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Motorsports Day Recap: Industry Convenes at West Virginia Capitol

By the SEMA Washington, D.C., office

While the engines have quieted, the reverberations of the 2024 Motorsports Day at the West Virginia Capitol persist. 

Held on February 23, the event brought together industry professionals, elected officials, and state agencies, serving as a platform for collaboration, education and the celebration of motorsports' significant contributions to the Mountain State. 

WV Motorsports

Left to Right: Erik Hubbard, Back Roads of Appalachia; Delegate Gary Howell; AK Whatley, Chaos Motorsports; Delegate Wayne Clark; Maria Whatley, Chaos Motorsports.

In the State Capitol Rotunda, more than 30 businesses and vendors, including SEMA and PRI, showcased the diverse landscape of West Virginia's motorsports scene. Meanwhile, outside the Capitol, more than 30 racing vehicles displayed the pinnacle of motorsports engineering and design. Notably, Chaos Motorsports' AK Whatley received legislative recognition for completing the grueling 2024 King of the Hammers event. 

Throughout the day, attendees engaged in open discussions and networking, fostering collaboration and identifying avenues for growth with government officials and peers. 

"Participating in West Virginia Motorsports Day is vital for SEMA and PRI," said Christian Robinson, SEMA senior director of state government affairs and grassroots. "It afforded us direct connections with industry-driving businesses. Through events like these, we can foster collaboration, advocate for the future of motorsports, and celebrate its positive impact on communities in West Virginia."