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Support the SEMA PAC


SEMA, as with all trade associations, must receive written permission before we can provide information regarding our efforts on Capitol Hill and the PAC. You can join in this effort by visiting and becoming “SEMA PAC Approved!”

Having an active and vocal presence in Washington, D.C., is vital to protecting the livelihood of our industry. This fact was clearly demonstrated earlier in the year as SEMA members came together to prevent a federal “Cash for Clunkers” program from passing Congress and becoming the law. The fight is far from over, as clunker advocates are preparing for a second attempt to implement this program.

This summer, Congress will undertake major health care reform that will have significant impacts on SEMA members and their employees. As these and other initiatives move quickly through the legislative process, it is more important than ever that SEMA remain connected with its members and key friends in Congress.

Through the SEMA Political Action Committee (SEMA PAC), SEMA members can pool together, giving the association a larger cumulative voice on Capitol Hill.

“The SEMA PAC gives members an opportunity to help protect our industry’s future” said SEMA PAC Chairman Doug Evans. “It is an essential tool in raising our presence on Capitol Hill by supporting candidates who recognize the significant contributions our industry makes to the U.S. economy. I challenge all SEMA members to become involved with the SEMA PAC to ensure that we always have a voice in Washington, D.C.”

The PAC also raises awareness among SEMA members about the need to engage in the political process. A strong and effective SEMA PAC is a crucial resource to help elect candidates who recognize the important role of our industry in the economy and are willing to work with us on the issues that affect our members. It also becomes a valuable tool to reinforce ongoing relationships on Capitol Hill.

Associations such as SEMA are prohibited from using association funds to make political contributions. SEMA is, however, allowed to fund all administrative costs of running the PAC. Simply put, 100% of the contributions made to the SEMA PAC are used to help elect industry-friendly legislators.

For more information, visit

If this is your industry, SEMA PAC is an investment in your future.

Contribute to Industry Success in California: Support SEMA’s Cal PAC

As a SEMA member, you may have noticed that your membership renewal statement included a request for support for SEMA’s California Political Action Committee. Whether you represent a homegrown California company, do business in the state or just want to provide for the industry’s continued success, we hope that you’ll consider making a contribution to this important effort.

SEMA maintains an experienced government affairs staff in Washington, D.C., to further the association’s efforts in legislative and regulatory arenas. The association also retains the services of Advocation Inc., an established lobbying firm in California’s capital city of Sacramento. Together, we advocate on issues affecting the specialty automotive industry as well as those issues affecting enthusiast groups and car clubs throughout California.

Working with the California Legislature in recent years, SEMA sought legislation to force California’s regulators to save vintage cars and parts from “car-crusher” scrappage programs, attempted to stop under-the-hood visual inspections for cars that have passed tailpipe tests, supported efforts to create favorable emissions-system certification criteria for kit cars and replicas and attempted to beat back legislation to repeal the state’s 30-year rolling emissions inspection exemption. SEMA also helped create a statewide exhaust-noise testing program that allows vehicle owners to prove compliance with the state’s 95-decibel limit.

“These critical accomplishments would not be possible without the hard work and perseverance of the California legislators who have taken up our banner time and time again and who need our support to ensure the industry’s continued viability,” said SEMA Vice President of Government Affairs Steve McDonald. “Their efforts have kept open markets for specialty automotive equipment and have enabled the creation of new markets to meet the demands of technological innovations.”

So, the next time you open your member renewal letter, please consider making a contribution to this critical tool in our efforts to protect and grow the specialty automotive industry.

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