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Preview: A Q&A With PRI President Michael Good

Michael Good

By Meredith Kaplan Burns

PRI welcomed its new President Michael Good on February 26, 2024. He recently sat down with PRI Magazine and shared his vision for the brand, where he sees the industry headed, how our industry can unite to address current and impending challenges, and his focus on continuous improvement not only for himself but guiding his team members as well.

For the complete interview, please read PRI Magazine's Newly Appointed column with Michael Good in the May 2024 edition.

PRI: How has your experience prepared you for this role to lead PRI?

Good: It is truly a humbling privilege to step into this role, into a team that exudes passion to connect, protect, and advocate for an industry that brings out the best in people. Each of us is a culmination of our prior experiences. It's through those experiences that we continuously learn, shape and mature in our approaches to simple tasks, and how we overcome and solve complex problems in changing times.

I am confident that my prior experiences, which include starting a company from just an idea to leading and growing global brands in the automotive space, have collectively given me the diverse background needed to embrace our changing world. Together we will bring new and innovative methods to the industry that further strengthen our position to attract future generations while embracing those that have been engaged with PRI from the beginning.

PRI: Why is this position a good fit for you? And why are you a great fit for PRI?

Good: I don't take for granted that I've been able to align my passions and my career. I believe that you are either running from something or running to something throughout your life. I was fortunate to have a great career prior to joining PRI. I saw this opportunity as definitely running to something. When I look at the foundation of PRI--a strong connection to our members, constantly advocating for our members, and always looking for new, innovative ways to connect our industry peers to one another, and then combine that with the brand equity of a 36-year-old organization, I see tremendous upside potential. My ability to help shape the culture and strategic vision, understanding how to bring the voice of the customer into our decision-making process, to do all of that at a best-in-class level, is what excites me the most. I can clearly see the path ahead and understand what it will take to for PRI to become an even more integral partner to the industry.

PRI: Can you cite some examples as to why you are bullish on the racing market? Why are you optimistic about racing's future?

Good: The racing industry is not only founded on innovation, but it also embraces the technologies that exist outside of the racing industry--autonomous driving and AI, for example--and finds ways to incorporate them. In many ways, innovation and technology have lowered the barriers to entry for enthusiasts to get involved in racing. The expansion of the sim-racing world is bringing a younger generation into the industry and giving them an introduction to the sport, in a virtual manner. Technology and innovation can drive future growth, and I believe we're seeing that in the growth of grassroots racing in local markets across the United States.

I'm optimistic that racing will continue to evolve and take on new and exciting ways to pursue speed.

PRI: What are you most looking forward to in your new role here at PRI?

Good: Engaging with the manufacturers to learn more about how best to help them grow their businesses! Driving change where it is needed and making sure not to try and fix what is not broken.

PRI: Is there a valuable piece of advice or a lesson you picked up along the way that has served you well through the years?

Good: Three things come to mind. I'm a firm believer that you get back what you put into the world, so lead with grace. Invest in your EQ [emotional intelligence] as much or more than you invest in your IQ. Never let your current circumstances drive you to make an impractical decision that could have long-term negative implications.

And BTBVOY: Work a little bit each day to 'Become the Best Version of Yourself.'