Spy Shots

Spy Shots: Porsche 911 Lineup Caught Testing

By SEMA News Editors

Porsche is currently working on updating its current 911 range, known internally as the 992. SEMA News sources recently spotted prototypes of all models set to undergo a makeover later this year: the standard 911 in coupe and cabriolet forms, the Targa variant, the GTS, and both the 911 Turbo Coupe and Cabriolet. 

Porsche 911

The photos offer a comprehensive look at the updated 911 variants, most of which are largely uncovered, except for decal covers over the headlights and the Porsche and Targa branding across the rear and B-pillars, respectively. The two Turbo models, however, remain more disguised, sparking rumors of a drastically different new design from the other models, according to insiders.

Porsche 911

The facelift includes a redesigned front bumper with vertical slats in the air intakes, a departure from the current model to accommodate these new features. The rear bumper and rear air outlets of the engine cover will also see modifications.

Sources within the company, requesting anonymity, suggest that the base variant of the 911 will return to naturally aspirated engines, possibly with a smaller displacement.

Porsche 911

Regarding the 911 Turbo, it is speculated that the current camouflage does not fully reveal its new design. Rumors hint at a significant change to the front bumper, diverging greatly from the current model and the facelift of the other models, sources said. 

According to insiders, Porsche plans to equip the Turbo with one or two electric chargers, requiring more space under the rear trunk for the charger and battery. This necessitated a redesign of the exhaust system to accommodate the additional components. While the electric chargers are expected to increase the power output of the facelifted 911 Turbo, they will also add extra weight, potentially making the car more rear-heavy.