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SEMA Show Education: Emmitt Smith Gets Candid About Leadership, Success and More

By Ashley Reyes

Several new videos from the SEMA Show education program have been added to, including a four-part series featuring Emmitt Smith. Watch the highlights of the videos below, and click through to view the entire sessions at your convenience.

Leadership Series 

Theme: High Performance – A Championship Vision 

Football legend turned NASCAR Xfinity Series Team Co-Owner Emmitt Smith shares his vision for broadening opportunities in motorsports during this inspiring SEMA Show keynote event hosted by "Overhaulin's" Chris Jacobs. 

Part 1: Leadership Series – Determined to Lead 

Part 2: Leadership Series – The Tools to Pursue Your Vision 

Part 3: Leadership Series – Taking Care of the Team 

Part 4: Leadership Series – The Humble Leader 

New videos for this month also feature unique insights into the electric-vehicle (EV) marketplace. 

The Future of ICE: Hedging Your Bet with Investment in EVs

While the internal combustion engine (ICE) isn't going away tomorrow, learning how to take advantage of new growth opportunities is critically important. Hear from a panel of aftermarket business pros as they discuss their journeys from the ICE to electric vehicles (EVs), and the bright future that lies ahead. 

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The Electric Truck: Tap Into New Opportunities 

From the Ford F-150 Lightning and GMC Hummer EV to the Rivian 1T, improvements in battery technology have spawned the release of electric trucks. Discover what it means for the aftermarket and learn about opportunities for customizing electric trucks.  

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