SEMA News - October 2009

100+ Products to Be Unveiled at the SEMA Show

New products are one of the key elements of the SEMA Show, and virtually every attendee to the Show takes the time to tour the New Products Showcase. But why wait? We’ve compiled more than 100 items that are confirmed for exhibit at the Show, so take a look at just some of what’s in store!



Magnetic “Light-Mine”
Booth Number 38063

Though not much smaller than a golf ball, the new Risk Racing® Magnetic “Light-Mine” is a powerful spotlight that can be used almost anywhere. It has an intensely bright wide-angle LED and 12 powerful rare earth (neodymium) magnets that allow users to stick it to any steel surface or rest it on any surface and aim the light toward the workspace at almost any angle. Because of its 12 rare earth magnets, it also works as a “pick up” tool for dropped screws, nails and hardware. Information: or call 704/658-9332.


Secretaudio SST
Booth Number 23975

Control your car’s hidden audio system from the palm of your hand. Secretaudio SST is the third generation of Custom Autosound’s hideaway audio system. The SST LCD display unit can be mounted almost anywhere and controlled by RF wireless remote from up to 40 feet away. This car audio system offers great flexibility for mounting in any type of vehicle. The main receiver/amplifier unit is usually hidden under the seat or behind the dash. The display measures only 5x2x¾ inches. Information: or call 714/773-1423.

Convenient Cutter Kit For Holemaking
Booth Number 12141

The Rotabroach® Annular Cutter Kit (Part No. 11090) makes holemaking in sheetmetal and plate stock more convenient. Packaged in a case that stores seven of the most widely used tool diameters, the annular cutters are ideal for use in general fabrication, maintenance and electrical applications, spotweld removal, restorations and automotive aftermarket installations. Each kit also includes an arbor assembly, extra pilot, center punch, washers and instructions on use. The Rotabroach Cutters can be used in hand-held electric drills and drill presses. Information: or call 810/635-7111.


Bullet Series Pistons
Booth Number 20638

Bullet Series pistons from CP Pistons are a new price-conscious product line devoted to high-performance applications and sportsman racers. These pistons are manufactured from 2618 alloy and utilize an “X” forging for added structural support, strength and durability. The new series of off-the-shelf pistons has many custom features and include all of the company’s engineering enhancements, including anti-detonation grooves, accumulator groove, pick lock grooves and double force-fed pin oilers with reservoir groove. Information: or call 949/567-9000.


MaxJax Auto Lift
Booth Number 12247

Dannmar Equipment has officially released the one-of-a-kind MaxJax automotive lift also known as the "ultimate garage lift." The patented MaxJax system is the only auto lift that is fully portable and stowable. It is a commercial grade, multi-vehicle, two-post lift, heralded by garage owners for its ability to fit easily in small garages and shops.The low-rise system has a lifitng capacity of 6,000 pounds yet features a maximum height of 89 inches when in use, and can be stowed in 2 square feet of space. Information:


Lift and Leveling Kits Available in Camouflage
Booth Number 34115

Daystar Products, a leading manufacturer of lift and leveling kits for trucks and SUVs, now offers many of its popular suspension products in a unique camouflage finish. These distinctive new accessories allow enthusiasts to customize the undercarriage of their vehicles with no hassle and with no impact on ride quality. Daystar’s new camouflage lift and leveling kits are available for several popular Dodge, Ford, and Jeep applications. These spacer kits feature a “natural” camouflage finish that is perfect for any outdoorsman. Information: or call 800/595-7659.

Shock Absorbers for Popular Leveling Kit Applications
Booth Number 34115

Daystar Products now offers a line of Scorpion performance shock absorbers available for several popular applications. Paired with Daystar’s Comfort Ride lift and leveling kits, Scorpion performance shock absorbers provide the “total package” for anyone who wants no-hassle, one-stop shopping when adding 2 to 3 inches of lift to their truck, Jeep or SUV. Daystar Scorpion Performance shock absorbers are specifically tuned for each vehicle application to ensure optimum performance. Information: or call 800/595-7659.

Booth Number 23520

DashDAQ XL is said to be the most versatile most powerful vehicle data acquisition device on the road. Users can monitor, modify and improve their driving experience today, combining all of their cluttered gauges into a touch-screen device that allows for up to 24 gauges on a single screen. With optional GPS navigation, media player, fuel economy calculator, read and clear DTCs and much more, the DashDAQ XL lets users see more, know more and do more than ever before. Information: or call 877/888-2534.


White Wall Wipes™ for White-Wall Tires
Booth Number 23781

With the world’s first wipe designed specifically for maintaining white-wall tires, users can quickly wipe their tires daily with White Wall Wipes™ from Detail Pro® Wipes and enjoy that just-cleaned look every day. The soft premium wipes are pre-moistened with a specially designed cleaning solution that removes brake dust and road grime to safety clean all white-wall tires. Consumers love the idea of being able to touch up and clean their tires anywhere without the need of a hose or bucket. Information: or call 866/272-0253.


HID Xenon Headlight Conversion Kit
Booth Number 12136

The patented JN-All-In-One HID headlight conversion kit from Guangzhou Jinnuo Electronics provides the ballast and bulb together. It is an easy-to-install, push-and-switch installation and offers low starting current to protect the bulb. It is waterproof, and the digital chip controlling and trailing circuit reduces interference. It offers an expected ballast life of 3,500 hours. Information: or call 86-20-85667277-803.


Cylinder Heads for Dome or Flat-Top Pistons
Booth Number 24529

EngineQuest® (EQ®), a leading supplier of new stock and performance cylinder heads, now offers its small-block Chevy performance cylinder head with a modified combustion chamber. The new combustion chamber is designed to accept either a flat-top or dome configured piston, allowing oval track and drag race engine builders even greater options in their quest for speed. The new EQ cylinder heads were developed for maximum power with minimum effort. Information: or call 800/426-8771.


OEM Dynamometer
Booth Number 20517

Dynocom Industries has released a heavy-duty OEM dynamometer to the public. The Dynocom DC-1250 has several product changes over the OEM dynamometer. The shaft sizes have been increased to 1.5 inches from the 1.25 inches that are standard. A larger eddy brake that is rated at 700 hp instead of 600 hp has been added in addition to X-Cut knurling and integrated tie-down electronic anchoring indication. These features allow the dyno to support higher speeds, higher torque/power, and increased repeatability. Information: or call 866/436-DYNO, Ext. 1102.

Zinc Replacement Additive
Booth Number 11758

Hy-Per Lube, a manufacturer of high-performance lubrication products for over 50 years, announces the availability of Hy-Per Lube Zinc Replacement Additive (ZRA). The EPA and OEM engine manufacturers have instructed motor oil companies to reduce the levels of zinc dialkyldithiophosphate (ZDDP) in their oil. When added to any motor oil, Hy-Per Lube ZRA is said to provide up to two times the EP wear protection over high-content ZDDP motor oils and is safe for use in all engines, even those with catalytic converters. Information:

         Billet-Aluminum Upper Control Arm System
Booth Number 32173

ICON Vehicle Dynamics is proud to announce the release of its billet-aluminum upper control arm system for 2007 to current Toyota Tundras. These control arms are said to enhance the handling and articulation of the Tundra’s suspension. They are constructed of 6061 aluminum and are CNC machined for precise suspension geometry. The Teflon-lined uniball bearings installed in the arms articulate more than the stock ball joint and are more durable. Information: or call 951/272-ICON.


