Spy Shots

Spy Shots: New Details Emerge for Final ICE-Powered Audi SUV

SEMA News sources recently captured images of a heavily camouflaged Audi prototype, suspected to be the forthcoming Audi Q7.

The SUV, with rims reminiscent of early Q7 test mules and other design elements similar to the new Q3, will likely be Audi's final European model with internal combustion engine (ICE) power.

Audi Q7 prototype driving on winter road

However, the identity of the model is challenged by the prototype's grille, resembling that of the China-only Q6, insiders said. Pillar-mounted side mirrors add another layer of ambiguity, as they differ from the current European and American Q7. The '25 Audi Q3 will have mirrors on the doors, while the '24 Q5 opts for A-pillar mounting.

Audi Q7 prototype driving on winter road

Adding to the confusion, all future Audis, whether in China, Europe or the United States, electric or ICE-powered, will feature solid brackets for door handles. Despite being an ICE-powered SUV, the photographed car displayed flush handles, a design element absent in Audis for at least a decade, according to sources.

Amid these uncertainties, the target market for this vehicle remains unknown.