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Sports Car Market Magazine Names Editor-In-Chief; I-CAR Announces Honda HR-V Tech Training

Jeff Sabatini
Jeff Sabatini

Keith Martin Names Jeff Sabatini as First Editor-In-Chief of Sports Car Market Magazine

Keith Martin, publisher of Sports Car Market Magazine (SCM), announced that Jeff Sabatini has been named the first editor-in-chief of the publication, effective immediately. Sabatini has been an automotive journalist for more than 25 years. His first stint with SCM was from 2003 to 2005, and he returned to the magazine in August 2020. In between, his career has included stops at The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Autoblog and Car and Driver. As editor-in-chief, Sabatini will assume a greater role in decision making for all aspects of SCM, from membership to social media and digital enterprises to SCM 1000 tours.

HondaHonda and I-CAR Announce '22 Honda HR-V Tech Training

The Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair (I-CAR) has expanded its collaboration with Honda to bolster its technical training programming with the development and delivery of two new online courses specifically designed for repair of the ’22 Honda HR-V. Both one-hour online courses for the subcompact SUV are led by I-CAR’s technical experts. Registration for the program is open.

Honda HR-V 2022 Collision Repair: This course provides an overview of vehicle design and construction materials, highlighting the unique aspects of service parts and procedure for the ’22 Honda HR-V. The training also includes considerations for sectioning, attachment methods and specific part removal and installation.

Honda HR-V 2022 Electromechanical Repairs: This course is designed to introduce technicians to the electrical and mechanical systems, parts and repair considerations for the ’22 Honda-HRV. It offers a detailed overview of mechanical information and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) features, and also highlights steering and suspension parts and repair considerations.

I-CAR is offering free, daily instruction—from welding 101 to advanced MIG welding techniques for aluminum and standard-strength steel—during the 2022 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. More information and registration for the I-CAR sessions are available online.

Fix Auto
(L–R): Dean Fisher, Sabrina Thring,
Dennis Mahoney, Alex Doria, Jennifer Paulino
and Lesa Laird.

Fix Auto USA Names Alex Doria Rookie of the Year

Fix Auto USA announced the top performers in the Fix Auto family during the final day of the Fix Auto USA conference. Alex Doria, owner of Fix Auto Santee, was named the Fix Auto USA Rookie of the Year for 2022. Doria joined Fix Auto USA as a franchisee in October 2020. While not new to Fix Auto USA or the industry, being an owner-operator of his own repair facility was a new journey—and one that started during a particularly challenging time. Leveraging his passion and experience for customer service and marketing, this store quickly became a flagship location for the representation of brand imagery, customer service and operational performance.

Centerforce Launches All-New Website

Centerforce has announced the launch of an all-new consumer-friendly website, featuring a redesigned layout with year, make, model search, faster load times and easier overall navigation. Its improved dealer search function allows customers to locate nearby Centerforce dealers and installers via their zip code or address to get their upgrades quickly. The all-new home page features new product releases and video uploads so that visitors can keep up-to-date with the latest offerings and adventures from Centerforce.

Third Annual Hood Master Challenge & Second Annual PiN Master Challenge a Success

Hood Master

This year, the FinishMaster and CREF teams raised a record $13,000, which more than doubled from the previous year.

On Friday, October 7, the FinishMaster team welcomed around 250 guests at the Alexander Hotel in downtown Indianapolis, where guests traveled in from all over the country to take in the sights and experiences Hood Master had to offer. The event featured a total of 70 hoods and 38 pins, including 13 winning hoods from previous challenges, which were highlighted and displayed as the backdrop on the center stage.

Hood Master Winners:


1st Place – Ol’ Calhoun; Brendan Warmerdam⁠
2nd Place – Exalted Circuit; Drew Brasington⁠
3rd Place – Paint by Performance; Mike Smith⁠


1st Place – Guilty Pleasure; Chad Henslin⁠
2nd Place – Immortalis in Memoria; Tom Strait⁠
3rd Place – Ignite Your Passion; Andy Dean⁠


Wild Card - Exalted Circuit; Drew Brasington⁠
Crowd Favorite - Rhythm N’ Blues; Zack Hampton⁠

PiN Master is a student challenge hosted during Hood Master for those in collision-repair programs across the United States, where high-school and college students compete against each other by repairing, designing and painting retired bowling pins. The goal of the PiN Master Challenge is to showcase the skills of these students and to support the future of this industry. Hood Master’s 19 industry-expert judges utilized their background and expertise to properly evaluate the skills and technique of each of the students’ pins and determine this year’s winners.

PiN Master Winners:

1st Place – Untitled; Eric De La Cruz⁠, Lincoln Tech
2nd Place – Untitled; Colton Griggs⁠, Kingwood Park High School
3rd Place – Untitled; Erin Shannon⁠, Lincoln Tech
Wild Card – A Little Bit of Everything; Jordan Hoag⁠, Cape Fear Community College

For the second year in a row, FinishMaster utilized the Hood Master platform as an opportunity to support the future of the collision-repair industry. All proceeds raised before and during the Hood Master Challenge went directly to a FinishMaster sponsored education grant for CREF to support collision-repair education programs across the nation. This year, the FinishMaster and CREF teams raised a record $13,000, which more than doubled from the previous year.

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