Performance Series 2.0 Rear Mono-Tube Shock
Booth Number 32173

ICON Vehicle Dynamics is proud to release another new edition to its coil-over line for the 2009 to current Ford F-150. These adjustable coil-over shocks are said to provide added performance and ride height, not only increasing the handling and performance of the vehicle but increasing clearance for 33-inch tall tires. The shocks feature nitro-steel shafts that will not chip or rust like chrome shafts and come with a 250 psi nitrogen-charged internal reservoir. Information: or call 951/272-ICON.


Multi-Use Tool Tests Circuits, Fuses and More
Booth Number 12146

InventHelp® introduces Megatester®, a unique flashlight that can also test unenergized electrical circuits.The Megatester® is said to be a safe, basic way to test circuits, switches, fuses, cords, circuit breakers, trace wires, run tests for bad grounds and much more. The product helps to quickly and easily solve electrical problems. It tests tools, appliances, autos, boats, recreational vehicles, motor homes, campers, trailers and many more items. The Megatester® works on 3-, 6-, 12- and 24-, 110- and 200-volt unenergized circuits. Information: or call 800/851-6030.

Purpose-Built Race Suit
Booth Number 23059

Designed for safety, durability and comfort, the purpose-built race suit by MasterCraft is constructed from the highest-quality materials available. The suit features Nomex fire-retardant material on the upper half and Nomex IIIA material on the lower half of the one-piece suit. Providing maximum breathability and moisture wicking, the material is durable and provides exceptional flame protection. The suit is SFI 3.2A/5 fire rated and exceeds all stated SFI specifications and is constructed with an exceptional level of unrivaled craftsmanship. Information: or call 800/565-4042.


Motorcycle Dryer Crosses Over to Auto Enthusiasts
Booth Number 11629

Several years ago, The Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner Company introduced a new concept in forced-air drying technology. Metro says that its Air Force® Blaster® has become the world’s best-known, best-selling motorcycle dryer brand. The same attributes that make these units such great motorcycle dryers also makes them great car dryers, especially the top-of-the-line Master Blaster®. Owners of exotics, restored classics, show-quality rods and customs with pricey paint jobs are most impressed with the “touchless” aspect of forced-air car drying. Information: or call 800/822-1602.

Hand Vac
Booth Number 11629

Featuring an incredibly powerful 4.5-amp, 500-watt motor, Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner Company’s new Metropolitan 500 hand vac delivers a level of automotive cleaning performance that actually parallels many fullsize systems. The extraordinary power of the new 500-watt motor is immediately apparent as it torques to life with a smooth, turbine-like whine. The Metropolitan 500 hand vac (VM4BS500) sports an elegant, stainless finish, hot-looking “retro” styling and is being offered with three different attachment packages at corresponding price points. Information: or call 800/822-1602.

         Five-Channel Amplifier
Booth Number 10639

Earthquake Sound engineers have designed what they say is the most powerful five-channel amplifier yet—the TD5. It offers a max output of 3,000 watts in a more economical amplifier that can fit the space, budget and power of any system. The TD5 is equipped with five RCA inputs for two front speakers, two back speakers and a subwoofer. However, the TD5 can easily accommodate two, three, or four RCA inputs. If used with only four RCA inputs, the bass is jumped to the rear RCAs. Information: or call 800/576-7944.


Cargo Carrier
Booth Number 31087

The Ginko carrier is crafted from anodized extruded aluminum alloy material and features universal fit for all vehicles with cross bars. Its maximum carry weight is 150 pounds. Various sizes are available, and custom sizes are available upon request. Drivers can make their roofs useful with a Ginko carrier for more carrying capacity. Information: or call +886-7-2513336.

         SWS-8XI Speakers
Booth Number 10639

Earthquake Sound is proud to present one of the most talked about products in BMW blogs, the SWS-8XI. Originally designed to replace BMW factory speakers, the SWS-8XI has undergone major improvements. The SWS-8XI uses aluminum flat wire in order to achieve its light weight and faster response. The SWS-8XI’s 2W impedance allows the use of a much stronger subwoofer, increasing the sound level. Earthquake Sound is the original inventor of the Shallow Woofer System (SWS) that produces a lot of bass from small spaces. Information: or call 800/576-7944.

Fifth-Gen Camaro Single-Nozzle System
Booth Number 23351

Nitrous Express has combined performance, quality and easy installation in this new nitrous system engineered specifically for the 2010 Camaro. This system includes an Autolearn TPS switch, which allows the nitrous to activate only at wide-open throttle. A direct-plug-in fuel line adapter is provided to simplify installation (no need to cut factory fuel lines). The system also includes Lightning-series fuel and nitrous solenoids, the patented Shark nozzle, a nozzle adapter, a 10-pound nitrous bottle with the new Lightning 45 bottle valve and more. Information: or call 940/767-7694.

         Ford-Licensed Caliper Covers
Booth Number 12014

MGP Caliper Covers has launched new Ford-licensed products. Ford Mustang covers will have the official Mustang lettering behind the front wheels and the famous bar and pony in the rear wheels. An optional GT logo will also be provided for the rear wheels. Specialty Mustangs such as Cobra, Mach 1 and GT 500 will also be available, and Ford trucks and SUV covers will sport the Ford logo. MGP Caliper Covers enhance the look behind the wheel with a simple bolt on solution. Information: or call 619/754-4099.


Welding and Cutting Equipment
Booth Number 23813

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. plans to offer special Show discounts and hands-on demonstrations of its newest generation of MIG welding, TIG welding and plasma cutting equipment at the 2009 SEMA Show. Discount details will not be released until Show time. Miller encourages even visitors who’ve never welded before to “get under the hood” and try the company’s newest products, which will be set up for demonstration purposes. To learn more, visit Miller at booth 23813 in the Racing & Performance pavilion. Information: or call 800/426-4553.

         5/16 and 8mm Fuel Rail Adapters
Booth Number 23351

Nitrous Express says that it has solved another problem! Installing a nitrous system on a late-model EFI vehicle can be a hassle if you don’t have one of the new NX high-flow fuel taps. These high-flow adaptors make the chore of tapping factory fuel systems safe and easy. No cutting or drilling, just a quick, easy install that takes only minutes, and each high-flow adaptor has dual outlets for multiple uses. Works on 5/16 and 8mm fuel lines. Information: or call 940/767-7694.

Progressive Nitrous Controller
Booth Number 23351

Nitrous Express says that its Maximizer 3 nitrous control will progressively control one or two separate stages of nitrous based on rpm, time or throttle percentage. The throttle percentage feature allows the user to “pedal” the car in the event of wheel spin. Nitrous flow smoothly increases and decreases as the throttle is worked. The Max 3 is also compatible with a Davis Technologies traction control module to progressively reduce nitrous flow when wheel spin is detected and restore flow as traction is regained. Information: or call 940/767-7694.


Steering Angle Sensor Alignment Reset
Booth Number 45017

More than 10 million vehicles on the road require a steering angle sensor (SAS) reset after alignment service. CodeLink directly connects Hunter’s WinAlign alignment system to the vehicle’s OBD-II to recalibrate the SAS to match the final alignment angles and complete the alignment. CodeLink integrates into Hunter’s WinAlign alignment systems to work quickly and easily with the software’s simplified and standardized procedures. One CodeLink tool replaces multiple OE calibration tools that cost thousands of dollars each, not including software maintenance and training. Information: or call 314/731-3020, ext. 443.


