SEMA News - December 2009

By Annie Kang

Online Communication Tool Provides Platform for Growth and Innovation

SEMA is continuing in its goal to help the specialty-equipment industry pave the way forward with a recently added member benefit: MySEMA, a social networking tool available on the SEMA website. MySEMA provides a platform for members to stay connected with their peers as well as receive the latest news and information about the industry.

MySEMA went live in late March of 2009, and while non-SEMA members can access certain features, such as the membership directory, to benefit from the full list of services, users must be logged in as an association member. With MySEMA, members may create and post individual profiles, including their contact information, onto the SEMA website. They can view other members’ profiles, including those of SEMA staff, and send and receive messages. Member companies can also post announcements under their profiles. In addition, members may join discussion forums where they can share the latest news and technology and open up topics for new ideas and innovation.

“SEMA recognized the need and importance of peer-to-peer communication, information sharing and networking,” said Tom Myroniak, SEMA vice president of marketing and market research. “We integrated community features into the website to enable members to communicate with other members.”

Members may search profiles by employees, groups or companies. The online directory allows members to find companies through product searches.

Members can personalize their MySEMA profiles by subscribing to a SEMA Interest. SEMA Interests are updates of the latest relevant news, events, resources and discussions from the SEMA community based on the member’s choice of query or topic. SEMA Interests allow members to monitor a developing SEMA eNews story, stay updated with news and events or keep up with a forum discussion—all filtered to the member’s personalized needs. Media information about government affairs, motorsports, educational opportunities and other sources can also be channeled to members based on their preferences.

MySEMA has been designed to improve the user capabilities of the individual on the SEMA website. Previously, the site was geared to the needs of companies at large, but now individual employees of a company create and manage their own profiles.

“MySEMA was designed to help individuals solve problems and find resources as efficiently as possible,” said Myroniak. “It was an answer to the complex diversity of our industry’s constituents. With the wide variety of programs and services SEMA offers, it’s become more difficult to deliver them to the right person at the right time.”

With MySEMA, members may access all educational content, including webinar downloads, free of charge. Market research reports and technology content are also available for free.

Members can access all the benefits of MySEMA by logging in with their SEMA user identification and password. Members who are not in SEMA’s database may register online.

“We’ve received a considerable amount of feedback. Members have shown an appreciation for the tools and changes we’ve implemented,” said Myroniak. “We’ve also received suggestions for improvement. As this is an innovative and collaborative process, we encourage members to give feedback so that can continue to deliver as many benefits as possible.”

For more information on MySEMA, e-mail Tom Myroniak at or visit

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