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How ProPledge Works for 3dCarbon 

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SEMA News recently had the chance to catch up with well-respected manufacturer and ProPledge participant 3dCarbon. We spoke with the company’s vice president of sales and marketing, Ernie Bunnell, to learn a little more about its products and about how 3dCarbon is utilizing ProPledge’s benefits to differentiate itself from its competition. 

SEMA News: How has the ProPledge warranty assurance program benefited 3dCarbon?

Ernie Bunnell: Dealers and consumers want to know that the products they’re purchasing are backed by quality and service. ProPledge increases awareness of product quality and service.

SN: What primary benefit does ProPledge offer your segment of the industry?

EB: ProPledge raises the bar, creating a benchmark for all manufacturers to meet and increasing the confidence to the restyler/installer networks. It reinforces that there is a standard of excellence being backed by ProPledge.

SN: Are there any suggestions or ideas that you would like to offer about the current ProPledge program elements?

EB: Additional marketing support for ProPledge members that are directed to domestic car dealers and international

SN: How long has 3dCarbon been in business?

EB: 3dCarbon started in July of 2004. Our very first product was the Boy Racer Mustang kit for the ’05–’09 Mustang.


For more information and a detailed analysis of what ProPledge is and its benefits to most SEMA-member companies, visit the ProPledge website at or call 818/248-4449. 

SN: Could you cite some of the key trends 3dCarbon has helped to develop over the past six years?

EB: Our Boy Racer kit has been a huge success for us. It is a wide-body look for the ’05–’09 Mustang and the ’10–’11 model. We also have developed a wide range of small accessories, such as hood scoops and other items that are easily installed to create a uniquely different look from other vehicles and kits on the road today. 

SN: Where will future 3dCarbon growth and development be coming come from?

EB: Our growth will come from designing and manufacturing aerodynamic styling kits and accessories for a wide variety of vehicles, such as sport compacts, midsize vehicles and SUVs. The utilization of computer-aided design (CAD) and rapid prototyping will aid us in cost savings for development.

SN: What are the biggest challenges 3dCarbon sees in the future?

EB: Being able to design and create products as quickly as the opportunities arise and keeping development costs in line
with revenues.

SN: What are some of the most significant success stories within 3dCarbon’s business model?

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We have developed a unique process for designing and manufacturing very high-quality parts that are easy to install and easy to paint. The products we manufacture are regarded as the highest quality in the aftermarket.

SN: What do you do in your off time in the midst of what seems to be a pretty busy work schedule?

EB: I enjoy golfing, road biking and traveling with my family. I also have a ’69 Camaro Z28 that I am also wrenching on when time allows, even though I fully restored it years ago.

SN: What kind of vehicle are you driving currently?

EB: I drive a Lincoln MKX. It has our 3dCarbon body kit, and the size of the vehicle is perfect for me—not too big but still plenty of room. 

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