PRO Volunteer Spotlight: Chris Ierardi of Eastman Performance Films

Chris Ierardi

By Ashley Reyes

The SEMA Professional Restylers Organization (PRO) has named Chris Ierardi, national sales manager at Eastman Performance Films, as the council's newest spotlight volunteer. Get to know Ierardi in his interview with SEMA News below. 

SEMA News: What inspired you to pursue a career in restyling?  

Chris Ierardi: Honestly, by accident. I found myself working for LLumar right out of college in 2010 without any knowledge of the film or restyler industry. I can't say that it was my passion back then, but this industry is so unique and keeps me very engaged. No day or week is the same, and the industry is always changing and evolving. Supporting the growth of the restyler channel has always been a focus of ours as a company and for me as an individual. 

SN: Why did you decide to volunteer for PRO?  

CI: My manager was a volunteer on the PRO select committee for the previous six years and invited me to the awards ceremony and reception as his guest a few times. It was great to meet so many restylers and learn more about what PRO is involved in; I couldn't help myself but to apply. Joining the select committee has allowed me the opportunity to learn so much more about the restylers and the other manufacturers that support them. The networking within the group has been incredible, I will have lifelong friends as a result of joining the committee. 

SN: What advice do you have for someone pursuing a career in the automotive aftermarket?  

CI: I would first ask them, "Are you crazy?" I would also suggest that they be very flexible and dynamic before pursuing. If that is a struggle point for that individual, I would suggest going elsewhere. 

SN: What is your dream vehicle?  

CI: Any year of the Acura NSX, I have loved that car ever since Pulp Fiction. I live in Denver, Colorado, but I would prefer to drive this vehicle down the Pacific coastline. 

SN: What is the best advice you have ever received?  

CI: Work hard, stay humble. 

SN: What keeps you in the industry?  

CI: The fact that no week is the same and that the industry is constantly evolving, and customers are always demanding more. A few years ago, the demand from customers was a higher-IR-blocking window film, but recently the latest demand has been colored PPF. As a manufacturer, we are always working on developing new products but also ways to improve our service offering to our customers. 

SN:Where can you be found on a Saturday?  

CI: I have two young daughters so likely at a dance studio, swimming pool or golf course. Even though I am not the player that I used to be, you can still find me playing men’s league ice hockey on weekend evenings. 

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