Spy Shots

Spy Shots: Kia EV3, Audi S6 Spotted in Europe

By SEMA News Editors

Kia EV3 Caught Testing in Sweden

Kia has unveiled a new concept car, the EV3, signaling plans for a compact electric SUV that draws design inspiration from their latest electric three-row crossover, the EV9. While Kia hasn't confirmed a production version of the EV3, recent photos captured by SEMA News sources in northern Sweden suggest an official announcement is imminent.

Kia EV3

Details on the EV3's powertrain and range remain undisclosed due to the lack of confirmed production plans. However, it's anticipated that the EV3 will share key components with Kia's existing lineup of electric vehicles. The vehicle is expected to utilize Kia's 800V electrical architecture, with potential options for single- and dual-motor configurations and varying battery sizes, according to insiders.

While the production version of the EV3 is likely to closely resemble the concept in exterior design, significant changes are anticipated for the interior. The concept showcases innovative elements such as air jets replacing traditional HVAC vents on the instrument panel and a rear bench seat that folds upwards allowing for storage of bikes or scooters. The concept's mycelium-based center console material may not translate to production, but the extensive use of fabric coverings in the cabin is expected to remain a key feature.

Audi S6 and RS6 E-Tron GT

Recent photos captured in Germany hint at more electric models from Audi Sport: the RS6 e-Tron and the S6 e-Tron, both based on the upcoming all-electric A6. These prototypes, resembling the standard A6, reveal distinguishing features, such as wider wheel arches for the S6 and even wider ones for the RS6, along with upgraded brake packages featuring red calipers for the S6 and vented discs for the RS6.

Audi RS6

A concept of the A6 unveiled in 2021 showcased a 100kWh battery and dual-motor powertrain producing 469 hp. The RS6 is expected to match or exceed the 621 hp of today's gas-powered RS6 Avant, while the S6 will fit in between, insiders said.

Audi has also hinted at an RS6 Avant after indicating that the standard A6 will offer a wagon variant, as seen in the A6 Avant E-Tron concept last year.

The A6, along with its S and RS variants, is built on Volkswagen Group's new PPE modular EV platform for high-volume luxury models. This platform recently premiered in the Audi Q6 E-Tron crossover and is anticipated to underpin S and RS variants. The A6 and S6 are both expected later this year, with the RS version likely to follow within six months to a year, sources said.