SEMA News - May 2010

Support California Lawmakers Who Support You!  

As a SEMA member, your membership renewal statement includes a request for support for SEMA’s California Political Action Committee (PAC). Whether you represent a homegrown California company, do business in the state or just want to provide for the industry’s continued success, we hope that you will consider making a contribution to this important effort.

Working with the California Legislature in recent years, SEMA has sought legislation to force California’s regulators to save vintage cars and parts from car-crusher scrappage programs; attempted to stop under-the-hood visual inspections for cars that have passed tailpipe tests; supported efforts to create favorable emissions system certification criteria for kit cars and replicas; and attempted to beat back legislation to repeal the state’s 30-year rolling emissions inspection exemption. SEMA also helped create a statewide exhaust-noise testing program that allows vehicle owners to prove compliance with the state’s 95-decibel limit.

“These critical accomplishments would not be possible without the hard work and perseverance of the California legislators who have taken up our banner time and time again and who need our support to ensure the industry’s continued viability,” said SEMA Vice President of Government Affairs Steve McDonald. “Their efforts have kept open markets for automotive specialty equipment and have enabled the creation of new markets to meet the demands of technological innovations.”

So the next time you open your member renewal letter, please consider making a contribution to this critical tool in our efforts to protect and grow the specialty automotive industry.


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