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Toyota to Invest $1.4B in Indiana Facility for New BEV Production

Toyota Indiana

By SEMA News Editors

Toyota will prepare for assembly of an all-new, three-row battery-electric (BEV) SUV in the United States as part of a new $1.4 billion investment in its Princeton, Indiana, facility.

This investment will provide plant infrastructure to build the all-new BEV and add a new battery pack assembly line using lithium-ion batteries supplied by Toyota Battery Manufacturing North Carolina, a $13.9-billion facility slated to begin production in 2025.

Since 2021, Toyota has announced new investments totaling $18.6 billion into its U.S. manufacturing operations to support electrification efforts.

The investment follows the announcement of an additional $1.3-billion investment in Toyota Kentucky for the production of a separate all-new, three-row battery-electric SUV.

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