Spy Shots

Spy Shots: Pair of Mercedes-AMG EVs Caught on Camera


By SEMA News Editors

Mercedes-AMG GLC EV

SEMA News sources recently spotted the upcoming all-electric Mercedes-AMG GLC testing in the Arctic Circle.

Built on the new, all-electric C-Class sedan platform, the GLC is intended to replace the current gas- and diesel-powered C-Class models.

Mercedes AMG GLC

Beneath the exterior lies the new MB.EA architecture for medium and large-sized vehicles, according to insiders. The technology includes 800-V capability, a modern silicon carbide inverter for improved efficiency, conventional radial flux motors producing an estimated 250 to 500 hp, rear- or all-wheel drive, all-wheel steering and a two-speed gearbox to further reduce energy consumption. These features are expected to apply to both the standard and AMG models.

The AMG variant will also feature drilled ceramic discs, a lower ride height, a wider track, AMG wheels, AMG-branded brake calipers and new bumpers.

Mercedes-AMG GT EV

Photographers have captured new images of the four-door Mercedes-AMG GT electric vehicle (EV).

Caught testing in Germany, the GT EV stems from the AMG Vision and will bring elements from the concept vehicle to production, according to sources.

The AMG.EA platform serves as the technological backbone for the GT, featuring an axial flux electric motor coupled with a high-voltage battery. To bolster its performance capabilities, Mercedes recently acquired Yasa, a specialist in axial motors based in England.

Mercedes AMG GT

The four-door variant showcases a streamlined silhouette reminiscent of the Mercedes EQXX. Adorned with three-part LED headlights framing the Mercedes star, the design is accentuated by a horizontal light strip.

In the rear, the GT features an active spoiler and a rear light strip, enabling customizable lighting configurations. Additional design highlights include a lengthy wheelbase, forward-leaning A-pillars, minimal front overhang, extended rear overhang and flared fenders.