Ignition Control
Booth Number 23129

MSD Ignition has been firing performance and race engines since 1970. To celebrate the company’s 40 years of ignition experience, MSD will be offering a limited-edition 6AL ignition control. This commemorative ignition control features the classic MSD ignition logo cast into the familiar red housing. Of course, it includes the high-energy capacitive discharge multiple sparks that made MSD the choice of performance enthusiasts. There will only be 4,000 of these units made—plus they come with a limited lifetime warranty. Information: or call 915/857-5200.

         Nissan/Infinity Dual-Nozzle Nitrous With Bottle
Booth Number 23351

Nitrous Express has combined performance, quality and easy installation in this new nitrous system engineered specifically for Nissans and Infinities. This system includes an Autolearn TPS switch, which allows the nitrous to activate only at wide-open throttle. A direct-plug-in fuel line adapter is provided to simplify installation, and the system includes Lightning-series fuel and nitrous solenoids, two Shark nozzles, two nozzle adapters, a 10-pound nitrous bottle and more. Fits late-model Nissans and Infinities, including 350Z, 370Z, G35 and G37s. Information: or call 940/767-7694.


Embedded FlowBench
Booth Number 21027

The Embedded FlowBench is the latest product development from Performance Labs LLC. It is a novel tuning aid designed to give performance enthusiasts critical information about engine air flow, enabling consumers to measure the effects of performance-enhancing engine modifications. It uses patented technology to measure signals from existing engine sensors, calculate engine airflow in real time and display the results for the user. Data is also logged in the meter and is downloadable via common USB flash drives. All logged parameters can be viewed in the included software. Information: or call 812/360-2309.


Booth Number 33200

Atomic Axle’s innovative designs represent a leap forward in the development of cutting-edge axles for today’s off-road vehicles. The patented arched steel housing provides 7 inches greater clearance than a stock Dana 60, while 35-spline chrome-moly axle shafts provide unrivaled strength. In the new Atomic axle, world-class ground clearance and state-of-the-art manufacturing have combined to deliver a new standard in performance and off-road prowess. Information: or call 877/758-9998.


Orange Programmable Sensor System (OPSS)
Booth Number 45073

The OPSS concept is to replace a new sensor with same ID as the broken sensor. After replacing a new sensor on the tire, the shop finishes the process and the car owner drives home. The benefits of OPSS include no need to do the relearn process as the new sensor has same ID; no need to trigger a new sensor as the ECU knows it already; no need to buy a super expensive OBD tool. Information: or call +886-4-25388086.

         Racing-Inspired Furniture
Booth Number 24888

Intro-Tech Automotive’s racing inspired furniture and accessories are engineered for motoring enthusiasts and business professionals. Each piece is manufactured using the latest techniques and highest quality components. The chair features an embossed high-performance tire-tread armrest, height-adjustable metal shocks, ergonomic lumbar support system, aluminum shifter knob, coil-over spring suspension and brake caliper. All PitStop furniture is sold with Intro-Tech Automotive Incorporated’s lifetime warranty. Information: or call 866/319-8500.

Quick-Disconnect Coupler
Booth Number 12724

The recent introduction of the new PS1 Safety coupler has revolutionized the quick-disconnect coupler industry, says Prevost Corporation. There is nothing like it in the industry, and the ease of use, safety and big increase in performance have created a huge demand for this product, which won Motor magazine’s top 20 tool award as well as the “Rudy” award for the best tool in the safety category from Professional Tools & Equipment. Information: or call 800/845-7220.


Interchangeable Trailer Ball System
Booth Number 31167

Premier Trailer Towing Products announces the release of Ball Swappers, a patented stainless-steel, interchangeable trailer ball system. Professional contractors, landscapers, farmers and discerning consumers who have multiple trailer applications will find Ball Swappers a priceless accessory. With three available post diameters and ratings up to 12,000 pounds (Class V), there are trailer balls to fit any application. Ball Swappers are uniquely designed to allow tool-free exchange of trailer ball sizes for the life of the purchaser. Information: or call 507/402-5499.


Sprint Booster
Booth Number 22582

Sprint Booster is engineered to enhance the driving experience by providing increased acceleration time (eliminating delay) on drive-by-wire VWs and Audis (1999 and up) by continuously measuring and converting the digital signal and providing the electronic control module with a new and altered signal for much quicker response. Sprint Booster is said to improve response, increase pedal input sensitivity and deliver more impressive off-the-line performance. Its simple plug-n-play installation takes just a few minutes and delivers instant response throughout the power band, making accelerating and rev-matching incredibly more fun. Information: or call 877/225-5577.


Micro-Glass Technology Now Available in Consumer Oil Filters
Booth Number 22813

Commercial fleets use advanced micro-glass oil filters to extend the life of heavy-duty trucks and equipment. These high-tech oil filters use special synthetic glass microfibers about 10 times smaller than conventional cellulose filter fibers to provide superior filtration. High-performance lubricant manufacturer Royal Purple is now bringing this technology to the consumer market. Royal Purple new high-performance oil filters combine advanced micro-glass technology and high capacity with optimized flow characteristics for maximum performance and filter life. Information: or call 281/354-8600.


Wipers Eliminate Bugs, Mud, Rain and Road Slime
Booth Number 32141

Scrublade says that advanced, state-of-the art technology removes bugs, road grime and dirt from the windshield. Scrublade’s patented, advanced technology utilizes two blades to provide a clean, bug-free view of the road ahead. The secret is the hundreds of tiny triangular “scrubbers” on the leading edge of the two outer blades. The tip of each triangle pierces the debris and, as it passes through and widens to the base, the triangle breaks it apart, literally “scrubbing” your windshield clean. Information: or call 951/642-2625.

         Big Brake Kits
Booth Number 22387

Trophy Sport big brake kits from StopTech feature the four- or six-piston Trophy ultra-lightweight caliper with patented bridge. StopTech Trophy calipers are engineered to provide up to a 17% reduction in weight from StopTech ST calipers, depending on application, without sacrificing stiffness or performance. The Sport edition features newly developed silicone rubber dust seals around each piston to prevent debris from damaging internal features. The kits also include the company’s patented AeroRotor and AeroHat, both engineered to increase airflow for better cooling and performance. Information: or call 310/933-1100.


Custom Tuning for the 2010 Camaro
Booth Number 22951

SCT Performance LLC announced the release of its updated General Motors custom tuning package. The updated General Motors tuning package adds custom tuning support for most 2009 General Motors cars and light-duty trucks, including the hot new 2010 Camaro V8. Using SCT’s Advantage III custom tuning software and a GM X3 Power Flash programmer, SCT dealers who purchase the updated GM custom tuning package can now offer custom tuning for a wider range of General Motors products. Information: or call 407/774-2447

         Performance Brake Pads
Booth Number 22387

StopTech street performance brake pads are said to be engineered to meet the demands of high-performance driving situations while maintaining their ability to work in normal driving conditions. The first full line of brake pads from StopTech combines the benefits of premium street brake pads with aggressive friction formulas suitable for light track use. StopTech street performance brake pads utilize para-aramid composites to deliver optimum stopping performance over a wide temperature range and are specially formulated to deliver linear response in both cold and hot conditions. Information: or call 310/933-1100.


