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New Jobs Added to SEMA Career Center

Are you hunting for a new job? The SEMA Career Center has a comprehensive listing of automotive-related job openings around the country. Here are some of the latest jobs posted to the website.

Latest Jobs Added to SEMA Career Center

Customer Service Representative
Quadratec Inc.

Quadratec Inc. is hiring a customer service representative. Ideal candidates will be the liaison between the company and its customers. The successful candidate will be able to accept ownership for effectively solving customer issues, take orders and keep customer satisfaction at the core of every decision and behavior. This is a remote opportunity. Candidates should be Jeep enthusiasts. Three years of customer service experience is preferred.

Junior Engineer
Allied Wheel Components

Allied Wheel Components is hiring a junior engineer for its manufacturing/warehouse. Candidates must thrive in a fast-paced environment and communicate positively with sales and marketing teams and be self-driven, disciplined, reliable, hard-working, excellent communicators with experience in engineering. A degree in mechanical engineering is required and candidates must be proficient in engineering 2-D and 3-D CAD software.

Graphic Designer
Go Rhino

Go Rhino is hiring a graphic designer to design and produce exciting, well-executed creative work, and collaborate with others inside and outside of marketing for project specifics. Be part of the team to improve the quality of current design/graphics work and ensure all finished creative work is accurate, on brand and on time. Candidates must be passionate about the automotive industry, and want to be a part of a fast-growing automotive-based outdoor adventure company. Strong automotive knowledge/experience is required.