SEMA News - January 2010 

By Steve Campbell

First-Time Buyers Find What They Want 

SEMA NEWS-JANUARY 2010-EVENTS-PRODUCTSMarcel Mitchell, Spyder Performance,
Miramar, Florida

We do small-car and European car performance—basically all performance. We also do a little bodywork, such as wings. I’ve found quite a few things in the New Products Showcase that I can incorporate into my business, including everything from electric fans to rear-end supports. This is my first time to the SEMA Show, and the New Products Showcase is terrific. Instead of going through magazines to try to find what’s coming next, it’s already here.  


SEMA NEWS-JANUARY 2010-EVENTS-PRODUCTSBrian Lewis, Performance Electronics,
West Chester, Ohio
We build, design and install engine control products, and we’re looking for some people to supply some of the things that we don’t currently offer. We’re specifically looking for sensors, data logging, harnesses and wiring products. This is the first SEMA Show that we’ve been to, and it’s very good compared to some of the other racing shows that we’ve been to. The powersports products that we’ve seen have started us thinking about doing more in that industry as well. 


SEMA NEWS-JANUARY 2010-EVENTS-PRODUCTSLee Fulbright, Fulbright Shop,
Kim, Colorado

Our shop does general automotive, maintenance and mechanical work. We’re an independent garage in Kim, Colorado, so I’m looking for a combination of repair and performance products. I work on some hot rods and some foreign vehicles, so I’m hoping to find everything from suspension to engine parts. This is my first time at the SEMA Show, and I decided to start at the New Products Showcase. The name pretty much explains what it is, and new products are what I’m after.


SEMA NEWS-JANUARY 2010-EVENTS-PRODUCTSDaniel Nicholas, Daniel’s Total
Car Care, Phoenix, Arizona
We’re a tuning shop. We came here to see what the aftermarket world is going to be offering for the 2010 Camaro. I have a lot of customers who are asking about it already, and I came here to see if we could offer our customers a full line of upgrades for their Camaros. We’ve found a lot of products that we’re hoping to order and have drop-shipped. This is my first time to the SEMA Show, but I’ve seen everything online for the last three years.


SEMA NEWS-JANUARY 2010-EVENTS-PRODUCTSJacob Bell, The Muffler Doctor,
McMinniville, Oregon
We do bolt-on performance and muffler installations, and I’m looking for new exhaust products. Since this is my first time at the SEMA Show, I’m looking for anything that will help my company grow. I’ve seen some dual Cherry Bomb exhausts, some chambered exhaust systems, some digital mass air sensors—so many things that I can’t remember them all. I’m also looking for products that are environmentally friendly, the stuff that people are going to start turning toward. 


Hansville, Washington

We restore Sunbeam Tigers and hot rods, and I’m looking at everything that’s new. This is my first SEMA Show, and it’s overwhelming. I’m sure I’m going to find plenty of products here that I’ll be able to use in my business. I’m looking for everything from performance parts to suspensions. I’m starting with the New Products Showcase and looking for restoration and new/old/stock parts. 


SEMA NEWS-JANUARY 2010-EVENTS-PRODUCTSGregory Saure, Northern Muscle,
Reynolds, North Dakota
We’re a restoration shop that specializes in Corvettes, musclecars and pickups. It’s a hobby that turned into a business, and I’m looking for restoration parts. For instance,
I saw a new cab for early Chevy pickups, and we’ve also seen a number of different exhausts for high-performance applications. This is our first time here, and it’s all just terrific!



SEMA NEWS-JANUARY 2010-EVENTS-PRODUCTSJason Fennessey, Speedlife Motorsports,
Andover, Massachusetts
We specialize in Audi and Volkswagen parts. I’m looking around for tools or anything that I haven’t seen before, maybe some universal products that might fit our business. I’m looking for things that I can be the first to carry in my area for the import scene. This is my first time to the SEMA Show, and the New Products Showcase is very cool. I like the way it’s laid out by categories, and I’m amazed at all the things that I didn’t know about.  


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