Wrench Accessory
Booth Number 12755

TR Tools LLC is proud to introduce its new Tite-Reach wrench accessory for accessing those “tite,” hard-to-reach spots when loosening or tightening nuts and bolts, saving time and frustration. When used in conjunction with a 3/8-inch drive and socket set or impact wrench (maximum 400 pounds), this new patent-pending design extends out from the nut/bolt to give the drive a greater degree of arc, allowing the user to finish the job in less time. The Tite-Reach is built to withstand even the toughest jobs. Information: or call 866/721-9399.

         Bore Brush Sets
Booth Number 20563

Superior Transmission Parts Inc. announces The Bench Buddy. “Every one who sees the Bench Buddy for the first time immediately thinks back to all the times that they’ve had to wrap emery cloth around a stick or coat hanger and tried to clear, clean or polish a blind hole, bore or tube,” said Bob White, an ASE certified technician and developer of the Bench Buddy. “The most common remark we hear from mechanics when they see the Bench Buddy is, ‘Why wasn’t this invented long ago?’” Information: or
call 800/451-3115.


Leading Edge Rust Control
Booth Number 11954

The Defender-Plus corrosion module is a patented electromagnetic device that can be installed in a new or used vehicle for the specific purpose of helping to prevent rust. TPI Inc. says that the Defender-Plus module uses singular, alternating current technology that has been proven to be up to 99.7% effective in reducing corrosion during independent, rigorously controlled scientific experiments conducted by leading scientists from world-class laboratories. Defender-Plus is not only ecological but also represents the leading edge of technology and the ultimate in proven protection. Information: or call 800/956-4197.


Tool Box and Truck Cover
Booth Number 32179

Truck Covers USA introduces the new 2009 American X-Box. Line-X protective coating adds the protection of Line-X Xtra, a spray-on urethane coating fortified with DuPont Kevlar to this American work cover version. The Line-X permanently bonds to the top-of-the-line tool box inside and out, providing a weather-tight seal to protect against extreme heat, cold, moisture, abrasion and rust. The increased tensile strength rating makes the American X-Box resistant to scratches, gouges and punctures for a tool box and truck cover that really works. Information: or call 858/622-9135


Cargo Carrier
Booth Number 31087

Compacto carriers are crafted from A3 steel with powder-coated finish. They are available in universal fits for all vehicles with cross bars and can carry up to 150 pounds. Various sizes available, and custom sizes are available upon request. Drivers can make their roofs useful with a Compacto carrier for more carrying capacity. Information: or call +886-7-2513336.

         DVR Solution
Booth Number 10252

The Hermes MVR from Witness Technology LLC is the ultimate DVR solution platform technology in the automobile industry. The compact unit yields 4+1 DVR channels in a modular rearview mirror and can be retrofitted onto existing factory rearview mirrors in any automobile. It provides onsite, real-time, multi-channel recording and is patented in three continents. Hermes MVR allows for custom integration of up to four video inputs and suits the needs of law enforcements, emergency responders, fleet cars, taxi, limos, racer car drivers and everyday end users. Information: or call 847/829-1875.


Wheel Visualizer
Booth Number 48049

Vrimz offers a simple and easy-to-use tool to allow customers to visualize a new set of wheels right on a photo of their actual car. This simple tool lives on the retailer’s own website and showcases all of the wheels in stock. In most cases, new wheels are added by the manufacturers themselves, so updates could not be simpler. Salespeople can take a photo of the customer’s car and then, in as little as one minute, show the customer the different wheels available. Information:


OK Spark Plug Sensor
Booth Number 12655

The OK Spark sparkplug sensor is a sturdy, handheld sparkplug and maintenance diagnostic tool that “sees” inside the cylinder head to look for an electrical arc, verifying that the plug is igniting—while under compression. The time-saving, innovative tool detects both voltage and spark without having to remove the sparkplug. Using the company’s exclusive Plasma Energy Event Recognition (PEER) patented technology, the OK Spark sparkplug sensor checks and diagnoses sparkplug firing. Information: or call 866/657-7275.


Waterless Car Care
Booth Number 12052

Splendor Carwash, an eco-friendly company, introduces a revolutionary line of waterless car care products that deliver professional detailing results. The company says that all of its products are biodegradable, non-toxic and hypoallergenic and that users can save time, money and water while maintaining the maximum value of their vehicles. Splendor says that it’s good for you, your wallet and your car and for the environment. Information: or call 619/886-5440.


2005-2010 Mustang Rear Window Louver
Booth Number 11462

These aluminum rear window louvers provide protection from the sun and keep the vehicle interior cooler on hot summer days, and they provide privacy without compromising visibility. An ABS louver is also available in a UV-resistant, textured black or smooth finish that can be painted. A ready-to-install, no-drill stainless mounting plate allows for a flush fit and can still be easily removed to clean the glass, when needed. Willpak applications go back to the mid-1960s for Mustangs, Camaros, Challengers, other cars and even trucks. Information: or call 905/827-2357.


Mechanic’s Creeper
Booth Number 12646

The Tail Bone is the new 100% American creeper seat from the manufacturer of the Bone line of mechanics’ creepers. It features large, 5-inch-diameter wheels that roll over shop clutter, air hoses, drop cords and rough surfaces with ease. The seat is big enough for just about any size user. The Tail Bone will be offered in a number of different heights, from a standard 13.5-inch creeper seat height to a 24-inch shop stool height and beyond. Who says functional has to be boring? Be the first on your block to get some Tail Bone. Information: or call 800/266-3321.

         Online E-Commerce Package for Custom Wheels and Tires
Booth Number 42075

AutoWare Technologies is proud to announce the release of its new eCommerce Package for its successful NextWheels Online program. Customers can now buy custom wheels and tires directly through the NextWheels Online program after they have visually previewed exactly how the wheels and tires will look on their vehicle. With a simple click of the “purchase” button, the selected wheels and tires are added directly to the retailer’s existing shopping cart, giving retailers the instant response that today’s consumers demand. Information: or call 877/230-9695.


Ratcheting, Retractable Line Wrench
Booth Number 12759

Riggio Innovations introduces its patent-pending ratcheting, retractable line wrench with interchangeable socket inserts—an advanced alternative to traditional line wrenches. Slotted sockets fit over the line and onto the nut to tighten or loosen in a true ratcheting fashion, eliminating slippage. The closed socket is especially useful in blind or hard-to-reach areas. There is also a slot to accommodate a torque wrench, rated at 30 ft/lbs. Once finished, remove the wrench from the nut with one-handed ease by pulling back the external button, which engages the retracting mechanism. Information:


Lighted Open-End Wrench Set
Booth Number 12818

Hi:Beam, a brand of Bossco International, and an industry leader in all-in-one portable illuminators, announces its newest state-of-the-art product. The patent-pending Hi:Beam lighted open-end wrench set allows users to complete any project even in the tightest and darkest spaces. Each wrench has a recessed LED light on both open ends with three light options—low beam, high beam and emergency flashing. Set includes 14 options with seven double-ended wrenches in both metric and standard measurements. Rechargeable unit plugs into 110V socket. Information: or call 866/933-2595.


