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Stay Ahead in Digital Marketing: Watch SEMA Show Education Highlights On-Demand

By Ashley Reyes

Digital Marketing Bootcamp

SEMA has released seminar recordings from "Digital Marketing Boot Camp: The Impending Evolution of Digital Marketing & What You Need to Do to Thrive," a 2023 SEMA Show Education series that offered program attendees innovative solutions and strategies for modern digital marketing.

Available at, the series of videos features insights from top industry experts, including the following: Dan Kahn, CEO of Kahn Media; Erin King, keynote speaker and chief digital officer at Strikepoint Media; Jim McKinley, founder at (un)Common Logic; Darrell Booker, corporate affairs specialist at Microsoft; Chelsea Craig, owner of Rhino Reviews; and Ashley Cavazos, director of marketing at DeMontrond Auto Group.

Aimed at helping viewers stay informed on new trends and new growth opportunities, the series offers actionable advice for automotive aftermarket businesses to stay competitive and elevate their marketing tactics.

Topics covered include:

  • Industry Megatrends: Discover the latest trends disrupting and reshaping the marketing landscape.
  • Adapting to Change: Learn how to quickly evolve and thrive in this new environment, ensuring your business doesn't fall behind.
  • Consumer Privacy Legislation: Understand how new laws are reducing insights into customer behaviors and buying journeys.
  • Platform Consolidation: Explore the impact of platform consolidation and the return of "walled gardens."
  • Emerging Tools and Technologies: Get ahead with new marketing tools and trends, including AI, black boxing and ChatGPT.

As the world of digital marketing continues to evolve, this series will help viewers understand emerging business opportunities and trends, how to adapt and grow with them, and how to keep their marketing strategies cutting-edge. Head over to now and start watching!