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Spy Shots: Ford Crossover EV Breaks Cover in Europe

By SEMA News Editors

A new crossover electric vehicle from Ford was spotted in Europe, according to SEMA News sources.

The yet-unnamed crossover is suspected to be built on a Volkswagen EV platform and is a part of an ongoing deal between Volkswagen and Ford that involves sharing platforms and making cars in the same factories. The spotted Ford crossover is expected to be one of seven upcoming EVs for the American brand, including four passenger cars and five commercial vehicles.

The Ford EV Crossover driving in camouflage in Europe.

Spotted under camouflage in Europe, the Ford electric crossover is likely built on the Volkswagen MEB platform.

Based on the spy shots from SEMA sources, the camouflaged EV is bigger than the Mustang Mach-E and will have a size similar to the Volkswagen ID.6.

From a styling perspective, it will have a boxy shape, large LED headlights, an angular tailgate and some inspiration from the Explorer body, sources said. The interior is also allegedly set to be exclusive to Ford.

The Ford EV Crossover driving in camouflage in Europe.

The vehicle is expected to be one of Ford's seven planned electric vehicles.

The Blue Oval has confirmed it will produce the new crossover, in addition to a medium-sized crossover, in Cologne, Germany. Both will be underpinned by the Volkswagen group’s MEB platform, according to Ford Europe Chair Stuart Rowley.

The European chief also pledged that the Cologne factory will account for 1.2 million units over its lifecycle.