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Spy Shots: BMW iX Getting Refresh

By SEMA News Editors

The BMW iX is getting a refresh, and SEMA News sources recently caught new images that hint at some of the planned updates. 

In the new images, the iX sports the usual BMW camouflage, on both the front and rear, indicating changes to the bumpers, light clusters and grille.

Spy Shots BMW iX

According to insiders, the front bumper will have a more aggressive and pronounced shape, in addition to increased exterior personalization options, like new body colors and more wheel-rim designs. The M Sport package is also expected to be part of the standard equipment.

Sources also indicated that the updated iX will feature more powerful and efficient electric motors. With the goal of improving performance without compromising range, the iX will drive more than 375 miles on a single charge and will be available as a high-performance trim.