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Spy Shots: Heavily Camouflaged Ferrari F250 Seen in Italy

By SEMA News Editors

The Ferrari F250 hypercar was recently spotted testing near Maranello, Italy, according to SEMA News sources. Although heavily disguised, the sighting revealed more of the LaFerrari successor’s bodywork and details.

A camouflaged Ferrari F250 spotted in Italy

The recent sighting near Maranello, Italy, revealed new details about the F250 hypercar. 

Insiders indicate that development is still ongoing, with a finished product still a long way off. However, new details have emerged, including the doors shape, allowing for easier access to the cockpit and lending the car a Le Mans prototype aesthetic.

A camouflaged Ferrari F250 spotted in Italy

The hypercar is rumored to be powered by a V6 hybrid.

Expected to launch by 2026, the prototype is equipped with a significant aerodynamic package featuring an aggressive rear wing, cooling ducts and other hidden aero components.

The mechanical package is still unknown, sources said, but a V6 hybrid power unit is expected.

The F250 will be a limited-series production car, according to sources, with around 600 units planned.