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New Jobs Added to SEMA Career Center

Are you hunting for a new job? The SEMA Career Center has a comprehensive listing of automotive-related job openings around the country. Here are some of the latest jobs posted to the website.

Latest Jobs Added to SEMA Career Center

Auto-Body Technician

Canepa is hiring an auto-body technician who is quality-minded, hardworking and dedicated to providing the highest level of workmanship in the industry. Candidates must have automotive experience, a minimum of four years of auto-body experience, referred knowledge of restoration style of bodywork, strong bodywork skills and early domestic and musclecar experience.

Advertising Sales Representative
Power Automedia

Power Automedia is hiring an advertising sales representative to assist and be part of a team of business development managers. This position will be responsible for prospecting new endemic and near-endemic brands, and nurturing accounts that are not currently part of the Power Automedia family, ideally building early relationships and coordinating opportunities with the BDMs in addition to managing some business in partnership with the BDMs. Candidates must be passionate automotive enthusiasts and have one or more years of experience in automotive media, marketing or aftermarket product sales.

Vehicle and Fuel Systems Calibration Engineer
Nostrum High Performance

Nostrum High Performance is hiring a vehicle and fuel systems calibration engineer responsible for calibrating vehicles, conducting product validation and regulatory compliance testing and supporting the release of calibration data packages. You will work with a variety of software and hardware tools and collaborate with the test engineering team to develop and release data packages. Candidates must have a B.S. in engineering or a similar science and have intimate knowledge of gasoline engine combustion systems, operation and controls.