Line Truck Beds With Quality Wood
Booth Number 23082

Bed Wood And Parts has developed a BedWood™ kit that will outfit any modern truck with the quality and good looks of wood. The RetroLiner is available for most pickups, SUVs, crossovers and the musclecar-era El Camino and Ranchero. The complete system requires only one tool (included) and requires no cutting or drilling. The RetroLiner converts any metal truck bed into a classic and durable wood surface without damage to the original steel. Each RetroLiner kit is custom built and precision cut. Information: or call 714/666-1999.

         Combo Ground Light Bar
Booth Number 23526

Delta Tech Industries is proud to announce the Delta Scout-Bar with forward camera, an update to the company’s popular combo ground light bar for Jeep Wrangler and trucks. In addition to housing two Xenon driving lights, two Xenon fog lights and two Xenon rock crawling lights, the bar now comes standard with super-bright LED turn lights. Another new feature is the front-mounted camera, which is permanently installed within a sealed watertight housing unit, providing surveillance of the front surface normally not visible while climbing. Information: or call 714/577-8028.


Leather Renovation
Booth Number 12231

Auto dealers, collision repair shops, car washes and detailers can remove cracks, scratches, stains, color transfer and completely re-color (even with a different shade) automotive leather seats using OEM leather technology. Maximize the value of your customers’ cars; restore their seats to luxurious, like-new condition. Automotive leathers are originally made with Fenice technology. You can now get the original colors and topcoats that surpass the severe physical specifications required by the automotive industry, with an easy application method. Information: E-mail

         Toyota Tundra Fiberglass Light Bumper
Booth Number 33172

Ansani Designs offers a fiberglass front bumper insert for 2007-current Toyota Tundras. It’s a direct replacement for the factory urethane piece. The Ansani Designs insert includes three molded light pods for 8-inch KC Rally 800 auxiliary lights. For strength, construction is from hand-laid-in-America uni-directional fiberglass. The Tundra inserts are shipped in a primer-ready gelcoat. Ansani Designs also offers optional hydro-printing in patterns ranging from carbon fibers to metal finishes to wood grains. Information: or call 480/323-0504.


LED Jeep Flares, Grille and Cowl Hood
Booth Number 33172

Ansani Designs introduces high-profile front fender flares, grille and a replacement hood for 2007-current Jeep JK Wranglers. Made from composite material, the direct-replacement flares and grille feature integrated Rigid Industries LED light bars. The flares, 6 inches wider than stock, feature a single 6-inch Rigid E-Series LED bar; the production grille will have a single 20-inch LED bar. Ansani Designs replacement hood (not shown) features a wide, low-profile scoop. Information: or call 480/323-0504.

         Yamaha Rhino LED Hood Scoop
Booth Number 33172

Ansani Designs offers a fiberglass hood scoop/auxiliary light pod for the Yamaha Rhino. The scoop houses a 10-inch Rigid Industries E-Series bar-style LED light. Made from hand-laid fiberglass, the scoop is shipped in paint-ready gelcoat, or Ansani Designs can apply hydrographic prints ranging from multiple camo patterns to carbon fibers to animal hides to $100 bills. Rhino fiberglass speaker pods will also be introduced at the SEMA Show. Information: or call 480/323-0504.


High-Zinc Conventional Oil For Classic Cars and Historic Racers
Booth Number 20949

Joe Gibbs Driven now offers its high-zinc formula Hot Rod Oil in both conventional and synthetic versions. Joe Gibbs Driven Hot Rod Oil delivers
outstanding cam wear protection as well as unique storage protection for street rods, restorations and vintage racers. Joe Gibbs Driven Hot Rod Oil features higher levels of ZDDP and rust inhibitors to protect engines during extreme operating conditions as well as extended periods of storage, and it does not need any aftermarket additives. Information: or call 866/611-1820.

         Moab Explorer
Booth Number 30113

Introducing the Moab Explorer, a 2008 Chevy Silverado crew cab short bed customized for those who love the outdoors. This beefed up Desert Brown jewel is equipped with just about all the features you could possibly want accompanying you on your off-road exploration, including BedSlide’s Classic Weatherdeck, which is designed for all traditional pickups (non-Avalanche/EXT). Constructed with welded steel, four sealed roller bearings, three locking positions with new Squeeze handle, powder-coated finish, and aluminum side rails, accessing and organizing gear and tools is almost too easy. Information: or call 888/807-0099.


Blazing After-Image Effect
Booth Number 11752

The Fantasma Owl from Shiniest Industries is a programmable LED lighting system that attaches to a vehicle’s wheel. When the wheel rotates, the product creates animated full-color images of characters using “photogene effect.” The product can show an eye-catching “Blazing After-Image Effect” on the wheels of the moving vehicle. The vehicle owner can show his/her individuality, but it also serves as a great platform for commercial usage, sales promotion and advertising. Users can design their own images and change them as they wish using customized software. Information: or
call 02-2377-4175.


Mobile Laptop Stands
Booth Number 11752

The Mobotron from Shiniest Industries is an in-car laptop stand for mobile computing. The Mobotron has three series for different users. The MS-525F offers a heavy-duty telescoping stand with sure-grip laptop deck and USB cooling fan. The MS-434 provides an easy-hold laptop deck that is said to be ideal for easy mounting and removing of a laptop. A user friendly practical stand great for small/medium size vehicles. And the MS-323 offers a quick-release ball clamping system for mini-size PCs measuring 6.5 to12 inches. Information: or call 02-2377-4175.

Super-Duty Antifreeze
Booth Number 21225

Be Coolant from Be Cool is an extended-life, super-duty coolant and antifreeze. Be Coolant features a new-generation, earth-friendly biodegradable propylene-glycol formula that protects cooling systems and aluminum components down to 26 degrees below zero (F). The company says that Be Coolant provides 300,000 miles of extended coolant protection for all performance and severe-duty applications, including American, European and Asian high-performance cars as well as diesel-powered tow vehicles and RVs. Additionally, Be Coolant features a self-sealing capability for sealing hairline cracks in aluminum engine blocks and cylinder heads. Information: or call 800/691-2667.

         Truck Bed Seating
Booth Number 33162

BedRyder Inc. is truck bed seating that is useful for getting everyone to the lake, campsite, desert, hunting or fishing spot in one vehicle and tailgating before the game. According to the company, BedRyder is the only removable truck bed seating device that meets federal safety standards for passenger seating, and it works with or without truck bed shells or toppers. BedRyder is removable in seconds and fits both compact and fullsize trucks. It is legal in all 50 states, though some states do have stipulations for use. Information: or call 770/846-9067.

Windshield Scratch Polishing Kit
Booth Number 34032

The CRL scratch polishing kit from C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. is a low-priced, lightweight, portable tool capable of removing light surface scratches from automobile windshields, the company says. It can also be used to polish out rubs, fine lines, stains and discoloration on mirrors or glass of any kind. Operating on 110 volts AC, the CRL scratch polisher is well balanced for smooth action. Included in the kit is a Makita vertical polisher with variable speed (600–2,000 rpm), a rubber back-up pad, spanner wrench, side handle, polishing head and 1 pound of Cerium Oxide. Information: or call 800/421-6144.

         High-Speed Flaring Tools
Booth Number 24522

BrakeQuip has introduced high-speed flaring tools, BQ350 and BQ351, allowing users to produce professional tube flares by simply dialing and activating the required operation, the company said. The BrakeQuip flaring tool produces single and double flares to SAE and DIN standards on any 3/16- to ½-inch light-walled tubing. Product features include punch turrets that have OP-1 and OP-2 punches positioned side by side; cam-lever operation; automatic punch extraction; a smooth die channel that does not mark tube; and it comes in a rugged plastic case. Information: or call 805/251-9193.

