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What to Know About Tires for Electric Vehicles

By Ashley Reyes

EV TiresTires for EVs are significantly different from tires for traditional vehicles. But what exactly are the differences? And how do these differences affect the driving experience?  

SEMA members are invited to the webinar “EV Tires and the Realistic Expectations for your Customers, presented by the WTC,” Thursday, March 16, at 12:00 p.m. (PDT)/ 3:00 p.m. (EDT). Join experts as they break down the design differences between regular tires and EV tires, the life wear of EV tires and what customers should expect when purchasing EV tires, including price ranges and more.  

Participants will hear from industry experts:  

  • Karen Salvaggio, Vice President of Business Development at Scorpion EV
  • Brenton Murray, Founder and CEO of
  • Gary Ruede, Product and Quality Management Technologist at Discount Tire
  • John McDonough, Senior Product Manager, Competition & Specialty Tires at Mickey Thompson
  • Tyson Boyer, Senior Director of Sales, Key Accounts at Dill Air Valves

You’ll leave knowing how EV tires are transforming electric mobility as we know it, and what to expect from EV tires now and into the future.

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