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Five Skills Gained from Volunteering on a SEMA Council or Network Select Committee

By Ashley Reyes

TORAVolunteering on a SEMA council or network select committee is a rewarding experience. In addition to having a positive impact on the automotive aftermarket, it also provides a way for industry members to create valuable programs that benefit different market niches and offers a means to build personal and professional skills.  

Employees of SEMA-member companies are invited to increase their participation in the industry by volunteering for a SEMA council or network leadership role. Applications are due by April 21 at

Below are five skills you can gain from volunteering on a select committee:

  • Teamwork: Volunteering on a select committee requires you to collaborate with others to plan and develop programs that benefit the council or network membership. This increases your teamwork experience, which is an important skill no matter what your profession.   
  • Leadership: When volunteering on a select committee, you help execute SEMA’s most robust and recognized programs. This includes meeting deadlines and contributing new ideas to lead programs to success.
  • Social: Select committee volunteers work closely with the members they serve and other volunteers. In doing this, you can build interpersonal skills, meet new people and practice social interactions.
  • Problem-Solving: As a select committee volunteer, you will assist with creating events, education opportunities and other resources. This allows you to problem-solve and develop solutions to advance the industry.
  • Creativity: Select committee volunteers are always finding new ways to engage their membership. As a volunteer, you will gain experience creating new approaches to support your market niche.

Learn about the nine SEMA councils and networks, volunteer requirements and how you can make a difference by visiting