Windshield Saver Kit
Booth Number 34032

The C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. windshield saver kit helps to simplify windshield restoration for stone-damaged windshields and is available in single application and five-application fleet packs. The kit uses a two-part epoxy compound to repair windshields; the compound hardens and bonds to fill chip crevices, preventing radial cracks. There is no drilling required, the company says, so application is easy and effective on a wide range of pit types. The clear epoxy will not affect visibility and restores the windshield to nearly new condition. Information: or call 800/421-6144.

         Portable Battery Box With Built-In Six-Stage Smart Charger
Booth Number 33205

ARK Corporation has developed the patented Powerpack. The user simply places a 12V battery into the Powerpack, and it converts the ordinary battery into a multi-function portable power source. Powerpack provides the flexibility to use up to a 130Ah deep-cycle battery and incorporates a six-stage smart charger designed to charge, condition, maintain and prolong the life of the battery. There is also a battery-condition LED monitor, a keyed battery isolator and an input/output accessory port for operating any 12V appliances. Information: or call +61 2 9678 9036.


Heated Urethane Adhesive
Booth Number 34032

The C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. Powr Bond heated urethane adhesive is specially formulated as a safe, fast alternative to room-temperature-applied, one-component urethanes, the company says. The heated urethane accelerates the curing of the material when heated first in a urethane oven. This provides fast and safe driving-release times for customers who demand their vehicle back quickly—as little as 30 minutes when used on vehicles without a passenger-side air bag; two hours with passenger air bag at 15°F (-9.4°C) and 25% relative humidity. Information: or call 800/421-6144.

         TPMS Re-Learn Tool
Booth Number 40215

Bartec USA LLC’s Tech400 plus TPMS re-learn tool programs the TPMS sensor IDs to Asian vehicles that require this complex OBD process. The Tech400 plus is a sensor-activation and scan tool in a single package, making it easy and fast to operate. The Tech400 plus utilizes a sensor programming process based upon those developed by Bartec and used in assembly-plant operations. The Tech400 plus features an OBD cable connection and an easy-to-navigate menu and offers market-leading vehicle coverage, including Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Hyundai. Information: or call 866/407-8767.


Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover
Booth Number 31055

TruXedo Inc. is proud to introduce the Edge, a soft roll-up tonneau cover that offers great looks and quality at a competitive price. With an easy, no-drill, clamp-on installation, it is on the truck in under 20 minutes. TruXedo says that the Edge’s design improves the appearance of any truck, with an aerodynamic arched back that meets the tailgate for a smooth look. It features tension control, which adjusts in seconds to keep the cover tight and taut, and has superior hook-and-loop
fastening for maximum sealing. Information: or call 605/664-9336.


Backup Light Bar
Booth Number 23526

Delta Tech Industries is proud to announce the Delta Rear Twin-Cam Bar, an update to its backup light bar for trucks and SUVs. In addition to housing two powerful 55W Xenon flood backup lights, the bar now comes equipped with super-bright LED stop and turn lights. Delta is also offering an optional reverse-activated backup camera mounted inside the bar, giving the driver a new level of visibility when reversing in tight places or parking. An optional monitor includes a 7-inch TFT LCD screen and a stand-alone rearview mirror. Information: or call 714/577-8028.


Ball Mounts
Booth Number 34101

Curt Manufacturing announces the launch of the Euro Mount. This new line of stylish and intelligent mounts, inspired by European design, will initially include five different configurations, each offered with a 2-inch or 1-7/8-inch permanently attached trailer ball. The durable carbide black powdercoat finish adds to the look and provides excellent corrosion resistance. All Curt Class 1 and 2 receivers currently include a ball mount. Now customers will have the option to choose a standard mount or Euro Mount with these hitches. Information: or call 715/831-8713.


Receiver Caddy
Booth Number 32094

The DU-HA receiver caddy is designed to hold ball mounts in the bed of pickup trucks and the rear cargo area of SUVs. The heavy-duty receiver caddy is constructed of fiberglass-reinforced nylon and is designed to hold two standard ball mounts, with room for trailer balls and hitch pins in the base. The lockable pin mechanism helps prevent theft as well as providing a safe storage area and reducing the risk of flying projectiles. Information: or call 218/998-3842.


Canted Four-Bar Rear Suspension
Booth Number 23085

Chassisworks’ g-Bar/g-Link system for ‘60s and ‘70s Ford/Mercury and GM musclecars is a canted four-bar rear suspension conversion that offers superior handling and ride characteristics, the company says. The system can be outfitted with VariShock adjustable coil-overs and a selection of spring rates or ShockWave air suspension for an in-the-weeds stance at the push of a button. Some applications require minor chassis modifications to facilitate Chassisworks self-positioning installation method. This simplified method uses existing vehicle features to assist positioning and eliminate any guesswork or complicated measurements prior to welding. Information: or call 800/722-2269.


Brake Controller
Booth Number 34101

Curt Manufacturing introduces the Reflex Brake Controller. No brake controller on the market is more advanced than the Reflex, the company says. It features a dual-axis accelerometer, assuring smooth, safe stops. The unit self levels with one push of a button, and the quick-plug connector literally makes installation a snap. Adjustable power output, a manual override lever and a bright digital display ensure precision performance. The Reflex controls two to eight brakes and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Information: or call 715/831-8713.


042 Wheel
Booth Number 43225

American Eagle Wheel Corp will be releasing the new 042 in its MSR wheel line. The part will be offered in two finishes for the import and midsize category. The 042 will be offered in 20x7.5 and ready for viewing at the 2009 SEMA Show. Information:

         Mini Vehicle DVR
Booth Number 10250

G.N.D Technology Co. Ltd introduces the DVR-001S mini vehicle DVR, which uses an SD card as a storage device. As long as the vehicle is fitted with this device, the user can easily record moving scenery, traffic or other surroundings. It can also be used at home or in outdoor areas as a security DVR. It features infrared day and night recording with a VGA 640x240- pixel mode and can reach 30fps to catch quick views. The external memory supports SD/MMC cards from 256MB to 32GB. Information: or call 86-755-84516601.


Modular Cab System for Polaris Ranger
Booth Number 36113

Curtis Industries LLC has introduced a new modular cab system for the 2009 Polaris Ranger utility vehicle. The system allows rapid transformation from a fully enclosed cab to an open-air ride in only 60 seconds. The Curtis Rapid-Convertible System allows the user to choose one or all components for maximum flexibility as the weather changes. A simple ROPS base frame with cab receiver mounts provides safety and easy installation. Information: or call 800/343-7676.

         Interior Dash Kit
Booth Number 11225

Auto Fantasies suggests adding one of its beautiful interior dash kits for those who want to dress up the interior of a classic car or truck. Auto Fantasies offers thousands of patterns in traditional wood colors and types ranging from Andes rosewood and walnut burl wood to new high-tech finishes such as brushed aluminum and carbon fiber as well as top-selling synthetics such as oxford burl wood and California walnut burl wood. The company says that is has something to dress up any car or truck interior. Information: or call 914/432-7571.

