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New Jobs Added to SEMA Career Center

Are you hunting for a new job? The SEMA Career Center has a comprehensive listing of automotive-related job openings around the country. Here are some of the latest jobs posted to the website.

Latest Jobs Added to SEMA Career Center

Video Content Creator
Wilwood Disc Brakes

Wilwood Disc Brakes is hiring a video content creator. Responsibilities include execution of ideas presented by management, planning, filming and editing content for the company website, training, social media and other channels as needed. A basic understanding of video production, sound equipment, lighting and directing scenes for voice-over or live audio is necessary. Typically finished videos can range between one to ten minutes in length. Most production will occur on-premise but may include off-site locations and an occasional event or trade show. Candidates must have more than two years of experience producing short informational videos and be a high school graduate with some college experience in film production preferred.

Web Developer
Prismatic Powders

Prismatic Powders is hiring a web developer to maintain all aspects of the company’s websites; follow established department SOPs regarding creating, testing, and deploying builds; design, document and implement requested functionality and updates; test and debug existing and new functionality; deploy tested and approved updates to the websites; and get approval for projects and updates from subject matter experts in other departments. Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in computer sciences or more than three years of web development experience, particularly on e-commerce sites.

Wholesale Phone Sales Representative
Aftermarket Performance Group

Aftermarket Performance Group is hiring a wholesale phone sales representative to apply extensive knowledge of the company’s product lines and automotive knowledge. This position will assist customers in finding the right products for their needs. It requires communicating with customers through phone and email, as well as receive inbound calls and follow up on sales quotes through outbound calls. This position reports up to the director of sales. Candidates should have previous call center or customer service experience.