprietary PRT (Purge Resonance Technology), this turbo-back exhaust system emits a forceful note on hard acceleration yet a mild note at idle and
cruising speeds.

  Adaptronic Engine Management Select Mazda Miata NBB SE Plug-In ECU
PN: Select NBB

Piggyback plug-in for the Mazda Miata NBB. Controls boost (factory turbo) or VVT (infinitely variable). Full control of engine; factory ECU is retained for alternator and immobilizer. Also available for the Mazda RX8 and Miata NBA.

  ACT, Advanced Clutch Technology T1RR-H01
PN: T1RR-H01

The ACT Race twin-disc kit offers Honda enthusiasts a race-ready complete direct bolt-in kit that has holding capacity (770 lb.-ft. of torque).


Bilstein Shock Absorbers
Mustang II Coil-Over System

Ride-height adjustable aluminum-threaded body coil-over system for Mustang II frontends. Uses 46mm monotube construction.

  Bilstein Shock Absorbers
Modular Damping System–Porsche
GT3 (997)

Aluminum body coil-over monotube shock with an independent 10-way rebound and 10-way compression adjustable shaft. Shaft utilizes a 1:1 linear billet valving piston.

  BorgWarner Turbo Systems
AirWerks S400SX4
Performance Turbochargers


The BorgWarner-AirWerks S400SX4 turbo model group has been expanded to include compressor wheel sizes 76, 80, 82 and 88 mm. These additions give pro racers and the street tuner off-the-shelf availability of turbos that feature extended-tip technology for aero high efficiency and product performance.



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