Methanol Fuel Transfer Pump
Booth Number 33142

Great Plains Industries introduces its brand-new EZ-8 methanol fuel transfer pump, which is specifically designed for transferring alcohol-based fuels. This 12-volt pump can be used with methanol, ethanol and high-concentration racing fuels. The pump mounts on tanks or barrels with standard 2-inch NPT threads. The pump weighs just 9 pounds, delivers up to 8 gpm and has an explosion-proof motor with a full two-year factory warranty. Information: or call 800/835-0113.

         Methanol Fuel Transfer Pump
Booth Number 33142

The Great Plains Industries high-flow M-150S methanol transfer pump can be used with methanol, ethanol and high-concentration racing fuels. The 12-volt, 15-gpm pump mounts easily on tanks or barrels with standard 2-inch NPT threads. The pump features an explosion-proof motor and a full two-year factory warranty. Information: or call 800/835-0113.


063 Series Wheel
Booth Number 43225

American Eagle Wheel Corp. releases its new 063-series wheel at the 2009 SEMA Show. The 17x9 wheel fits perfectly into the Eagle truck family and will be offered in three finishes with the rugged off-road look that American Eagle is known for. Made in America. Information:


Transfer Pump Security Collar
Booth Number 33142

The new security collar from Great Plains Industries (GPI) is an inexpensive theft-deterrent device for fuel transfer tanks. This device secures a GPI fuel transfer pump mounted on a tank or barrel to protect against fuel theft. The security collar works great for vent caps, too. The synthetic polymer material stands up to all kinds of weather. The security collar accepts standard Master or Master 40 style locks (sold separately). Information: or call 800/835-0113.


Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner
Booth Number 11747

Jig-A-Loo USA Inc. announces Jig-A-Clean, a multi-purpose hand cleaner that removes ingrained dirt, grease, oil, tar and sludge without the use of water or towels. Jig-A-Clean differentiates itself with its practicality and ease of use. Rubbing your hands together with a light spray of this foam collects dirt, grease and oils into small flakes that drop away, the company says. Jig-A-Clean is gentle on the skin and leaves behind no foul odor or residue. Jig-A-Clean is a quick and easy solution to get rid of dirt in seconds. Information:

         Billet-Aluminum Safety LED Taillight
Booth Number 23475

Lokar is proud to introduce its billet-aluminum safety LED taillight. Made of 1¼-inch billet 6061-T6 aluminum, the taillight housing bolts directly to a Lokar Dial-In Board or can be mounted in a universal location. Taillight wiring can be hidden in a machined slot on the Lokar Dial-In Board. Each taillight is equipped with long-life red LED lights for safety and includes stainless-steel mounting hardware. Available in black, polished or clear finish. Information: or call 865/966-2269.


Interior Battery Disconnect Lever Kit
Booth Number 23475

Lokar’s new interior battery disconnect lever kit gives drag racers the convenience of turning the electrical power on or off from the driver’s seat. The red anodized billet-aluminum power lever provides
quick visual recognition and works in conjunction with the fire system kill switch. The kit comes with an 8-foot push/pull cable, and the master power switch is available in 125- or 300-amp versions. All mounting hardware is included. Lokar Direct-Mount and Lokar Vari-Mount mounting styles are available. Each style is compatible with many race shifters. Information: or call 865/966-2269.


New Vehicle
Booth Number 21546

Saleen Performance Vehicles, maker of high-performance vehicles for 25 years, will debut its all-new S281 S/C (shown) this year at the SEMA Show. The S281 S/C is based off the 2010 Mustang. The company says that it is a true American exotic, with expressive styling and extreme performance. It will mark the second product from Saleen Performance Vehicles this year, following the launch of the company’s 435S in July, also based off the 2010 Mustang. The 435S gives its owner a refined, exhilarating driving experience at an affordable price. Information: or call 949/307-5801.


Deep-Cycle Battery
Booth Number 23561

Optima Batteries announces the release of the new group 27F YellowTop, which offers greater power, more than 300 discharge/recharge cycles and is an exact original-equipment fit for an extensive line of automobiles. The group 27F YellowTop fits Asian SUVs and pickups such as Toyota Tundra, Toyota Landcruiser and Nissan Titan. It also fits several Lexus and Infiniti models and a number of domestic diesel and vintage musclecars. The Group 27F YellowTop batteries are available through leading battery distributors internationally. Optima’s colored top and six-pack design are known throughout the world. Information: or call 888/867-8462.

         Rocker Panel Side Step
Booth Number 30137

Rampage introduces the retractable Rockslider step, designed for dual use as both an entry step and rocker panel side protection. Use as a side step or release the step lock to fold up into the rocker guard position for side protection and added off-road clearance. High-pressure gas shocks pull and hold the bar in the upright, rocker guard position. Step pressure on the bar returns and locks the bar into the step bar position. Textured, black powdercoated finish is durable and complements factory components. Information: or call 951/277-4949.

Online Ordering Products
Booth Number 45169

Tire wholesalers report that sales and revenues are up in spite of the economic downturn, thanks to TCS’s ePower software and related products, the company says. TCS’s ePower is a fully integrated, real-time e-commerce system for wholesale businesses. The newest features include the easiest-to-use single-point search and search analysis in the industry, a product compare and selling-price feature, quick-order feature and real-time order processing. TCS says that ePower is a significant piece of the comprehensive products and services the company offers to drive success for their clients. Information: or call 888/449-8473.


Two-Piece Pedal Set
Booth Number 20520

Shutt Auto has released its universal two-piece pedal set, which is based on the award-winning TRK but is now available as a two-piece set for automatic vehicles. The set features a universal fit and is made from injected aluminum with stainless-steel details and a laser-printed Shutt logo contrasting with a matte-black background to create an innovative and distinctive look. Shutt says that it’s a great upgrade option to any automatic stock pedal. Information: or call 888-ShuttAuto.


Trailer Hitches
Booth Number 32211

TeleSwivel hitches extend out from the vehicle and move from side to side, dramatically increasing the “target zone” for connecting hitch and trailer. Regardless of drivers’ towing experience, they will find connecting trailer and truck to be faster and easier. Many drivers have found that they can attach the trailer singlehandedly. Simply get close and move the hitch, not the truck. The TeleSwivel product line will include TeleSwivel Pro (Class III and IV up to 10,000 pounds) and TeleSwivel XTReme models (various limits over 10,000 pounds). Information: or call 919/246-9249.

         Steel Tonneau Covers
Booth Number 31189

Yi Ting Enterprise Co. Ltd introduces its all galvanneal sheet steel tonneau covers. The galvanized steel plate possesses excellent anticorrosive abilities and added electro-deposition painting as the base coat enhances the anticorrosive features, passing more than 1,000 hours of salt spray corrosion tests. The paints on all of the surface color coatings are the same as those used by OEM automobile factories. No drilling is required for installation, so customers may install and replace the covers in accordance with demand. Information: or call 886 2 26807760.


Ethanol Content Analyzer
Booth Number 21212

The Zeitronix ethanol content analyzer (ECA) with Zeitronix flex-fuel sensor provides ethanol content readings and fuel temperature readings as both digital readouts and analog output. The system makes a perfect fit for use in E-85 conversion projects or for existing flex-fuel-based vehicles. The ECA provides real-time display of fuel ethanol content from 0% to 100% and fuel temperatures in Fahrenheit and Celsius ranging from -40 to 125 °F (-40 to 52 °C). The surface-mountable aluminum enclosure with LED display is visible even in direct sunlight. Information: or call 310/328-1234.


