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New Jobs Added to SEMA Career Center

Are you hunting for a new job? The SEMA Career Center has a comprehensive listing of automotive-related job openings around the country. Here are some of the latest jobs posted to the website.

Latest Jobs Added to SEMA Career Center

Director of Marketing
Velocity Modern Classics

Velocity Modern Classics is hiring a director of marketing responsible for leading the development and implementation of the company’s marketing strategy. This position will work closely with the chief revenue officer and oversee the marketing department to design, implement and monitor effective marketing strategies that align with business goals. Candidates should have a solid marketing background and work experience managing a variety of promotional projects end-to-end, including events and heavy digital marketing with emphasis on PPC and paid social. This role will develop marketing strategies and efforts to strengthen the company’s market position and achieve desired business goals.

Manufacturing Production Planner
Texas Speed and Performance

Texas Speed and Performance is hiring a manufacturing production planner responsible for scheduling manufacturing activities according to demand and capacity. The right candidate will ensure goods are produced on time for distribution and stock in an efficient manner. This person will have previous experience in machining and light metal fabrication production-planning in a fast-paced upbeat environment. The candidate should be comfortable communicating across the organization as they drive for results. The goal is to ensure the smooth and cost-efficient flow of production operations while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Automotive Editorial Position
Power Automedia

Power Automedia is hiring magazine editors and staff writers. Candidates should be passionate and knowledgeable about high-performance cars with a strong basis in writing and photography. As an editor, you need to be comfortable and accountable to meet deadlines and quality requirements. Responsibilities include writing and managing editorial magazine content and assigning freelance editorial articles and news.