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Build Your Business Using the Three Cs of Social Media

By Ashley Reyes

ARMOSocial media is a great tool for reaching targeted audiences and promoting a brand. Automotive aftermarket shops, businesses and builders should keep up their social-media presence in order to establish brand authority and create awareness of their products or services. Doing otherwise is like leaving money (or free promotion) on the table.   

SEMA-member businesses are invited to learn how the Three Cs of social media (calendar, content and channels) can help build a brand during a live webinar on December 15, at 10:00 a.m. (PST).  

Participants will connect with and hear from two of the industry’s leading social-media experts: Barry Alt, founder of Motorhead Digital and a digital marketing expert focused on the restoration, performance, race and restyling segment of the automotive aftermarket, and Dan Kahn, founder of Kahn Media and a published author and photographer with more than a decade of experience in print and digital publishing, public relations and marketing.  

In just one hour, attendees will learn:   

  • The importance of building a social-media calendar, how to do it and software that might help. 
  • How to plan out content, where to find ideas when you get stuck and how to create content that builds engagement to your audience and not just pushes information. 
  • How to determine what social-media channels will work for your business, and the pros and cons of each channel.   

The webinar is presented by the ARMO council, which will also share a short update on the council’s initiatives. Elevate your social-media strategy by registering today.