PVD Eco Chrome
Booth Number 43225

American Eagle Wheel Corp. goes green. With the introduction of the new PVD Eco chrome, Eagle says that its finally bringing the wheel industry into the green belt. The chroming process is done without the harmful chemicals that standard chroming emits, and the Eco chrome may be run through winter without the pitting that comes along with standard chroming. Information:


Wheel Care Products
Booth Number 43225

American Eagle Wheel Corp introduces its new wheel care products. After more than 30 years of building wheels in the U.S.A., the company has come up with what it calls the perfect formula to keep wheels safe from the harsh elements of winter and ocean-side living and also the perfect polish to restore the original finish back to the wheels now on owners’ vehicles. Boss protectant and polish is formulated by a wheel company for your wheels. Information:

         Honda Fit L15A7 Engine
Booth Number 24887

Honda Performance Development, Inc. (HPD)
submitted a prototype concept to the Sports Car Club of America for its FF program. The concept utilizes a 1.5-liter Honda Fit L15A7 engine and an existing FF chassis. As part of its recently announced grassroots motorsports initiative, HPD would supply parts from intake to exhaust as well as chassis conversation kits. The complete FF race kit is expected to retail for under $12,000. Individual components would also be available to purchase separately. Information:


Throttle Assemblies and Pedal Pads
Booth Number 23475

Lokar’s nostalgic Lakester hot rod throttle assemblies and brake/clutch pads will give your customer’s favorite vehicle an all-new look. The removable lower arm is splined for versatility in mounting to the right or left of the mounting bracket. Lakester pedals feature curved pads and arms and are available in chromed, black and raw. The throttle pedal is designed using Delrin bushings for smooth operation when throttling up or down during daily use. Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty. Information: or call 865/966-2269.

         Digital Printers
Booth Number 11103

Mimaki USA will introduce two new digital printers that the company says will create a lot of buzz for vehicle wrap and graphics professionals. The CJV30 Series (shown) is an integrated print/cut system that automatically prints and contour cuts without any in-between steps and is available in four sizes from 24 to 64 inches. The UJV-160 is a hybrid printer that utilizes ultra-low-heat-emitting UV LED curing technology for printing on heat-sensitive media, and it has an attachment that converts it to a flatbed for printing on rigid materials. Information: or call 678/730-0170.


Wet Wipes
Booth Number 11928

With wiping tasks in the shop varying from light-duty surface wiping to tough grease and solvent cleanups, SCA Tissue offers a full line of innovative Tork wipers and dispensing systems to make daily life easier for end users. The Tork ShopMax wet wipes are the newest addition to the Tork high-performance wipers lineup. The wet wipes, being pre-moistened, eliminate the need to add water or additional cleansers, which helps customers save time. Information or call 317/371-2308.

         Electronic Fuel Sensor
Booth Number 23328

Maxima Technologies’ electronic “green” sensor, called Gen-III IntelliSensor, provides a self-calibrating function so that it can be used in any fuel, including biodiesel. This innovative sensor not only measures tank level, accurately accounting for myriad fuels on a real-time basis, but it can also be programmed for volumetric measurement. It works as a drop-in replacement for any sender using SAE five-hole mounting flanges. Gen-III IntelliSensor features no moving parts. Information: scott.murr@maximatech.


Pistons and Crankshafts
Booth Number 22816

Wiseco Piston and K1 Technologies say that they have co-developed the best and most extensive lineup available today. Wiseco tops off K1 Technologies’ 4340 steel crankshafts and H-beam connecting rods with specially designed 2618 alloy forged pistons. The forged pistons are the toughest on the market, Wiseco says, yet provide quiet and long-wearing performance. Wiseco’s ArmorGlide skirt coatings, offset pins, nitride steel/Napier GFX ring packs and expertly designed skirt profiles are standard features in all Chevrolet LS, Chrysler Hemi and Ford Modular pistons. Information: or call 440/951-6600.

         Hand Cleaner and Multi-Surface Cleaner
Booth Number 11928

Both the Tork Premium ShopMax wet wipes hand cleaner and the Tork Premium ShopMax wet wipes multi-surface cleaner feature a premium base sheet with apertures that dissolve and absorb dirt, grease, grime, paint and oil. The hand cleaner
wipers contain conditioners and moisturizers to prevent skin breakdown. The ShopMax wet wipers come in convenient 72-count buckets with built-in handles for easy portability. Information or call 317/371-2308.


Non-Swivel Reusable AN-Style Hose Ends
Booth Number 24720

Redhorse Performance announces the
availability of non-swivel reusable AN-style hose ends, which feature Redhorse’s exclusive highly polished anodized finish. These hose ends complement the current Redhorse line of swivel seal hose ends to present a competitively priced complete line of hose ends, adaptors and tees along with many specialty fittings. These fittings are perfectly suited for use with the Redhorse line of braided stainless-steel hose and black nylon braided hose, which features a stainless-steel core. Information: or call 951/782-0083.


Spray-on Insulation
Booth Number 11466

LizardSkin is the brand name of two different products: LizardSkin ceramic insulation, a thermal insulating coating, and LizardSkin sound control, a sound-damping coating. Both have been specially formulated for the automotive industry using the same cutting-edge ceramic particle technology as Mascoat Products’ highly successful industrial and marine thermal and sound insulating coatings used the world around. This technology allows the coating to be applied seamlessly, rapidly and very thinly while at the same time providing superior thermal and sound protection. Information: or call 800/549-0043.


Business Center
Booth Number 40013

GE Money recently launched the Business Center ( to nearly 80,000 partner contacts. The site, available only to GE Money’s partners, is an online portal providing access to a suite of tools that can help businesses manage their consumer financing programs more easily and effectively. Businesses can access real-time sales data, download marketing materials, conduct training programs with their staff, and help customers apply for credit—all with the click of a mouse. To learn more or see a preview video about GE Money’s Business Center, go to or call 866/210-1646.

Electronic Suspension
Booth Number 21634

Intrax Suspension announced the release of Maxtrac electronic suspension, which the company says is the first truly self-contained electronically adjusted dampening available in a coil-over suspension kit. The shock or dampener contains all of the necessary motors internally, without bulky attachments that don’t fit cleanly under the hood. The shocks are then attached to a special stand-alone electronic control unit, which allows the shocks to be adjusted according to five preprogrammed settings stored in the ECU via a small, surface-mounted membrane switch. Each vehicle is supplied with individual base settings. Information: or 949/252-0800.


Sparkplug Boot Puller
Booth Number 12942

Cherokee Enterprises is proud to introduce its newest product, the Cherokee sparkplug boot puller. This handy tool, invented for technicians by technicians, efficiently removes the plug wire boot from the sparkplug in one simple step without breaking the boot. Pliers or screwdrivers can disintegrate the boot or the plug. The Cherokee sparkplug boot puller removes the spark plug wire boot in one piece without breaking the boot or the spark plug. Information: E-mail or call 269/382-0490, Ext. 231.


Adjustable Ladder
Booth Number 33203

The Original StepDaddy Ladder, born in the USA, will be launched at the 2009 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. The New StepDaddy ladder is an all black anodized steel product with a lifetime warranty. The company says that it is easy to install and comes with a handle to provide more stability for ease of entry and exit from all types of pickup-truck beds. It features adjustable heights to accommodate all truck sizes. Information: or call 602/577-0460.

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