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New Jobs Added to SEMA Career Center

Are you hunting for a new job? The SEMA Career Center has a comprehensive listing of automotive-related job openings around the country. Here are some of the latest jobs posted to the website.

Latest Jobs Added to SEMA Career Center

Manufacturing Process Engineer
Cognito Motorsports

Cognito Motorsports is hiring a manufacturing process engineer responsible for developing and implementing sustainable, scalable manufacturing processes, tooling, equipment and workflows in support of engineering, production, sales and customer-service goals. Candidates should have a B.S. in engineering and Six Sigma, 5S and Lean Manufacturing process training.

Product Manager
Fox Factory Inc.

Fox Factory Inc. is hiring a product manager responsible for bringing new product lines to consumers in an engaging, functional way, while opening new distribution channels. Responsibilities include working creatively and pragmatically to conserve resources and engage the product line’s potential audience; reviewing and managing new business objectives and challenges, existing products, services, technology, operations, and methodologies; collaborating with key stakeholders to make rational recommendations for prioritization of product management activities; and working closely with engineering, sales and marketing teams to ensure they have adequate support to make informed decisions required to meet the company goals for revenue and customer satisfaction. Candidates must have knowledge of key demographics and an innovative perspective on product development.

Auto-Body Technician

Canepa is hiring an auto-body technician who is quality-minded, hardworking and dedicated to providing the highest level of workmanship in the industry. Candidates must be highly professional and be able to work individually as well as part of a multi-functional team. A minimum of four years of auto-body experience is required.