How to Keep Your Company at the Forefront of the Industry by Exhibiting at the SEMA Show

By SEMA Editors

SEMA ShowThe annual SEMA Show is the place to be for automotive specialty-equipment companies looking to launch new products and establish or strengthen business connections. Being a part of the Show allows exhibitors to control their own narrative and showcase their company with a product and brand presentation for the world to see.

“If you are absent, then the narrative and perception is out of your control, and possibly worse, it gives your competition the chance to tell a better story,” said Andy Tompkins, SEMA’s trade show director.

The SEMA Show attracts more than 132,000 attendees, including more than 70,000 buyers and decision makers from around the world each year. Exhibitors have the opportunity to meet face to face with a global audience, build relationships, talk through issues and develop new ideas. Companies that stand on the sidelines are not top of mind to their customers and prospects.

Lubrication Specialties Inc. hesitated to exhibit in previous years while its Hot Shot’s Secret brand was growing, so the primary goal in 2021 was to bring awareness to the brand and introduce new customers to its products. They also wanted to reach out to potential new dealers and product distributors.

“We were happy to exceed expectations with a heavily trafficked booth in the Racing & Performance section of the Central Hall and sign up multiple new partners,” said Kyle Fischer, director of branding and promotions, Lubrication Specialties Inc. “In hindsight, we should have started exhibiting at the SEMA Show many years ago. It turned out to be the perfect event to put our brand on the map and proved to be an excellent venue to further push the brand growth and recognition that we have been building upon.”

Exhibiting at the Show pays off for smaller companies, too. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Hinckley Overlanding supplies, installs and designs products for the state’s growing overlanding community.

“You’re always evolving as a company and as a builder,” said Hinckley Overlanding Owner and Operator Matt McIntosh. “As things change over the next few years, we’ve got to stay ahead of the times. The Show allows us to go to market with all the other builders that are out there and get ideas on how we can make our product better. And you’re making connections you can’t make any other way. Honestly, we’re in the people business. We just happen to make, build and sell cool stuff. At the end of the day, it’s about the relationships that you build with buyers and customers.”

The SEMA Show affords companies numerous methods for extending their message, from the Online Media Center to the Show’s No. 1 buyer destination—the New Products Showcase.

“However, keep in mind that the size of your presentation is less important than the fact that you are there, and if you miss it, your brand will be out of the conversation for two full years—a virtual eternity in business circles,” Tompkins said.

To date, more than 1,300 companies have committed to exhibiting at the 2023 SEMA Show. Organizers expect the number to increase to more than 2,000 by Show time. See who is exhibiting.

There is still time to get involved in this process; submit your ESRA application by April 3!

The 2023 SEMA Show will  be held October 31–November 3 in Las Vegas. For more information about exhibiting, visit