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SheIsSEMA Spotlight: Nashona Haldane of Power Automedia

Nashona HaldaneBy Ashley Reyes

The SEMA Businesswomen's Network (SBN) has named Nashona Haldane, marketing director at Power Automedia, as the network's newest #SheIsSEMA spotlight member.  

Get to know Haldane in her interview with SEMA News below.  

SEMA News: What do you enjoy most about working at your current company?  

Nashona Haldane: Working for Power Automedia is a joyride of culture, exciting clients and the thrill of the ever-changing automotive market landscape, making each day an exhilarating ride. 

SEMA News: What is the most challenging part of your business or job? 

NH: Navigating the twisted roads of being a marketing director for an automotive digital media company is like trying to find a parking spot during a massive sale--challenging, but oh-so-rewarding when you finally nail it with a high-octane marketing strategy!

SN: How many years have you been in the industry, and what was your first industry job? 

NH: I've been in the automotive and motorsports industry for more than 18 years. My first industry job was as a graphic designer for a motorcycle media publication and e-commerce retailer. 

SN: What three qualities got you to where you are today?   

NH: A turbocharged passion for creativity, the power of adaptability and a fantastic crew of people who fuel my success. These qualities have not only accelerated my career, but also brought endless joy, laughter and the occasional tire-squealing adventure along the way!

SN: Being a woman in the industry, what have been your biggest challenges and accomplishments?

NH: As a woman in the automotive industry, my biggest challenges have been proving that I can handle anything that comes my way, from greasy engine parts and sometimes guys, to challenging stereotypes. 

But I've accomplished more than just learning the challenges of car tuning; I've cut through the clutter to run awesome campaigns, left skid marks on doubt and powered through with a smile showing the world that women can dominate the automotive market with style, finesse and a touch of sass!

SN: Who are your role models or mentors in the industry? 

NH: I've been lucky to work with some really great people and managers, like Jill Hepp, who have guided me with their wisdom and pushed me to believe in myself and worked to show me how to unleash my full potential.

SN: What is the best career advice you have received?   

NH: The best career advice I've ever received is to embrace failure as a steppingstone to success. It has helped me both professionally and personally by shifting my perspective on setbacks, allowing me to learn from mistakes, adapt my approach and ultimately grow stronger and more resilient. It has taught me that failure is not the end, but rather a valuable opportunity for growth and improvement.

SN: Have you always wanted to work in the automotive industry?   

NH: Well, I must admit, I stumbled into the automotive industry like a runaway shopping cart rolling down a hill! But what keeps me hooked every day are the incredible people I get to work with--they're like the spark plugs that ignite my passion and make this ride one wild and joyful journey!

SN: Who was the most influential person on your career/goals?   

NH: I’m not sure if I can pinpoint just one, as there have been many in different points of my career who helped guide me through the maze of creativity and made me realize that a dash of laughter is the secret sauce to success in this wild industry.

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