Spy Shots

Spy Shots: Ferrari F250 Spotted in Full Camouflage

By SEMA News Editors

New images of the rumored Ferrari F250 have emerged, according to SEMA News sources.

Following in the footsteps of the Enzo, which debuted in 2002, and the LaFerrari in 2013, Ferrari is developing another mid-engine marvel, which is believed to be the closest thing to a Le Mans car for the road, celebrating Ferrari's victory at the endurance race last June.


Details remain scarce, and according to insiders, even the F250 name is unconfirmed. However, it's believed that this will be the first in this line not to feature a V12 engine, instead utilizing the hybridized, 'hot-vee' V6 from the Ferrari 296 GTB. With the 296 GTB producing 932 hp and the hybrid V8 Ferrari SF90 delivering 1,000 hp, it's reasonable to expect the F250 to exceed these figures. A power output of around 1,300 hp, similar to the Gran Turismo concept, is highly likely.

The F250 will stand out from 'normal' Ferraris with its extensive aerodynamics, trusted sources said, and earlier spy shots of a test mule show a car with a massive rear wing, side air vents to feed the mid-mounted engine and a hood scoop reminiscent of the F50. However, it’s unclear from the images whether any of the aero components will be adjustable, although it's likely the F250 will utilize active aero technology similar to the systems on the 296 and SF90.

It is estimated that Ferrari will manufacture around 600 units, in addition to roughly 200 Aperta or Spider variants and a few dozen track-only models.

An official reveal is expected later this year or early 2025.