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SEMA Hall of Fame Nominations Due Tomorrow



By Ashley Reyes

SEMA HOFThe SEMA Hall of Fame is an honor bestowed upon individuals who have improved the automotive specialty-equipment industry. These individuals have gone above and beyond the normal course of business to enhance the stature of the industry and/or the association’s growth.

While many well-known names are often nominated for the program, it’s important that SEMA doesn’t overlook leaders and innovators who may not be as well known. There are many unsung heroes who contribute to and impact the industry greatly—and the association needs input from members to make sure they get the recognition they deserve.

Nominate an industry trailblazer who deserves the prestigious honor before March 17 at

To qualify, the candidate must have been involved in the specialty-equipment automotive industry and/or SEMA for a minimum of 10 years, be at least 50 years of age prior to the 2023 SEMA Show and their contributions must have extended throughout the national or international level.

Candidates who are deceased qualify for nomination at any age, as long as the nomination is presented at least one year posthumous.