SEMA News -- August 2009


Our Monthly Magazine’s New Rich-Media Edition Online

SEMA News-August 2009-VMag 01

A new virtual edition of SEMA News is now available online via SEMA’s website. Simply click on the magazine cover icon to access the fully interactive version of our latest issue. The complete issue is now at your fingertips, along with embedded video and a wide array of advanced viewing options.

Once you open the magazine from SEMA’s homepage, clicking the bottom right-hand corner of the cover will open the issue, and users can continue turning each page by clicking the right-hand corner of each spread.

Readers can also turn to specific stories by entering the page number in the bottom navigation bar or by clicking on the story from the Table of Contents page. The icon on the bottom-left corner allows readers to view a thumbnail map of the entire issue. And finally, if you’re looking for stories about a specific subject, simply enter keywords related to the subject in the search bar at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

SEMA News advertisers will now enjoy added bonus distribution of 150,000 with the digital version of each issue. Additionally, they can now purchase and insert an FLV-formatted video within their ad copy. For complete details and a demo, contact Joe Sebergandio at Motor Media Inc., 818/248-4900 or


By clicking on the TOC button, readers are taken to a thumbnail layout of the entire magazine. Using the tabs at the top left corner readers can select the range of pages to display. By using this top-down view of the issue, readers can quickly turn immediately to a story or section of interest by clicking on the thumbnail of that page.

  SEMA News-August 2009-Vmag 02


When a reader moves the cursor over certain elements in the magazine, a simple flash animation indicates that clicking the element will lead to more content. In this example, the lead image fades in-and-out to signal to the reader that clicking the image will redirect them to a webpage with more information about the article’s subject.
  SEMA News-August 2009-Vmag 03


By entering in a keyword or phrase, the reader is then shown a thumbnail of every page where that keyword or phrase appears. Often the keyword will trigger multiple search returns, and readers can scroll through the pop-up window for the most relevant content based on their inquiry. Clicking on the thumbnail takes the reader directly to that page.

  SEMA News-August 2009-Vmag 04


Turning to a specific page in the magazine can be done by simply entering the page number into the navigation field located in the center of the bottom control panel. The magazine always displays as a spread, but readers can enter a single page number to be instantly redirected to the corresponding spread in the magazine.

  SEMA News-August 2009-Vmag 05


While reading the issue, clicking on the envelope button will bring up a pop-up window allowing the reader to e-mail a link to the spread that is currently open. The reader can include their name and a short message along with the link.

  SEMA News-August 2009-Vmag 06


Printing the magazine can be done easily from within the same viewing window by clicking the print button. While the issue can also be downloaded as a pdf file, any page or section can just as easily be sent directly from the website to the reader’s personal printer.

  SEMA News-August 2009-Vmag 07


Both editorial and advertising pages within the magazine can feature embedded video. When a small screen appears inside a layout, clicking the play button allows the reader to view the added content. In this example, Chairman of the SEMA Cares Committee, Joel Ayres gives more information about attending SEMA’s recent Installation Banquet & Gala Fundraiser.

  SEMA News-August 2009-Vmag 08


Readers have the option of downloading a pdf file of any article or section within the magazine. Clicking all pages will place the complete issue in a single file the reader can then view using the latest version of Adobe’s pdf reader.

  SEMA News-August 2009-Vmag 09

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