Spy Shots

Spy Shots: Audi A7 Caught Testing in Arctic Circle

SEMA News sources recently spotted a prototype of the Audi A7 wagon testing in the Arctic Circle.

The new A7, available in both wagon and sedan versions, will be powered by a hybridized combustion engine, according to Audi, and will accompany the introduction of the all-electric Audi A6 e-tron.

Audi A7 wagon prototype

Although the combustion engines and electric cars will differ technically, they will share some visual similarities, according to recently captured images. The A5, which has already been spotted as a prototype, shows similarities to the A6 e-tron Concept study presented in 2021. One has a genuine single-frame radiator grille, while the other features a closed radiator grille. Additionally, both incorporate flared wings, a reminder of quattro history, and narrow LED light units at the front and rear.

Audi A7 wagon prototype

Similarities between the Audi A6 e-tron and the future Audi A7 extend to the cockpit design and the associated operating concept, insiders said. As before, there will be a choice between touchscreen, steering wheel and voice control, but the wider cockpit screen will adapt its variable layouts more closely to the operating and driving situations and only display content relevant for the moment.

The new Audi A7 model family will also include a sedan version, sources said, and is likely to be presented alongside the wagon, which will appeal to families thanks to its increased space, trunk capacity and greater versatility.